26 Iconic 70s Hairstyles for Women – Every Modern Women Wanted to Try

A fabulous 70s hairstyle can completely transform your appearance; some people are practically unrecognizable when they alter their hairdo.

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70’s Hairstyles

The battle for the best haircuts continues between old and new trends, and the 70s hairstyles are currently providing modern hairstyles the best competition.

Even if the 1970s are a long-gone era, the hairstyles of the people who lived through it deserve praise. There were numerous haircuts that both men and women chose in a sporting way.

Although it is clear that pixie and afro hairstyles have always been popular, there are several iconic hairstyles that young people can also select in the upcoming year.

26 Popular 1970s hairstyles

Long, medium or short Shag haircuts were the most popular hairstyles of the 1970s, and both men and women favored them. This haircut can be chosen if you want a fuzzy appearance. Mid-length hair combed back and out from the side creates a flawless feathered appearance, giving the illusion of a bird.

Back then, a straight, sleek haircut was also preferred; today, even women adore them. One might use straight, open hairstyles to give themselves a sophisticated appearance. During that time, men favored mustaches, sideburns, and beards.

Women with shorter hair lengths favored the wedge and pageboy style. Longer, curly hair was favored by men since it looked sophisticated, and young people could choose this haircut to look cool.

1. Sleek and Straight with Flicked Ends

70s sleek hairstyle

This is one of the most straightforward 70s hairstyles to design and keep up with. The hair is long and straight, with added volume at the top and fun updos at the ends that have a light curl.

It is lovely, sleek, and polished and has a terrific look for everyday activities, social gatherings, and business-casual settings.

2. Voluminous Curls

How to Get the Look - Voluminous Glamour Curls - Number4 Hair

You’ll adore this glamorous haircut for both casual and formal settings. The crown has a lot of volumes, and the bangs fall across the forehead in a huge curl resembling an ocean wave.

There isn’t a hair out of place, and the remaining curls are tight and smooth. Golden blonde clothing and makeup look great, along with red.

3. Extremely Feathered Hair

bob haircut of 70s

One of the most recognizable 70s haircuts is this one. The hair is feathered back into a sweeping curl with a lot of volume at the bottom and trimmed into various lengths, with the front shorter and the back longer.

The overall appearance is exquisite, and the sandy blonde hue is natural.

4. Short and Slick Platinum

▷1001 + Ideas for Stunning Medium and Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

The hair is pulled away from the face and kept short in this straightforward hairdo. There isn’t much volume to it, and it’s pushed back into a thin shape that falls down the back of the neck.

This distinguishes it from the majority of other 1970s hairstyles. Thanks to the light blonde color, it appears to be a stylish haircut that anybody would adore.

5. Long and Free with a Headband

long hairstyle of 70s for women

This is a traditional hippy look from that period. Long and hardly groomed, the hair falls loosely to the middle of the torso.

It is a lovely, natural red color with a straightforward center part. A thin, woven hair band placed across the forehead is used to accessorize the hair.

6. Classic Shag

60 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions

According to famous colorist Jeremy Tardo, the shag is the ultimate “cool kid” cut of the time and is the epitome of what the ’70s were all about. Since its origin, the shag has been “deconstructed and remade in so many ways,” he claims.

In 2021, Billie Eilish’s platinum shag became viral online, and we adore the grungy layers and wispy curtain bangs.

7. Feathered Hair

30 Feathered Hair Styles that Remain Miraculously Perfect

The Farrah flip has a storied past. Everyone coveted this hair in that decade (and far into the ’80s, too) because Fawcett rose to fame after being cast in Charlie’s Angels. In actuality, many still adore this recognizable hairdo.

To help you achieve this look, you’ll need a good barrel brush (we recommend Drybar’s Double Pint Round Ceramic Brush, $42).

8. Fringe Bangs

Jourdan Dunn wears long, straight hair with bangs

Also known as Birkin bangs are the wispy, French girl-inspired style we didn’t realize we needed, and we adore how Jourdan Dunn wears them. Michael Dues, a celebrity stylist, claims that the modern version is a little longer so that it can be worn in the front or pushed to the side.

Have your stylist place their comb where your hairline begins to curve toward the back of your head, he advises. “Your bang area should be as thick as where the comb rises.”

Also, Watch the video here: 70’s Hairstyles

9. Shaggy Mullet

Miley Cyrus wears a '70s-inspired shag mullet hairstyle with banana clips

You’re not alone if you believe the day of the mullet’s resurrection will never arrive. However, the shag mullet from the 1970s is just polished enough to look current all the time.

Miley Cyrus constantly surprises us and sets the bar high with daring new hairstyles that quickly go viral on Pinterest and in salons.

10. The Blunt Cut

Jordyn Woods wears a blunt long bob haircut

It was all or nothing for the Blunt Cut Layers in the 1970s. The hair is practical, all the same length on one side, and has worn all-over layers on the other.

According to Dues, “modern bobs are often flat-ironed with straight ends or a very light tousle to the hair.” “Most were round brushed in the 1970s. You had beveled ends and more volume.”

Dues suggest using the Aloxxi Thickening Serum ($27) to provide volume to fine hair and the Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Restorative Hair Serum ($37) to bring a sheen to thicker hair for the ideal polished bob.

11. Beehive Updo

The History of the 60s Beehive Hair Style! A Signature Sky High Hairstyle!

Immediately ask yourself if you follow Goldie Hawn on Instagram. If you don’t, we advise you to do it right now. Hawn has always had fantastic acting abilities, but her classic ’70s haircuts also contribute to her awesomeness.

Cory Aaron Scott, a celebrity stylist, demonstrates how to create the ideal voluminous beehive: “Overdirect the hair as you blow-dry to add volume.” You can add hair rollers in portions of a half-inch after that for an added boost, and don’t forget the flexible hairspray.

12. Low Pigtails

Yara Shahidi wears long, low curly pigtails with slick baby hairs

According to Due, the ’70s were all about keeping pigtails low, loosely gathered together, light, breezy, and without too much polish, as opposed to the ’90s, which had high pigtails.

He advises blow drying or rough drying the hair first, then making a middle part to imitate. Next, he instructs the listener to lightly spread the hair from the crown to the neck down the middle after returning it to the occipital bone.

Finally, keep the volume in your crown by bringing it to just below your earlobes and securing it with an elastic.

13. Layered Hairs

50 NEW Long Haircuts and Long Hairstyles with Layers for 2022

Hairstyles with magnetic layers that added depth and character were all the rage in the 1970s. Any hairstyle can use layers, which are excellent for giving hair movement. Layering can alleviate some weight from thick hair while giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair to thin and fine hair.

You can play around with where your layered hair is placed, but concentrating it towards the front and framing your face would be a great decision. This layering technique is beautiful and will look great on ladies of all ages.

14. Natural Afro

Natural afro hair: 5 Things only naturalistas will understand

The natural afro hairstyle is a beautiful way to appreciate and flaunt your curls. This hairstyle is immediately recognizable due to its fullness, but you can style it in various ways depending on the length you want.

Creating volume was the goal of the 1970s style, which favored dazzling, voluminous, and precisely circular hair. This ensemble praises Black women and calls for political change in addition to being a fashion statement.

15. Hippy

Could Prince Harry's usage of 'hippy' be seen as an insult? - BBC News

The 1970s were a significant decade that saw an apparent transformation, including the counterculture and youth movement that gave rise to the term “hippie.” The main goals of hippies were to promote openness and the spread of love. They abstained from violence and propagated the motto “love, not war.”

Hippie hair can include braided styles, long and loose hair, and fashionable accessories like scarves or flower crowns. The movement also had an impact on fashion. You can modify this expressive hairstyle to fit your preferences, hair type, and length.

16. Bangs

45 Best Celebrity Bangs in Hollywood of 2022 | POPSUGAR Beauty

Any hairstyle can benefit from adding bangs, which are a fantastic way to highlight your features. They are also excellent for hiding forehead flaws, such as troublesome skin, and can conceal aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful appearance.

Curtain bangs with stunning flipped ends for a face-framing effect and volume creation might be the bangs style of the 1970s. Alternatively, you might choose blunt bangs, which are high drama and incredibly stylish.

They are cut straight across the face. All hair types may support bangs, which frequently appear smoother and more visible on straight hair and soft and blended on curly hair.

17. Braids

7 Cool and Pretty Braids | Hairstyle Tutorial DIY - YouTube

In the 1970s, braided hairstyles were fashionable. There are many different looks to try, such as adding thin braids to the hair for a hippie-inspired appearance or experimenting with boho box braids, which are a lovely and functional protective style.

This decade saw a rise in the popularity of accent braids, which can frame the face and provide a cute, girly touch to the hair. Because braids are so versatile, you can pick the most appealing style. Braids can be made with natural hair or synthetic extensions and worn with any hair texture.

18. Long and Wavy with a Center Part

Center Part African American Long Wavy Hairstyle - Gabrielle Union's  Hairstyles - Hairstyles Weekly

One of the most fashionable hairstyles is the center part, which complements most hairstyles and textures. If you have long, curly hair, wearing a center part can give your hairdo more structure.

Since the hair will naturally fall to either side of the portion, this will organically frame the face. This can make you look young and flattering.

Even while the center part has numerous benefits, there are drawbacks, and it can be challenging to pull off because it is harsh on people who lack symmetrical features. It will call attention to flaws rather than enhancing them.

19. Brow-Skimming Bangs

Long A Line Bob with Brow Skimming Fringe Bangs with Blonde Highlights -  The Latest Hairstyles for Men and Women (2020) - Hairstyleology | A line  haircut, Bob hairstyles with bangs, Bob hairstyles

Bangs are flattering and adaptable, making them ideal for women of all ages. They give you a youthful glow and can effectively mask age symptoms. Bangs are also excellent for accentuating your features and bringing attention to your face.

There are many fringed styles, but brow-skimming bangs are a favorite from the 1970s because they seem delicate and feminine. Ideal in length, it rests just above the brows and draws attention to your eyes without being overly fussy or impractical.

Additionally, it may seem particularly attractive to those with square or round faces. Giving the bangs a wispy cut can give you a feminine look. You can also style them with blunt, horizontal bangs for a striking appearance.

20. Sexy Side Bun

15 Different Side Bun Hairstyles for Wedding 2022

For every occasion, side updos are fun and playful. But platinum blonde is big this season when it comes to hair color. With some strands left loose to frame the face, tousle the hair on one side and use a hair doughnut to gather it into a bun. Voila! A vintage 1970s appearance!

21. Feathered Bob

75 Latest Feather Cut Hairstyles For Women - 2022

One of the most well-liked hairstyles since the 1970s is feathering. First, create the look by creating a bob with delicate layers that is longer in the rear and shorter in the front. Then, roll back the ends with a round brush and a hair dryer to add plenty of volume. Elegant, yes?

22. Flicked Ends

70s long hairstyle

Try something clean and straightforward to turn some heads rather than going too bonkers. For example, you can add some volume by backcombing the hair with a deep side part and flicking the ends to create barely-there curls falling at the front. Easy-breezy!

23. Curtain bangs

50 Cute Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs : Thick Hair with Curtain Bangs in  2022 | Bangs with medium hair, Thick hair styles, Short hair haircuts

According to Dom Seeley, international creative director of Color Wow, “a significant ’70s revival trend is curtain bangs and billowing layers to provide drama and width around the face.” “So many social media influencers and producers hurried to get this haircut. It has gained a lot of attention.

24. Fluffed-out ’fros

Why Fall Is the Perfect Season for Your Afro | NaturallyCurly.com

According to hairstylist and Afro specialist Charlotte Mensah, “seventies hair was fluffed out and allowed to do its own thing,” and we are now again witnessing that.

It’s understandable why more women want their distinctive textures to flourish in 2021 after so many of us explored and learned about our natural hair during a lockdown.

This summer, extra-extra-large, ’70s-style ‘fros—think disco and Soul Train—will command attention. Applying her Manketti Oil Pomade is what Mensah suggests doing to update the look.

It rapidly eliminates frizz and dryness by coating every curl and coil in strong hydration, according to the woman. “Especially in the warm spring and summer, your curls will look instantly defined and feel super soft.”

25. Brow-Skimming Bangs

Long Blunt Cut with Textured Ends and Full Brow Skimming Bangs and Ash  Blonde Balayage - The Latest Hairstyles for Men and Women (2020) -  Hairstyleology

The 1970s were a decade when bangs were explored, and one popular style that emerged from that decade was the short, straight-across bangs that barely touched the tops of the brows.

These were usually thicker and blunter than their wispy Birkin cousin, albeit they occasionally had varying degrees of piece-y separation. To say that we are smitten with Duckie Thot’s interpretation of the bangs from the ’70s would be an understatement.

26. Sleek, Long, and Straight

Sleek Straight - The Most Stylish Long Hairstyles - StyleBistro

The Kardashians are frequent proponents of the sleek, long, and pin-straight style, which Tardo has noticed is making a comeback. “’70s Cher and her beautiful mane spring to mind immediately here,” he adds.

Tardo suggests Clairol Natural Instincts ($8) for a do-it-yourself alternative. “Ask your colorist for a rich brown gloss or an all-over clear gloss. This will intensify the shine in your hair and create a flawlessly smooth finish, allowing you to realize your long hair middle part fantasies.”

FAQs About 70s Hairstyles

What is a 70s haircut called?

Depending on your preferences, there are numerous 70s hairstyles to pick from. Some have a voluminous aspect that makes them bold and makes a statement, while others are sleek and refined. The shag, curtain bangs, flipped hair, roller-styled hair, beehive, and disco-inspired hairstyles are a few of the most well-liked 70s haircuts.

What Hairstyle was popular in the 70s?

The 1970s were a significant and significant decade for social and political development, as well as for fashion and beauty. Even while the 1970s saw the emergence of many famous hairstyles, the shag was undoubtedly the most well-known. The thick layers of the shag haircut are what makes it distinctive. It creates a textured hairstyle that is great for moving because the volume is thicker at the crown and gets thinner toward the back. Voluminous hairstyles like the beehive or roller curls, curtain bangs, layered and feathered hair, and braided hairstyles were also popular.

Are 70s hairstyles coming back?

Some of the iconic 70s haircuts are still in vogue today. Due to their adaptability, a few styles are experiencing a revival in favor. Then some haircuts are elegant and classy. Other looks are perfect for making a statement or embracing your hair texture.

What kinds of hair accessories were popular in the 1970s?

The 1970s saw the rise in the popularity of hair scarves, which are still a great way to accessorize your hair. You may select from various colors, prints, and patterns, making this a terrific way to add color to your outfit and showcase your flair. The hair scarf can help you control your hair and avoid frizz and breakage. It is also helpful. It may be added in various ways and complements most hairstyles, whether you wear long and free hair or in an easy, unstructured updo. Barrettes, floral clips, and hair ribbons are different accessories.

Why was long hair so in style throughout the 1970s?

Long hair is expressive and versatile in styling. In the 1970s, women also used their hair as defiance. It is frequently connected to femininity and youth. A way to express themselves was to grow their hair and leave it loose or style it with braids and hair ornaments. Hippies, a counterculture movement that campaigned against violence and promoted inclusion and free love, were also linked to long hair.

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