5 Ways To Treat Burning And Dry Lips

Dry, flaky, burning, and cracked lips are nothing anyone wants to deal with at any given time. When your lips are anything but soft and smooth, there are a couple of ways you can get some relief and bring them back to life.

You’re probably busy minding your own business before one day you realize your lips aren’t feeling or looking that great. But unhealthy lips don’t just creep on you without reason. It could have something to do with your lifestyle (ahem, smoking), environmental factors, or even something you are using on your lips.

What matters is, you need help, and you need it now! First things first, maybe the irritation is from something direct. Swollen and burning lips can be caused by scalding from a hot drink or a burn from something solid, like a hot mug of coffee. If it is severe (causing blisters and skin damage), it is best to seek medical attention immediately.

If the burn was minimal, you could relieve the pain and the burning by pressing a cold compress on the spot. Put some ice in a plastic bag or use a clean towel soaked in cold water.

Ice Cubes.jpg

Other underlying factors can also cause dry lips and a burning feeling. It could be a cry for some hydration or a nerve problem. Whatever the case, a burning sensation on your lips mostly brings pain and dry, chapped lips. In some cases, the cracking that follows dry lips may lead to bleeding.

Once you have ruled out any serious underlying conditions with your dermatologist, it is time to treat your lips with some natural care.

Natural Ways To Treat Your Burning And Dry Lips

Special Ingredients

Don’t just pick any lip product. Look for oil or balm that contains vitamin E, lanolin, and shea butter. They will moisturize your lips and lock in that moisture from within. Stay away from products that have chemicals.

Diet Choices

A healthy diet does wonders for your entire body, and your lips are not left behind. Low levels of vitamins can encourage dry lips. Opt for natural and unprocessed foods – they are rich in vitamins. Also, don’t forget to take lots of water. Water keeps your body and your lips hydrated, especially during winter.


Many of us are guilty of forgetting how important exfoliation plays in keeping your lips soft and beautiful. I use a honey and sugar mix to get rid of the dead skin while keeping my lips moisturized. Here are more ways you can do that.

Stop Biting And Licking

Lip Bite.jpg

If you didn’t know, your saliva is full of enzymes that help in digestion. Whenever you lick or bite your lips, you leave your lips drier than they were before. So stop it right this instant!

Protect Your Lips

Always remember that harsh UV rays aren’t just harmful to the exposed skin on your body, they affect your lips as well. I can assure you, sunburnt lips are a dry and painful affair. Protect that pout with oil or balm that contains sun protection.


Always confirm the cause of your burning lips before treating them on your own. Maybe you may need medical attention. Try and eliminate lip products that contain any chemicals from your makeup bag, it can help prevent future mishaps.

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