25 Great 1950s Men’s Hairstyles (You Must Try!)

In the 1950s men’s hairstyles were influenced by music and film stars. Many people liked the greaser hairstyle that Elvis Presley and James Dean wore. Many hair products were used for these looks to make the hair look slick and wet.

The DA haircut, also known as the Duck’s Arse haircut, became famous because of a stylist named Joe Carello, whose clients were mostly famous people like Elvis. This hairstyle was like a greaser but had a middle part in the back. The sides were designed to look like the wings of a duck.

1950s Men's Hairstyles
1950s Men’s Hairstyles

Young people got popular cuts like DAs and greasers, but older, more severe people got regular cuts like a part on the side, tapered sides, and back. In the 1950s, men wore their hair in crew cuts and Ivy leagues. People did not like people with long hair.

Both men and women are influenced by experiments when it comes to hair. While some of us find thick, short hair more intelligent, others find long hair more attractive. And both men and women can use this formula.

Interestingly, women frequently believe that men have an easier time selecting a hairdo than they do. This is just a stereotypical idea, after all. In essence, having a statement hairstyle causes guys to sweat as well.

Men’s Hairstyles in the 1950s

On the other hand, men’s hairstyles have changed a lot in the last few decades. People thought that the 1950, in particular, was one of the turning points in men’s fashion.

How people look, act and dress have always been affected by what celebrities do with their hair. Before movies, people didn’t pay as much attention to stars as they do now.

Usually, celebrities wore clothes and did their hair as fashion designers did on fashion plates and magazines.

Elvis Presley was a significant influence on men’s hairstyles in the 1950s. The stylish quiffs and thick sideburns were very popular. The hairstyles of that time were trendy and in style.

Even now, this decade is exciting. The way a haircut looks on each person is different. But really, your haircut shows who you are and how beautiful you are. So you need to know how people style their hair in the 1950’s

1. Swoop Pompadour Hairstyle

Swoop Pompadour Hairstyle
Swoop Pompadour Hairstyle

Whether 2018 or 1950, Swoop Pompadour Hairstyle is the most stylish hairstyle you can get. This hairstyle is excellent for men who want to be the center of attention at a party.

Go for it if you are sure of yourself and your friends say you have a great attitude. All you need is a nice outfit, this hairstyle, and a stubble look.

2. Comb Over Curly Hairstyle

15 Stylish Comb Over Haircuts for Men (2022) - Bald & Beards
Comb Over Curly Hairstyle

A few decades ago, men’s hairstyles weren’t given much thought, but today, a lot of thought goes into them.

If you have watched many movies made after World War II, this Comb over Curly Hairstyle is probably your favorite. This is a simple but classy way to style your hair.

3. Slick Back Side Short Hairstyle

Slick Back Side Short Hairstyle
Slick Back Side Short Hairstyle

One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1950s was the Slick Back Side Short Hairstyle. The black-and-white movies help us remember what was so great about this hairstyle.

This is relatively straightforward. Men who want the hairstyle of the 1950s can get it to make their formal look better.

You can also use a good hair gel to make the style last longer and look great.

4. Hipster Hairstyle

Hipster Hairstyle
Hipster Hairstyle

Today, men care about their hair just as much as women do. Because of this, many stylish hairstyles for men work with their faces and personal style preferences.

The name of the hipster hairstyle says a lot about who wears it. In general, it gives men a cool look. In this haircut, the area next to the ears is shaved clean.

Where the middle part of the haircut gets thicker strands, even though this hairstyle has been around since 1950, the fashion world has been closely following it for the past few years.

Everyone, from college students to people who work in offices, is trying out this particular hairstyle.

5. Side Part Slick Back Hairstyle


Many people don’t think of men as fashion fans, but some are. The Side Part Slick Back Hairstyle is another classic hairstyle of the 1950s.

But this hairstyle may not fit in with today’s fashion trends. The extreme front bangs, the side part, and the whole look are all things that remind us of the 1950s.

Notably, the haircut would only work if you have an oval or round face. This haircut goes well with a face that is both thick and long. This can give you a stylish and elegant look.

The simplest or, let’s say, most traditional hairstyle for men. It’s always popular and always will be. This haircut, created in the 1930s, was the most popular men’s hairstyle of the 1950s because it didn’t take much work to pull off.

Every man has worn his hair like this at least once. You can get this look quickly and easily by using a serum and a wide-toothed comb. It makes your hair look instantly fresh. If you’re short on time or want to be lazy, try this hairstyle.

6. Retro Haircut

soundTHAT | Vintage hairstyles for men, Retro hairstyles, Vintage hairstyles

Looking at the Retro Haircut, you can tell what retro fashion is. The look is enhanced by a side part and a solid back brush.

Have you seen movies from the late 1950s with smart bad guys? Then you know this hairstyle. The bad guys used to wear sneaky clothes and hair like this to fit into their roles on screen.

7. Curly Fringe Hairstyle

wavy fringe haircut

Curly fringe hairstyle is the best choice for anyone who cares about fashion, whether it’s now or in the 1950s. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to stand out in fashion.

If you are smart enough and everyone agrees that you carry yourself with confidence everywhere, then go for it. All you need is a good outfit and some stubble.

Also, Watch the video here: 1950s Men’s Hairstyles: Elephant Trunks

1950s Men’s Hairstyles: Elephant Trunks

8. High Quiff Hairstyle

83 Best Quiff Hairstyles ideas | quiff hairstyles, mens hairstyles, the  quiff

There’s no doubt that the High Quiff Hairstyle comes from the 1950s. But if you are a dedicated follower of today’s fashion trend, you must love this hairstyle.

This hairstyle with a high quiff is very stylish. The waves in the middle of the haircut make a face look pretty. If you’re one of those who likes to try new things with their hair, then go for it.

9. Medium Hairstyle Messy

20 Best Men's Messy Hairstyle – WOMEN'S PICK!

The name Medium Messy Hairstyle tells you what it looks like and how it makes you feel. It was one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1950s.

The loose strands that touch the forehead and the overall messy look make us think of this hairstyle’s unique charm. Unfortunately, this is a bit hard to understand. Men can get a good haircut to look better when hanging out.

10. Messy Quiff Hairstyle


Icons and men with short hair go together. Changing your hairstyle is the fastest way to change how you look. Since your hair is a big part of your look, you can start with a shortcut to set the tone for your new look.

People use short cut more than long or medium ones. Messy Quiff is a remake of the carefree ideas of the 1950s. It is an engaging, attractive, and unusual way to style hair.

The best thing about this haircut is that it looks good on every face shape. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that many young people today are crazy about this hairstyle.

11. The Rockabilly

1950s Men's Hairstyles Rockabilly

Rockabilly is another style from the 1950s popularized by stars like Elvis Presley and James Dean. It is also called greaser’s hair because to get this style; our hair needs to be greasier and fuller.

The slick back and pompadour styles of rockabilly become more Hollywood or fancier. We will have to put in more work and give our hair more volume to get this look. It would be best if you had an excellent sculpting clay or hair wax for a proper blow-dry. The rockabilly style has changed over time, but it’s still one of the sexiest hairstyles for men today.

12. Fringe (Textured or Faded)

1950s fringe hairstyle

Men’s hairstyles in the 1950s were great because there was something for everyone. No matter how your hair looked or how long it was. It was easy to change how you looked and felt just by changing your hair.

If your bangs cover your forehead and you decide to shave off the sides, you get a fashionable faded fringe, also called a “French cut.” You have a lot of freedom with the bangs and can play messier.

If you give the hair some texture on top of your head, you can make a textured fringe just like that. This fringe look is also a trendy boy hairstyle among people in their 20s and 30s.

13. The Scissor Cut

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut | Style Guide – Regal  Gentleman

Another hairstyle that has been around for nearly a century. This hairstyle was made up in the 1920s. It’s just a regular combover with no added volume or styling. This is still the most popular haircut for men from the 1950s because it helps them look clean and fresh. This is an excellent idea for job interviews or board meetings where you want to make a great first impression and look damn neat and presentable. You can always try something new if you want your top and sides to be different lengths. Make sure you use a conditioner without silicone daily to keep it in good shape.

14. Short & Curly Waves

40+ Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair | Haircut Inspiration

In the 1950s, men’s hair was often very smooth and straight, but it could also be curly. This outfit is perfect for this relaxed retro style. For guys with curly hair, this style is a gift from God.

By cutting the sides of the hair up to the ear, you can make a center part. Then, using a peak and strong hold hairspray, you can work the hair up and out to make the two curling “waves.” Get a good hair primer with little work if you want to look good. It will make it easier to comb through your hair.

15. Modern Buzzcut

14 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles & Fades for Men | Man of Many

The buzz cut has been around since the 1930s. The U.S. military first used it in the late 1930s during World War 2. This was the most masculine haircut for men in the 1950s.

People will notice if you always wear your hair long or curly and suddenly get a buzz cut. The buzz cut is also easy to take care of because it doesn’t need much attention. This is the most time- and the money-efficient way to cut your hair. Even though your hair is short, ensure your scalp is healthy by giving it a detox and treatment once a week.

16. The Ivy League Haircut

All You Need To Know About The Ivy League Haircut – Regal Gentleman

The famous men’s haircut of the 1950s was first shown in an ad for pomade in the late 1950s. The Ivy League haircut is worn by people with short, well-groomed hair shaped into a curve on the forehead.

The old Ivy League cut was kept short and easy to style, but style changes have made it possible to try out more styles, such as shorter sides, fades, etc. Done by actors and famous people like Matt Damon and Ryan Reynolds… This is the last 1950s hairstyle for men on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least.

17. Cowlicks


People often think that men in the 1950s only wore cowlicks. Well, you might have to change your mind. People often mistake thinking that men’s hairstyles from the 1950s are all about curls.

Cowlicks give men’s hairstyles of the 1950s a unique zest and thrill. It’s best to leave the long hairs on the top of your head alone, which makes it easier to curl your hair into a masterpiece.

This hairstyle for men from the 1950s is still in style today. Apply gel to wet hair and comb it with your fingers for a natural look. This hairstyle looks good on all faces and hair types, but you shouldn’t wear it if your hair is curly or kinky.

18. Lateral Comb over


Lateral Comb Over was the most popular hairstyle for men in the 1950s. But why shouldn’t it be? This 1950s hairstyle for men takes ideas from both the Ivy League and the greaser scene. Use gel to keep your hair from moving around.

If you have a lot of hair, you should use hair wax. It takes some time to style, but it’s worth it. For this 50s-style haircut for men, you should see your stylist every 3–4 weeks. This men’s hairstyle from the 1950s looks best on men with smooth, straight hair.

19. Soft Curls

15 Best Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Curly Hair

Without a doubt, this 50s-style haircut for men is a classic look with a modern twist for today. This 1950s haircut for men has been updated and has a modern twist, making it look natural and smooth.

Works excellent on fonts with triangle, square, diamond, and heart shapes. Your hair is easy to style because the only secret is to blow-dry it. This makes sure that your hair is full and smooth. Products that keep hair in place are seldom needed.

If your hair naturally curls, use a straightener with chemicals that make hair straight and twist the iron toward your scalp. Men who are going bald should try this hairstyle from the 1950s.

20. Ducktail hairstyle for men in the 50s

1950s Hairstyles For Men - Men's Hairstyles Today | Greaser hair, Ducktail  haircut, Mens hairstyles

The name of this popular 50s hairstyle for men is all it takes to start a trend for retro hairstyles. People often call it D.A., which is short for Ducktail and sounds short and sweet.

The styling process is easy because the main thing to do is comb the hair backward near the middle, which makes it look like a duck’s tail.

It is recommended that men with smooth, straight hair follicles use hair wax instead of gel to hold their thick, full hair in place. If you keep your beard in good shape, you look like a retro star.

21. 1950s Men’s Hairstyle for thick Hair-The Pomp


No one can be like Johnny Cash. It’s a well-known fact that Johnny Cash’s record-breaking start to his American music career made him a star in the middle of the 1950s.

To this day, his love of pomp hairstyles is seen as more attractive. He gave men all kinds of pompadour hairstyles in the 1950s. This is the right style if you have thick, full hair.

Put pomade or hair wax on the hair to keep it in place. Allow blow-drying to give your hair more volume. Works on almost all face shapes except those that are square or rectangular. Have a clean-shaven face to go with your outfit.

22. Wavy Vintage Hairstyles

11 Popular Vintage Hairstyles For Men

If you have naturally curly hair, don’t wait any longer. This is an excellent choice for 1950s men’s hair if you have a lot of thick, straight, or wavy hair. You can also make natural waves by putting gel on your hair and running your fingers through it.

People can see that the sides and back of the hair are cut shorter to make a difference. Finally, spray your hair to make it shine. This hairstyle looks great on all face shapes but is best on long, thin, square-shaped faces.

A jacket and a clean-shaven face will help you look good. Don’t forget to go to your stylist every 3–4 weeks to keep your hair looking the way you want it to. Regular trimming is a must.

23. Elvis Presley’s Hairstyle

Elvis Presley Photo: ☆ Elvis ☆ | Elvis presley photos, Elvis, Elvis presley

Elvis Presley, the big star of the 1950s whose songs are still well-known, changed how men styled their hair. People often call Presley “The King of Rock and Roll,” and he is still looked up to as a star.

He also had a firm hold on hairstyles. In the 1950s, his excellent taste in men’s hairstyles led to the rise of sideburns, pompadours, and slicked-back hair. Any man with a round, oval, or long face is good enough to make an impression with his look. Your clean-shaven face goes well with the rest of your look.

24. Super Gelled and Combed Hairstyles

20 Popular Slicked Back Hairstyles You Should Try at Least Once

Men didn’t have to worry much about using too much or too little hair products in the 1950s. Super Gelled and Combed Hairstyle is one of the most stylish hairstyles for men in the 1950s who want to show off their elegance and class.

If you want to choose an innovative and elegant vintage style, don’t be afraid to go for this classy look. You also have the right to use gel and pomade on your hair as much as you want. Before you use hair products, you should blow-dry your hair.

This will make it look like your hair has volume. To make sure your hair is perfectly greased, comb it backward. Use a hair spray if you want to give your hair more shine. This haircut looks good on all face shapes and is best for styling straight hair.

25. Curly Afro with Subtle Line-up

1950s hairstyle 59

If you’ve always liked long afro hairstyles and want to show off your scalps, change your haircut style. In that version, hair length is given a lot of attention. Your curls look great with a thick, well-defined beard, which gives your afro style a nice contrast. This popular haircut for men in the 1950s looks great on all face shapes.

Here are a few secret tips for keeping 1950s haircuts in good shape:

As most people know, the 1950s was a popular time that brought many changes to men’s hairstyles. Many say that the hairstyles are based on well-known characters or figures from fiction, but the 50s hairstyles for men seem to be influenced by American pop, jazz music, or the world of Rock n Roll.

During the Golden Age of TV, there were a lot of stars that people like Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, etc., tried to be like. While you’re busy making your hair look like it did in the 1950s when the 1950s hairstyle was all the rage, we’ll help you out with a few expert tips:

  • Most men’s 50s hairstyles use many hair products, which can be bad for their hair. It is imperative to make sure they are gone. To get rid of the gel, hair wax, and pomade, use a shampoo or dishwasher that gets rid of pomade.
  • Only wash your hair a little because you might want to avoid washing the nutrients out of your hair.
  • After you wash your hair, you should deep condition it.
  • Visit your stylist every three to four weeks to keep your 50s hairstyle in good shape.
  • You should use matte products if your hair is breaking and falling out.
  • Your hair secretly wants protein, so use an egg wash.
  • Choose a haircut that suits the shape of your face.
  • Instead of rubbing your hair hard, pat it gently. Rubbing your hair gets caught in the towel’s threads, which can often break off. Also, wet hair isn’t as strong as dry hair.
  • Blow-drying your hair is a smart way to make it look like it has more volume.
  • You might have oily hair on your head. In that case, you are not allowed to use hot water.
  • It would be best to take care of your hair when swimming in a pool. This is because pools have a lot of salts that can stick to the roots of the hair. After swimming in a pool, you should always shampoo your hair to eliminate the salts.
  • Even though comb-overs are tempting, try to stay away from them because they make your balding or thinning hair stand out.

In addition to all the secret tips, it’s best to eat well and drink water. Water keeps the roots of your hair moist.

FAQs About 1950s Men’s Hairstyles

What hairstyles did men like in the 1950s?

Since men used a lot of oil to style their hair in the 1950s, they were called “greasers.” There was a pompadour, a duck tail, a jelly roll, a slicked back, and any combination of these styles.

What was the most common way for men to wear their hair in the 1950s?

The quiff was one of the most common hairstyles for men in the 1950s. Many young actors and musicians wore it. This works for both short and long hair. Just comb your hair to the side, flip your bangs up with a comb, and set your style with a bit of hairspray

In the 1950 What are men’s hairstyles like in the 1950s? s, how did men wear their hair?

In the 1950s, the most common style for men’s hair was a short side part with a wave. Even if his hair didn’t have a specific style, it usually looked like this. During the decade, people liked their hair to be curly or wavy, which made perms and toupees famous.

What were men’s most common hair products in the 1950s?

When men wore their hair as they did in the 1950s, they didn’t pay much attention to how many hair products they used. Even though they weren’t allowed to have all the products you have today, they used “square,” which is like pomade today. Aside from that, side parts and comb-overs could only be done on wet hair.

What are men’s hairstyles like in the 1950s?

Men loved it when their hair was gelled, and most hairstyles had one thing in common: gel. People liked short pompadours, quiffs, and hair swept to the side. Men in the 1950s and 1960s wanted to look like their favorite American pop stars or Hollywood stars, like Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, and others. So, whatever they did with their hair immediately became a trend.

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