5 great daily hair routines

Ever heard of hair being the crowning glory of humans, especially for women. Just like other parts of your body, your hair needs to be taken care of. It’s easier to style and you look good. If not properly cared for, hair will look shaggy or tattered and begin to thin. However, you can make sure it is always in good condition by adopting and maintaining a good hair care routine.


Clean hair is thick long luscious hair. All gold like. No matter your hair type, it should be kept clean through proper washing. However, the frequency of washing is determined by your type of hair. Do not use hot water to wash hair as it strips it of its natural oils resulting in dry dull hair.

For oily scalps, it is advisable to wash frequently your hair to avoid sebum buildup. Greasy hair is not pretty hair. Washing does not necessarily have to be daily but it depends on how oily your hair looks and feels. Those with normal hair and scalp maintain the luxury of washing their hair whenever necessary. If you happen to experience a dry scalp, you are discouraged from washing your hair daily as it will leave your scalp even dryer.


Conditioning helps to add moisture back to hair after washing it with shampoo. It smooths out hair making it more manageable while reducing chances of follicle damage. The types of conditioners include in-shower conditioners that are used in the bathroom immediately after shampooing and are rinsed out. Another type is leave-in conditioner which is applied after washing your hair and left on till the next shower. There are also deep conditioners which are best for dry and damaged hair.

Be gentle on your hair.

Avoid practices such as brushing wet hair as this can lead to breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb for wet hair. Also reduce the use of tools such as brushes, combs and curling irons to only necessary moments to reduce chances of follicle damage. Use the dryer in low and cool settings rather than extreme heat and a boar bristle brush that massages the scalp as well as distributing hair oils.

Eat healthy and get a lot of protein.

The building block of hair is keratinized protein. However, hair is considered as a non-essential tissue therefore protein is sent to other parts of the body such as heart and liver first. The body will be able to distribute protein everywhere it is needed if you eat enough protein. Iron is also important as it is an energy source for the hair and is a mineral that hair needs.

Other routines than can be adopted include wearing hats when its sunny, avoiding scalding showers, keeping your hands away from your hair and getting regular haircuts. It is also important to take into consideration the type hair you have as different types of hair may have varying routines based on their needs. Drink at least eight glasses of water to stay hydrated for both your health and your hair’s.

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