4 Ways to Regain Lost Hair

At one point or another in their lives, most people will experience hair loss. This can be brought about by a number of reasons such as genetics or ill health. Until recently, it was considered almost impossible to regrow lost hair. The good news is that you actually can! If you are looking for ways to regain your lost hair, then read on.

Like most people, I have had to deal with hair loss. The truth of the matter is that every day, you will lose some hair. However, hair loss occurs when the rate of hair loss becomes higher than the rate of growing new hair. When it comes to dealing with hair loss, the key thing is to ensure that you increase the rate of hair growth. This will ensure that as much as you are still losing some hair, most of it is still retained.

Here are a couple of ways you can regain lost hair:

Massage your scalp

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I know you are probably wondering how exactly massaging your scalp helps. Well, you will be surprised how much massaging helps. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis can help stimulate growth and thickness of your hair. What’s more, the message will certainly help in relieving tension and stress. You can use hair oils and masks when massaging for better results.

2. Use hair supplements

There’s certainly a lot of debate when it comes to hair supplements. Well, the secret to achieving the success while using hair supplements is to get one that actually works. While there are so many hair supplements, be on the lookout for those that contain essential vitamins for hair growth such as Biotin and Vitamin C. With hair supplements, you can even get one that is specifically for one problem such as thinning hair and receding hairlines.

3. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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Most people do not know that their diet has an impact on how your hair turns out. If you have been experiencing hair loss, it could be an indication of how you may be lacking certain essential nutrients in your diet. Fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamin C will certainly help you regain lost hair. Besides vitamins, you will also need some proteins so it is best to have balanced meals regularly.

4. Reduce Stress levels by regular exercising

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Unknown to most people, stress can lead to certain conditions that cause you to lose hair. Conditions such as Alopecia and Trichotillomania are as a result of stress. Well, you really cannot eliminate stress in your life. It is, therefore, important to learn how to best deal with it. One of the best ways to reduce your stress levels is by exercising regularly. This will definitely help you regain hair that you may have lost.

Although I have just highlighted some ways in which you can regain lost hair, it ultimately depends on what the cause is. For example, if you lost your hair due to a medical condition, taking the right medication can have you grow your hair back.

What’s important to note is that is is quite possible to regain your lost hair.


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