30 Cool and Classy 50’s Hairstyles for Women

50’s hairstyles for Women are generally preoccupied with their appearance, as well as their clothing and haircut. On a typical day, women/females would not go out of their way to look attractive.

But if you ask them about any event, they would tell you that they enjoy creating new hairstyles as much as dressing up. In addition, women enjoy doing something appropriate with their haircuts on these occasions.

This post will look at how unique and cool a hairstyle or haircut can make a woman look. You may often be concerned about which hairstyle or haircut would be best for you. You’re still determining what will look nice on you, so you get confused or get an unsuitable haircut. Please consult your hairstylist about the possibilities available at their salon to make you look nice and offer you a new haircut.

1. Slick Style Vintage Hairdo


This style is distinguished by its individuality. Curls with a retro style will give your hair the volume and bounce that Hollywood actresses used to have. Large barrel curlers are required, and the front bangs should be pinned toward the sides. Fix and settle your curls with hairspray for a bold appearance.

This style is best suited to women with slim or rectangular faces. It will provide bounce and volume, producing the illusion of broader facial cuts. So, if your hairdresser needs to be aware of your desires, show this image to acquire a genuinely classy makeover.

2. Naturally Curly Controlled Haircut


We’ve all heard that long curly hair is exceedingly difficult to manage. Typically, a girl or woman with long, naturally curly hair looks for different ways to tame her hair. And their final alternative is to cut their hair short to appear more manageable.

This change will be noticeable. There is no need for upkeep. You can shampoo as many times as you want in a week. They will also not become harsh or dry. If you have naturally curly hair, try cutting it off for a different style.

3. Major and Bold Curls with Side Swept


This style is stunning. This style is frequently referred to as the “Marilyn Monroe” style. Gorgeous with those authentic vintage curls that are bold enough to make headlines.

This massive curl will require the use of extensive barrel curling tongs. Pull a few strands or a portion of hair, roll it on the curling tongs, and hold it for 10 minutes. Keep rolling the rod back and forth to avoid damaging your hair. Use a generous amount of hairspray to keep those curls in place.

4. Side Swept Bob with Very Bold Curls


For all the ladies out there, a whole retro celebrity outfit. Who wouldn’t want to look this stylish and sophisticated for prom? Make a deep side part and pull a small portion of hair from the front. To make these rolls, use a colossal barrel curler.

Use hairspray to hold your front curl in place. Continue to make curls and use hairspray to keep them in place. This look is ideal for people with oval or long faces. Better suited to elegant sheath dresses. This look works well with short to medium-length hair.

5. Angled Curls for Medium Length Hair

Medium-Length Hairstyles We're Loving Right Now

When balayage is applied to this wavy angled cut, it looks stunning. The other half of the hair is pulled back and secured to form a side parting. Comb the other half of the curls properly. You can achieve soft curls with rollers if you don’t have permanent curls.

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6. Marilyn Monroe Bob Cut

Khloe Kardashian Morphs Into Marilyn Monroe With Bright Red Lip & Platinum  Blonde Bob — New Pic | e-Radio.USa

Style and fashion, it is said, have no age. This also applies to hairstyles. Use marshmallow color melt to create this extremely classic Merlin Monroe bob cut. Show the snapshot to your hairstylist if they are unfamiliar with this traditional style. This is what the majority of people do. This season, try a Merlin-style bob cut.

7. Sleek Straight with Little Curls

Do you prefer straight or curly hair? (I have curly so I love it 🥰) - Quora

This sleek and straight haircut with small curls will look incredibly lovely no matter your age, where you are going, or where you work. This sophisticated style statement will have everyone complimenting you.

Most working females of all ages prefer this style. This will look best if your hair is at least shoulder length. A hair straightener will come in handy if your hair isn’t straight. Create a side or center parting with a bit of curl at the edges of your hair (whichever you prefer). Comb it carefully for a professional appearance.

8. Naturally Curled Bob Cut with Burnt Orange Color


Curly hair can be challenging to manage for many people. As a result, many girls and women cut their hair to manage it. And whether you have naturally curly or bob-cut hair, this style is ideal for you. A burnt orange global hue works well and offers your hair a sophisticated appearance.

9. Front Pompadours with a Half Updo

Pompadour Half Updo For Prom - Prom, Formal - Careforhair.co.uk

This is from the classic era when towering pompadours were popular. If you are brave enough to pull off this look effortlessly, this one is for you. For this, you’ll need colossal barrel curlers.

Take a half-section of your hair from the front and pull it out. Use rollers for at least 10 to 15 minutes to achieve those massive and bold curls. Pin up the curls with bobby pins and leave the other half open.

10. Side-Parted School Girl Style

50s Hairstyles

This style is charming enough to produce the look of an old-school girl. A side parting is always preferable to a center parting. Pin your front flicks to the side and leave your hair loose in the back. Blow dry with a natural curl using a curling comb. This appearance is always preferable to a simple straight look.

11. Messy Bun with Side Locks

50 Chic Messy Bun Hairstyles | Penteados fáceis, Cabelo, Ideias de cabelo

A sloppy bun is in. A sloppy bin is sensual, simple, and, of course, youthful. This is an excellent appearance for a relaxed weekend at home with a cup of tea or coffee, or if you’re planning a day at the beach, nothing beats this hairdo. A bandana on your head is required for a beachy affair. The front flicks give a seductive and trendy appearance.

12. The Vintage Cabaret Look

50s Hairstyles

Everyone desires vintage, classy, and lustrous hair. This cabaret-style aesthetic takes some time and work to achieve. However, once you’ve completed this style, you’ll have one of the most admirable looks and feels. Combine it with your favorite charming and stylish hair clip.

13. French Natural Hairstyle


This hairdo is French in origin. This hairstyle is best suited to women with fine hair. Continue to create a layered effect throughout the head. As the name implies, this gorgeous French haircut focuses on exposing your natural hair.

Furthermore, if you choose this haircut, your entire hair should be blonde. Sleek your hair to the back of your head before creating a curly-wavy style. This haircut is appropriate only for social occasions. Experiment with it.

14. Curly Bangs 

Yes, Curly Bangs Are Back—Here's How to Pull Them Off | StyleCaster

This is one of the most popular haircuts in the world. Curled bangs hairstyle can be created with either natural or weaved hair. Draw a line from your ear to the left side of your ear.

This line dictates which way a portion of your hair should rest. It may be located on either the right or left side of the head. Before achieving a curly-wavy style, hair on both sides of your head should lay behind your ears.

15. Wedding Hairstyle with a Flower Clip

Wedding Hair Accessories Inspiration

This bridal hairdo has been famous for quite some time. When making this hairdo, you can choose whatever drab color you want. Everything is up to personal taste and opinion.

Before combing straight, your mid-head and fringe hair should unite with your right sideways. Your left sideways hair and hair on the back should be smoothed in the direction of their natural growth. Remember to keep the hair wavy on both sides of the head.

16. Swirly Fringe 


If you adopt this stunning 50’s haircut, you will undoubtedly dazzle everyone around you. When creating a swirly fringe hairdo, you can use either brown or highlight color. Continue to create a layered effect across the top of the head. This makes maintaining this haircut simple.

Continue, and rest your fringe hair on your brow. To get a consistent appearance, trim its edges. Slick back the excess hair. The swirly fringe hairdo has numerous design alternatives.

17. Rolled Out Hair with Ponytail

50s Hairstyles for Long Hair: A Mix of Vintage and Modern | All Things Hair

Begin by blow-drying your hair and layering it. This is what distinguishes a rolled-out hairstyle with a ponytail from others. Next, make two portions in your front-facing hair.

Roll the hair on each part of the head after that. Finally, comb the remaining hair straight back into a ponytail. This hairstyle allows your hair to breathe before committing to a permanent look.

18. Sophisticated Pussycat Hairstyle

50s Hairstyles Every Women Should Try Once | Hairdo Hairstyle

If you want a glamorous look with this hairdo, go with an experienced hairdresser. A line on your mid-head is responsible for a sophisticated pussycat haircut. Hair should be rolled to the right and left sides of the head.

Curl the remaining hair before smoothing it straight to the back of the head. This hairdo emphasizes your individuality. One of the reasons you should try this haircut is because of this.

19. Ribbon Hairstyle for Prom


Are you planning on attending a prom soon? If so, consider trying out this beautiful hairstyle. During the decorating process, a blue ribbon should be used. When creating this hairdo, you may use either pink or blonde colors. Make several portions in your hair.

Roll each piece of your hair to create a distinct style. Consider this haircut because it allows your hair to breathe. Our hair requires air to grow properly.

20. Flower Bun with Deep Side Parted

50s Hairstyles

Make a line and rest your right sideways hair behind your right ear to separate it from the rest of your front-view hair. The rest of your front-facing hair should fall to the left side of your head.

That’s your fringe, mid-head hair, and left sideways hair. After that, create a curly-wavy style with your bun. This hairstyle can be improved by blow-drying it.

21. Easy Permed Hair


The focus in this area is on your mid-head. You can use any drab hairdo for this hairstyle. Create a curly-wavy style with your hair around your mid-head. That is your fringe and hair in the middle of your head. Your sideburns should fall below your ears.

Women who want a basic casual natural hairstyle are ideal candidates for this look. The length of this hairdo makes it simple to keep. Above importantly, it complements any ensemble.

22. Red Ribbon Graduated Hairstyle


Before beginning the designing procedure, enhance the appearance of this hairdo by blow drying it. Allow your hair to be completely black across the head. This allows a graded haircut with a red ribbon to match any clothing.

The hair on the left side of your head should fall behind your left ear. Next, straighten the hair on the right side of the head. Finally, wrap a crimson ribbon around your head.

23. Quirky Pixie 


Women adore this 1950s haircut because it is simple to maintain. This is due to its length and basic design. In addition, a black appearance throughout the head distinguishes the unusual pixie hairdo.

Hair in the front should meet hair in the rear. As a result, it should be placed above the neck. Finally, a quirky pixie hairstyle can be modified to fit every occasion. Examine it.

24. Wavy Ponytail

Hairdo Hairpieces 12" Wavy Clip-On Ponytail - 9078861 | HSN

The wavy ponytail is one of the most straightforward 50s hairstyles to try. Pull your hair into a mid-to-high ponytail and fasten it with a hair tie. Using your preferred curling wand, curl the ponytail in two or three portions, depending on how thick your hair is. Finish by lightly combing your curls with a boar bristle brush. Plus points if you wear this hairdo with a polka dot dress, headband, and sleek micro bangs.

25. Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls Tutorial – alldolledupuk

Victory rolls are a classic 50s hairstyle for long hair. Practice your pin curl abilities to achieve this look. First, split the front of your hair into two even parts and lightly tease it. Teasing the hair that will go into the pin curls will give you additional volume and grip. Next, roll your hair upwards and pin it in place, one on each side of your part. Finally, set your look for all-day wear with some Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray, and you’re ready to go!

26. Brushed Under Bob

The Vintage Bob | Bob Hairstyles

Try the brushed-under bob, or faux bob, for an essential ’50s look. Next, make bouncy curls to add volume to your long hair. Then, tuck your long hair underneath the ponytail for a relaxed and modern take on this classic look.

27. Poodle Hair

1232Curls!_2 | Vintage hair salons, Bouffant hair, Vintage hairstyles

What the 1950s nicknamed “poodle hair,” we’ve renamed “pineapple hair,” which is fashionable now! This fantastic 50s hairdo uses the woman’s natural curls to produce a delightful look. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to recreate this pineapple hairdo.

27. European Vintage Hairstyle

Top 100 Hairstyles for 12-24 Inches Hair Length Women

The wavy, mid-length hairstyle is all about looking elegant and feminine. This style works best with curly hair. Middle-part your hair. Curl and tuck your bangs behind your ears.

Pins hold them in place. Then, focusing on the edges, curl the lengths of your edges into long waves—best for faces that are oval or diamond-shaped.

28. Bouffant Bob

50s updo hairstyle

This hairstyle was made by letting the Italian cut grow out and adding more volume to the top. It was also lengthened to the chin.

Let your hair dry naturally and backcomb it to give it height on top. Side sweep your deep bangs and style with a bandage. You can change how high the bouffant goes if you want to.

29. The Heavy Poodle

50s Hairstyles Every Women Should Try Once | Hairdo Hairstyle

This crazy hairstyle was pushed to get women to start wearing hats again. In a hairstyle that looks like it came from the Victorian era, all hair is puffed up with extensions or other tools.

The rest of your hair is left open and falls over your shoulder in straight lines. You can change up this style by adding ribbon hair clips that are up to date.

30. Featured Bangs

50s blonde hairstyle with bangs

Another fun way to style your bangs is with a unique look from the 1950s. To get these bangs that roll forward, comb and tease the hair over a rat. Use hairpins to hold the roll tight. You can wear a fake bob or a pageboy with this style.

50s Hair Accessories for Women

In the 1950s, hats, scarves, and hair clips were considered beautiful hair accessories. Patterns like polka dots were also prevalent in the 1950s. Scarves on the head were beautiful, and if a hair clip or bow wasn’t used, they were used to tie the hair back.

Some of the most popular hats for women in the 1950s, but not all of them, were:

  • Flowerpot and lampshade hats
  • Round caps
  • Juliet caps
  • The mushroom bouffant in the pillbox is full of French barrettes.
  • Silky materials like organza and silk were often used to make scarves. Women wore scarves differently, like draped over the head with a bow tied under the chin. Some women also liked to wear their headscarves around their necks.

Headbands are a popular accessory; some have pearls, jewel stones, fur, and flowers, among other things. These hair bands looked great on short hair but also great on long hair.

Flowers like wreaths, daisies, carnations, and so much more were used as hair accessories. Women could show their creativity through flowers and other hair accessories.

In the 1950s, people often wore hair pieces as part of their hairstyles. Even now, hairpieces give short hair more volume and length. A beautiful updo was also often made with the help of hairpieces.

FAQs About 50’s Hairstyles for Women

What do you call the hairstyle of the 1950s?

We use the word “inspired” to describe any hairstyle from a different time, like “50s-inspired” or “vintage-inspired.” If you wear these hairstyles, you’ll look like you’re from the 1950s.

How do you do women’s 50s hairstyles?

Depending on your look, you could use rollers or big curls to make chunky curls. You could also use a curling iron to get the job done quickly. With finger curls or pin curls, hairspray is a great way to keep the style in place.

How do you style short hair in a 50s way?

You can style short hair like a pixie cut with a side part or a micro fringe as the main feature. Curls look great in other short hairstyles. You need to style and set the curls, and then you’re good to go.

In 1950, how did girls wear their hair?

The hairstyles of the 1950s, like poodle hair, rollers, and short bangs, started trends that are still popular today. Homemakers chose to cut their hair short, young girls went for cute cuts between short and medium length, and the Beat girls wanted longer hairstyles.

How do you do a 1950s hairstyle?

The hairstyles of the 1950s had a lot of volumes, so hair spray, pomade, and rollers were all must-haves for styling.

How did people wear their hair in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, many hairstyles became famous because of how well-known actresses and models wore their hair. From pixie cuts to soft perms, hair stylists always tried to match a woman’s face, jawline, and features to her hairstyle. The pixie haircut became famous because of Audrey Hepburn.

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