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My name is Marie Stevenson.  I am the Lifestyle Princess.  I am here to provide you with solutions on different aspects such as hair care, how best to take care of your face, and prevent the fine lines and wrinkles from taking over your face. Not that you won’t age, but you also age in style, there are some people out here especially celebrities that look way younger than their ages, the likes of Beyonce, Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey just to mention but a few.

And apart from using the anti-aging serum, good facial care practices, and the right diet have much to do with how your face will respond to the products, water is also compulsory if you want your skin to look supple hydrated and healthy. In other words, is that you shouldn’t completely depend on the anti-aging serum while you are not giving your face the simple basic treatment to enhance its health.

Not to say that the serum won’t work, just that it might take you longer thus cost you more before you can see any positive results. Our passion in this course was driven by the fact that many women are struggling to get it right when it comes to their oral health, getting rid of the body hairs and if they want to achieve a good tan.

So we decided to do thorough research and provide you with comprehensive and insightful guides and information on different types of products that will help you achieve the spoilt princess looks. And for the purpose of mentioning, before you look your best there is actually a lot of hard work and discipline that goes to it.

The information we have provided will be useful in case you again want to change the products that you are using, be it the hairdryer or the tanning machines. Important to note is that women’s products have been determined to attract the highest ROI and the reason why even the black market is growing.

Therefore, before you purchase any product be it tanning lotion, a wrinkle serum or the hair removal cream check on the reviews and if you cannot find a suitable vendor try and get your products directly from the manufacturers to also attract the full benefits such as refunds and warranties when it comes to the tanning machines and water flossers.

With a dedicated team, our passion and mission is to help you be the best version of yourself and offer the best reviews of the beauty products in the market.



I’m a makeup artist and beauty blogger passionate about all things beauty. From skincare to haircare, I love sharing my tips and tricks with my followers. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, and my goal is to help women feel confident and empowered. Visit my blog for the latest beauty news, product reviews, and more!