Best 80s Hairstyles Are Making a Comeback

There will always be nostalgia for and nostalgia for 80s hairstyles. Have you ever worn a style that stands out in your mind? This article will interest you if you enjoy trendy and stylish looks because we’ll be discussing a variety of hairstyles.

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See if you can recognize any of these classic beauties by reading on. Consider reinventing one of these concepts yourself if you can. See what we have to offer below, then choose for yourself.

Those of us who were old enough to experience the 1980s agree that they were unlike any previous period. Nothing was off limits during this exuberant decade of luxury: Everything about the 1980s, including the fashion, music, and popular culture, was outrageously over-the-top (all that neon! all that hair!). The best part? Everyone merely relished the journey.

And the 1980s have become sweeter with age, just like love: Versions of these colorful, showy hairstyles far more muted and subdued are reappearing. Call it a healthy sense of irony, but many of these beloved styles are coming back, and they’re looking better than ever because of a renewed passion for texture and embellishments (as well as a love for a good retro).

1. The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut

Will’s bowl cut was unquestionably…something, but it undoubtedly sparked a comeback for the haircut. But, of course, the redesigned ’80s haircut is much chicer this time.

It still has some rounded characteristics of the traditional bowl cut, but it also has a little more edge. Compared to the haircut your mother gave you in the kitchen the day before school starts, it feels more adventurous.

2. Metalhead Hair

Letting Your Hair Down: 30 Vintage Photos That Show Metalheads Long Hair  Subculture of the 1980s ~ Vintage Everyday
Metalhead Hair

Fair enough, metalhead’s hair has never been out of style, but I needed a reason to brag about Eddie’s daring length and messy waves. After the success of his persona, I’m 90% certain that more men will start sporting longer hairstyles like this, and some ’80s metalheads may even try to grow out their hair once more.

(For the record, I firmly concur.) For a look elegant enough for the red carpet and metal enough for a mosh pit, Natasha Lyonne’s cut is the ideal example of enormous volume and shaggy elements.

3. Frizzy Perms

Frizzy Perms

During the 1980s, perms were famous for their volume and flair. Nowadays, interest in them has increased, especially in light of what is seen on social media.

People use perms to achieve their desired huge curls or beach waves. I know that was caused by almost all the characters in Stranger Things. Nancy gets a perm in season four that made me wish I was born with curly hair.

Mrs. Wheeler isn’t the only character in the show with outrageously high ’80s hair. Some would argue—including me—that Dustin’s hair is a little bit permed, demonstrating that the look is adaptable and suitable for anyone.

4. Bouncy Fringe

US actress Zendaya Coleman, aka Zendaya poses during a photocall ahead of the avant-premiere of the science-fiction movie "Dune" at the Grand Rex cinema hall in Paris on September 6, 2021. (Photo by Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP) (Photo by CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP via Getty Images)
Bouncy Fringe

In season four, a lot of haircuts featured bangs. So, of course, they all had bangs: Mike had bangs, Eleven had bangs, and Nancy had bangs. And with the addition of the fringe to their 1980s hairstyles, they all looked amazing.

The era was dominated by fringe, and many styles demanded bounce and volume. So after watching all those characters rock their fringe like nobody’s business, I’ve continued wondering if I should acquire my bangs.

5. Undone Texture

Undone Texture

Sculpted strands were popular in the 1980s, but the texture was frequently undone. That was prevalent in Stranger Things. Sure, it was because they were battling various Upside Down baddies, but it was also a fashion decision.

Finally, it’s a fashion decision I can support. I enjoy a fashion trend like this since no matter how well I take care of my hair, I always have curly hair.

6. Permed Bob

19 Pretty Permed Hairstyles - Best Perms Looks You Can Try This Year -  Hairstyles Weekly
Permed Bob

The permed bob is a charming, angst-free approach to large curls that we can all absolutely get in on this year. Back in the day, it was a valentine to curly-haired teen queens.

Other than the slightly tighter, more defined ringlets, it’s comparable to all the natural-textured bobs we’ve seen lately. Keep it tidy and in the shape of a soft wedge; ideally, keep it chin-length or shorter.

7. Wrapped Hair

Hair Wrap – $2.50/inch
Wrapped Hair

“Accessories” like bows, headbands, lace ribbons, and scarves at one time blended into one enormous heated mess; sorry, not sorry! Thankfully, we are now deconstructing our hair accessories and embracing headwraps as a modern and functional method to look put together with little effort.

It was all about excessive style in the 1980s. The hairdo is the main focus, with accessories as an eccentric finishing touch.

Also, Watch the video here: 80’s Hairstyles

8. Crimping

Crimped hair is making a comeback: See the look then and now

Crimped hairstyles are another example of an ’80s hairstyle that matured for the better after being the exclusive domain of tweens, pop stars, and notable after-school celebrities.

Nowadays, crimped hair is usually used as an accent to twists, ponytails, and half-updos. But, again, moderation and a ton of shine are the key ingredients. Crimps that are thinner and shiner appear smoother.

9. Braided Half-Updo

Half Up Double Wrapped Braids | Missy Sue - YouTube
Braided Half-Updo

In the 1980s, preppy clothing was trendy, and the half-updo balanced out all the sweaters and pastels. French braids, in particular, provided a one-two punch to the more-exclusive-than-thou appearance seen in teen TV tropes worldwide. The half-updo has emerged as a quick and straightforward method to incorporate the trend into our looks in half the time now that we’ve all gone braid-crazy this year.

10. Shaved Sides

The 50 Coolest Shaved Hairstyles for Women - Hair Adviser
Shaved Sides

Mohawks and side-shaved undercuts were common underground, especially during the punk era. Pairing these edgy looks with unconventional hair colors like vivid blues and greens was common. These days, this subversive 80s hairdo has come back with various patterns and hues.

11. Scrunchies for ’80s Hair

80s Hairstyles: 40 Epic Looks Making A Comeback in 2021
Scrunchies for ’80s Hair

Every hue was available, and we had one for each day of the week. The 1980s’ most popular hair ornaments were these bad boys. No other hair tie was as comfortable or effective at keeping our high ponies in place.

We will never know if the additional traction provided by the curly cloth cover or just a ton of hairspray was responsible. For the time being, it’s reasonable to state that more upscale versions like leather and metallic elastic serve as the top knots’ most durable reinforcements.

12. Barrette Twists

How to Wear Barrettes in Long Hair: 10 Cute Ideas - Running in Heels
Barrette Twists

Good ol’ preppy twists, favored by coeds and other goody-two-shoes girls everywhere, are a must-have for any list of 1980s hairstyles.

While leaving adequate length free, the hair was clipped away from the face, barrettes kept flyaways in check, and the overall appearance was flawless.

13. Bubble Ponytail

Trend Alert: 5 Tips To Style Bubble Ponies -
Bubble Ponytail

Looking back, it sometimes seems that the sole aim of the 1980s was to develop novel, unconventional approaches to everything. This covers the unconventional manner you can spruce up your typical ponytail.

A completely different appearance can be achieved by simply segmenting the tail with hair elastics. This year’s other odd ’80s look in vogue is simple, distinctive, and extremely clever.

13. Fanned-Out Bangs, Long Hair

Curtain Bangs Are the Most Flattering for Every Hair Type | Glamour
80s hairstyles

We needed to find a creative method to style our bangs. With a wispy fringe blown out and positioned to one side, we have the spectacular fan form.

Was it because our locks seemed fuller as a result? Was it because it added some flair to a head of long hair that was otherwise plain? Possibly never.

14. Aqua-net Bangs

hairstyles from the 80s
80s hairstyles

Bangs are another 80s hairdo that is currently in vogue. The aqua-net bangs were a popular style in the 1980s, albeit this choice can take many other forms.

It is challenging to imagine any 1980s entertainment without this aesthetic, exceptionally high school films and television programs. Therefore, it is a wise decision for people in this stage of life.

Your hair will be able to reach the ideal length for this style with the help of a teasing comb. Then, aqua-Net hairspray with extra hold will apply the finishing touches.

Your hair will have plenty of volumes to display a youthful and full appearance. Even a simple afternoon spent shopping at the mall with friends can be done with this look.

15. Punk

hairstyles from the 80s
80s hairstyles

Punk is a different style that ’80s music helped to create. Those who listened to more muscular rock were more likely to experience this.

Another fashion that has survived today is punk hair, primarily for hard rock lovers. This makes them look dependable if one of your favorite bands has a show coming up.

You don’t need a specific hair length to pull off this look. Regular lengths can work with spikes, and mohawks, especially if you add hair dye, can assist create the punk look.

Additionally, some looks are more effective when worn with specific attire. We advise leather pants and jackets when it comes to punk hair.

16. 80’s Glam Metal Hair

5 Lesser-Known '80s Glam & Hair Metal Albums That Should Be Given a Second  Chance | Articles @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
80s hairstyles

Big hair is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about 80s glam metal! But, when Bon Jovi and his merry fellows introduced their brand of rock into American homes, they completely altered the game. In the 1980s, headbands teased updos, and perms were in style.

17. The Hi-Top Fade

The 22 Best High Top Fade Black Hairstyles for 2022
80s hairstyles

A hi-top fade is a haircut in which the hair is chopped closely to the scalp, resulting in straight lines. The “Eighth Grade Haircut” was its original name, and it was military fashion. However, because it was simple to maintain, barber shops later adopted the style, which gained popularity among African American males.

18. Permed Hair 

50 Perm Hair Ideas That Will Rock Your Looks - Hair Adviser
80s hairstyles

Possibly the most recognizable haircut from the 1980s was permed hair. This hairstyling method involves a chemical process to change your hair’s natural texture—in this example, making it curly.

Therefore, a hair perm might be your savior if you’d prefer to avoid repeatedly curling your hair. You’ll find many folks sporting this style if you go through an old yearbook from the 1980s.

19. Teased Hair 

Teasing your hair up will give you more volume and body, and make you the  catch of everyone's' eye. To create a teased … | Teased hair, Disco hair,  Long hair styles
80s hairstyles

If you want to elevate your replica of ’80s hair, turn your attention to teased hair. This haircut provides your mane with the most excellent fullness and is an attractive choice for individuals who think you can never have enough volume. Additionally, it aids in giving thin hair body and texture.

20. Mohawk 

27 Best Mohawk Fade Haircuts for an Edgy, Yet Modern Look
80s hairstyles

This haircut is the epitome of edgy; it has length at the top and shaved sides for a distinctive, balanced appearance. If you decide to try it, spray your hair with hairspray first to keep the style in place and maintain the volume.

21. Mullet 

Mullet Haircut: 50 Ideas for Modern Mullet in 2022 - Hairstyle on Point |  Men haircut curly hair, Short hair haircuts, Mullet haircut
80s hairstyles

It only makes sense to bring up the famed mullet in light of daring fashion. In this style, the front and sides have short hair, and the back has longer strands. Whether you like it or not, you can’t deny that it makes a statement. The update to the “business in the front” part, which is now styled as a piecey pixie, a shag cut, or even fashionable curls, is the cause of the style’s current popularity.

22. Middle Parts 

40 Flattering Middle Part Hairstyles Trending Right Now
80s hairstyles

A middle part was prevalent when hair parts were visible, although teased styles and high ponytails frequently concealed them. Women splitting their manes down the middle when wearing flowing, voluminous strands were a common sight throughout the 1970s and the 1980s.

23. Hairbows

80s hairstyles

Big hair bows were among the most popular ’80s hair accessories; they were not hairstyles but essential accessories that could not be missed. They made a big impression with little effort, whether placed on the head, front and center or wrapped around ponytails.

24. High Side Ponytail 

High Ponytail How-To: The 90's Ponytail is Back - Fashion Blog
80s hairstyles

As we already mentioned, this decade prioritized volume, but height was also significant for hairstyles. For a raised appearance, ponytails were worn high on the head, and side ponytails were no exception. Think of iconic aerobics workout videos with spandex leotards and leg warmers as an example of how this hairstyle was popular for exercising and being a statement look.

25. The Bubble Ponytail Or Braid 

80s hairstyles

If you didn’t notice, ’80s hairstyles weren’t only voluminous; they were frequently daring and frivolous. The bubble ponytail adds a distinctive touch with hair elastics wrapped around the length of your pony.

No matter where on the head the ponytail is placed, it can be made. In addition, the style is now made using sleek clear elastics for a more contemporary appearance, as opposed to when it was made with scrunchies or bulky ponytail holders.

FAQs About 80s Hairstyles

What hairstyle was most fashionable in the 1980s?

The mullet, towering mohawks, Jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fades were among the hairstyles that gained popularity in the 1980s. The decade was characterized by big hairstyles, puffy styles, permanent waves, and softer cuts for women.

What were female hairdos popular in the 1980s?

What hairdos were fashionable in the 1980s? The 1980s saw the emergence of numerous trendy hairdos. Big hair and entertaining trends, such as permed styles, hair with a lot of volume, crimped locks, and bangs, were hallmarks of the decade. Mullets, shaved sides, and a variety of ponytails were also in style at the period.

Why did 80s hair get so big?

Volume was fashionable regardless of style. Massive, voluminous locks on both sexes began to appear in the 1980s, frequently in the shape of long, curly hair. Huge hair was prevalent, and “Hair Bands,” as they were aptly termed, were everywhere.

What would you wear in the 1980s?

What styles of clothing were in vogue in the 1980s? Power suits, legwarmers, skirts with padded shoulders, and spandex and Lycra tights were the most popular items of women’s 80s clothing. Leather jackets, polo shirts, Oxford shirts, and turtlenecks were among men’s most popular clothing items in the 1980s

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