5 Best Hair Toppers That Make You Sexier

If thick full hair is not something you were blessed with, worry no more. Hair toppers are made to give you that elusive look and do it so well that no one can tell you are wearing a hair piece. Read on for our list of the 5 best hair toppers.

If you have always had long thick hair, it can be distressing to realize that your hair is thinning with age. For some women, full voluptuous hair has always been something they desired but never had.

You can achieve this using hair toppers which are made to add bulk to hair while maintaining a look so natural, no one will ever know it is not all your natural hair.

Here is our compilation of the 6 best hair toppers in the market to help you pick one for yourself.

Benefits of Hair Toppers

Covers bald spots

Balding can be caused by hormonal changes, medical conditions or just aging. Hereditary hair loss is perhaps the most common cause of balding.

Whatever the cause of bald spots, hair toppers are a convenient solution used to conceal themand retain your natural hair color and style.

Add volume

There is no denying it. There is something sexy about thick hair. The hundreds of hair products made to achieve volume to hair are testament that this is something women want in their look.

For some women, thin hair is as a result of aging. Others have always had naturally thin and fine hair which tends to sit lifelessly flat on the crown of the head. Hair toppers are used to add volume, again while retaining your natural hair color and style.

Alternative to wigs

Wigs are the age old solution to hair problems. They are designed to cover the whole head and all the hair is tucked in under it. One thing wig wearers complain about is the weight of the wig. Hair toppers make a good alternative because they are small and light.

If you have had to wear a wig on a hot day, the uncomfortable feeling that your head is ‘suffocating’ is a familiar one. With hair toppers, you don’t have to deal with this discomfort because it covers only a small part of the head.

Change your look

You may have no balding nor thinning. Perhaps you have fabulously thick hair.

A hair topper can be used to change your look in minutes. Women who use hair toppers for this often opt for toppers with a color or tone different from their natural hair. The new color blends created instantly changes your look.

5 Best Hair Toppers – A Comparison Table

Length ( inches)
Gabor Top Tier
Sunny Ombre
Human hair
Jon Renau Top Style
Miayon Silk Base
Human hair
Fshine Balayage
Human hair

5 Best Hair Toppers – Comparison guide

Gabor Top Tier Hair Topper

The Top Tier hair topper from Gabor is part of the company’s 2015 fall collection. It is a mid-length, layered piece which adds length body and a fullness to thin hair.

This is a synthetic piece which comes smooth and straight right out of the box. If you like to have a bang to flatter your face, then this is an option for you. It gives you sufficient coverage on both the crown and hairline. If you place the topper at the hairline, the bang can be worn forward or to the side.

It has a monofilament cap construction and is available in a wide variety of colors. 4 pressure sensitive clips are used to hold it in place. The Top Tier topper is suitable for all face shapes but is ideal for square, round, oblong, diamond, pear and oval face shapes.


  • Has a bang
  • Available in may colors
  • Monofilament crown


  • Synthetic


Sunny Ombre Hair Topper

This is a lightweight topper made using natural hair. It is available in varying lengths ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches long.

The base measures 5 inches by 5 inches which gives you a good amount of coverage ideal for moderate hair loss. 4 metal clips placed around the base hold the topper securely in place.

Being a natural hair piece, you can expect to get soft, silky hair which doesn’t shed nearly as much as synthetic hair pieces do. It comes straight but can be heat treated to curl it for a different look. If you prefer a different color or tone, it can also be dyed. You should avoid too much heat treatment though. Just like you natural hair, frequent heat treatments can damage hair.


  • Can be heat treated and dyed
  • Doesn’t shed much
  • Variety of lengths
  • Durable metal clips


  • Expensive


Jon Renau Top Style Hair Topper

This is a synthetic hair topper which comespre-styled and ready to wear. It integrates at the crown and adds body to thinning hair over the entire head. This makes it ideal for mid to advanced hair loss. It doesn’t have a bang so if this is an inclusion you must have, you may have to consider other options.

An invisible monofilament base allows for multi-directional styling and gives the impression ofnatural hair growth.

Being a synthetic topper, it comes with the advantage of permanent styling and doesn’t need much maintenance. The downside to this is its durability.


  • Comes pre-styled
  • Multi-directional styling
  • 9-inch monofilament base


  • Not durable


Miayon Silk Base Hair Topper

This hair topper is perhaps the shortest one on our list. It is 6 inches long and stands out thanks to a silk base. Silk makes the topper light and breathable which makes it comfortable to wear. The base is small, measuring 3.1 by 2.1 inches thus making it a good choice for light hair loss and thinning.

It is made using human hair which means it requires the same kind of care you would give to your natural hair. When you buy this hair topper it is completely straight but being a human hair product, it can be washed, styled and even dyed as you desire.

It is important to note that washing should be done gently, with a light conditioner. Rough handling will damage the hair and base.


  • Human hair
  • Can be styled and dyed
  • Very durable


  • Requires a lot of care


Fshine Balayage Hair Topper

This Fshine topper is a made from natural hair and stands out because of the ombre color used in its design. The hair is dark at the top and lighter at the ends. This gives the impression of dark natural hair close to the scalp and older hair treated with lighteners.

This one is designed for moderate to extensive hair loss and hair thinning. It is made with 110% hair density at the crown therefore making it a good option for users who have very little or no hair at the crown.

The base on this one measures 5 inches by 2.4 inches though you can get pieces with larger base dimensions for wide bald patches. You can get it in different lengths ranging from 8 inches to 12 inches.

Like its name suggest, this topper is designed to give you a shiny hair look. If you like this look, you will like this piece. Some users however, find the shine a bit too much for their liking.


  • Durable
  • Tangle free
  • Ombre color


  • Too shiny for some


What to Consider When Buying the Best Hair Toppers

Type of hair loss

Crown hair loss: If you hair loss is at the crown and parting area, wide top pieceswork well to hide the gaps and give you a natural look.

Receding hairline: If your hair loss is at the hairline or temples, the hair toppers you need are shaped differently. You can get clip-in fringes which are available for both short and long hair.

Complete hair loss: If you are experiencing thinning or loss of hair on the entire head, you don’t have to wear a wig. There are hair toppers for you too. You only need to place the hair piece on your head and be off.

Synthetic or human hair

Synthetic hair toppers are made from plastic or acrylic fibers which resemble human hair. These come permanently styled and are not weather sensitive.

Human hair toppers are made from actual human hair. They have to be restyled after washing and are weather sensitive. Human hair toppers generally require more upkeep and tend to be more expensive than synthetic toppers.


There are 2 types of bases.

Monofilament base: Made with a soft meshing with individual hairs attached. It creates the illusion of hair growing naturally from the scalp.

Wefted base:has rows or wefts of hair. It works well for partial hair loss and thinning hair because it lets you pull your own hair through the wefts thus integrating your hair with the hair piece. The result is a natural, seamless look. A wefted base provides better ventilation thus making such toppers more comfortable.


Hair toppers come in varying lengths to match different natural hair lengths. Some manufacturers label them as short, medium and long. Others use specific length differentiations such as 8 inches for short toppers, 12 inches for medium length, 16, 20 or 22 inches.


Bald spots and thinning hair can be quite embarrassing. Hair toppers are a welcome solution for many women dealing with this problem. They restore volume and fullness to give you a new confidence-inducing look.

Be sure to pick one which matches the color of your natural hair and read the package or online details carefully to ensure you buy a hair topper of the right length.

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