5 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss


Hair loss is definitely one of the main hair related problems faced by just about every single human being. It is a natural phenomenon so it is very difficult to completely eliminate. However, there is a wide range of causes of hair loss. It could be diet, stress, medications, environment, genetics and many more.

Luckily, the hair loss subject has been at the center of research for most people due to the inconveniences it causes. This widespread problem has compelled us to sample a list of appropriate and most effective ways to prevent hair loss. Here is our list of the solutions to help prevent hair loss.

 Do not brush your hair while it is still wet.

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As much as brushing your hair is not a direct cause of hair breakages, it can be very detrimental to do this while your hair is still wet. This is a huge mistake that most men and women do that leads to heavy hair breakages. If you are gentle enough with moist and relatively dry hair, it is totally okay to run a hairbrush through it. But it is a terrible mistake to do this on wet hair.

 Limit the use of Heat Dryers.

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It has been proven by researchers that excessive heat damages proteins. This extends to hair proteins. Frequent exposure to hair dryers, for example, is a perfect example of a common injustice we do to our hair. It is advisable to naturally dry your hair as opposed to using the electric dryers. This heat is not only limited to dryers but also hot brushes, hair straighteners, and even hot curlers.

 Avoid regular use of chemicals. If you can, stop completely.

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In this generation, hair dyes are almost unstoppable. You can expect some sort of hair dye in one among seven teenagers. The popularity though comes along with tough consequences. Coloring your hair greatly increases the possibility of serious hair damages. If you have to dye your hair for any reason, it is advisable to at least take 2 months before you apply another dye.

Avoid hairstyles that involve tight pulling of hair.word image 15

Certainly, it is not a good idea to pull your hair too tight. Apart from the obvious pain, you will feel on your scalp, this behavior tends to have gross impacts on hair loss. Some examples of hairstyles that can be bad for our hair when done on a daily basis are – tight braids, cornrows, ponytails, plaits and even some types of dreadlocks.

Wash your hair regularly.

word image 16 Planned regular hair washing is a good way to maintain our hair and prevent hair loss. Keeping your scalp and hair clean prevents our hair from contracting infections that could possibly cause hair loss. However, it is best to mention that the use of strong shampoos can cause hair loss. We advise that you use a mild shampoo. You should also not wash your hair on a daily basis since shampoo is able to wash away hair natural hair oils.

As hair loss continues to prevail across different ages, races, and sex, we can still not have absolute control over it. Almost 50% of us will experience some sort of baldness by age 50. But with the few tips mentioned above, we can have a better shot at taking care of our hair.

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