Algenist Review: Does This Sea-Based Product Get Rid of Your Wrinkles For Good?

Created by a biotechnology company, Algenist is a skin-care brand that focuses on erasing wrinkles using natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. So what is it about this brand that makes it popular among women? This Algenist review will enlighten you on the pros and cons of investing in their products.

Youth has an expiry date for everyone. Though wrinkles are unavoidable with age, some of us have it rough than the rest. From saggy and dry skin to slight and deep wrinkles, there are a lot of factors that contribute to your skin’s general outlook. Stress and old age are the most common causes of wrinkles and pasty-looking skin. But did you know that your diet and lifestyle choices affect your skin in the long-term?

There is a reason it is wise to stay away from alcohol and smoking – these two impact your health negatively and lead to dry skin. It is common to find alcohol and cigarette addicts sporting eyebags, hollowed-out cheekbones, and poor complexions. Lots of junk food, as opposed to organic food, is not great for your body and skin either.

However, if you are like me and in your 40s, a healthy diet and saying ‘no’ to the occasional glass of wine and beer, isn’t enough to maintain youth. Age catches up with you. Sudden weight loss too, however good or unwanted, can leave your skin saggy. In an attempt to make millions off of your desperation, the cosmetic industry creates creams and elixirs ‘guaranteed’ to be the quick fix to your aging and wrinkled skin. I should know, I have tried countless products!

I had no positive results to show in the end. That was until I came across the Algenist line of products. Suffice to say; I was hesitant to try them out. In Algenist, Sephora created a high-end anti-aging product. Algae is the main ingredient (a new concept to me), and honestly, their products are expensive. I didn’t have a friend tell me how good their products were. Research on the Algenist ingredients and an Algenist review here and there helped me out before I started using their creams and moisturizers. I never looked back!

How Do Algenist Products Work?

Did you know that algae are rich in oils and compounds that have amazing regenerative properties? Imagine if you had a cream that could offer such fast and effective rejuvenation for your skin.

The Algenist company found that these nutrients in algae can be harnessed to provide skin care products that can hydrate and protect your skin. Algenist products can also stimulate your skin cells, preventing aging and giving you radiant skin. The two major ingredients responsible for the good news are:

  • Microalgae Oil is rich in fatty acids, and antioxidants like oleic acid, phytosterols, and tocopherols that hydrate and moisturize your skin. Dry skin is responsible for a flaky and wrinkled out skin, and the microalgae oil will ensure your moisture is locked in while protecting your skin from harsh external radicals.
  • The alguronic acid, on the other hand, is the main ingredient. Why? Quick regeneration found in algae cells is mainly due to this powerful compound. Algenist infuses this genius compound into their beauty products to give you the same anti-aging properties as the lucky algae plant.

Most beauty and skincare products will use harsh and harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, particularly to enable a long shelf-life. The biotechnology firm responsible for the Algenist brand is all green and keeps your wellbeing in mind. Natural ingredients that are safe for you and the environment are the only contents you will find in your favorite Algenist serum or cream.

Algenist Product Review

Apart from maximizing the benefits of the multiple nutrients found in algae, Algenist combines the algae compounds with other extracts, vitamins, and minerals for more benefits. The Algenist products are extensive, and it feels great to know that they have focused their research on giving genuine results.

All their creams and serums are dermatologist tested and determined safe for all skin types. You can rest easy knowing that their products will not mess with your pores and encourage acne. They do not cause any severe allergic reactions as well. Their most popular products among the women are:

Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer

img 5e3ee3b1af7f7

Algenist has high-quality oil for your moisturizing needs. Making good use of the microalgae oil, this product will hydrate and replenish your skin for a long day at work and outdoors. Between the Algenist gel moisturizer review and the Algenist firming and lifting cream review, it was tough picking one product to start with – they are expensive. I started with the moisturizer.

Like you would do before applying any cream on your face (or body, as a matter of fact), cleanse your face and neck first. When all your makeup or any dirt and grime clear, squeeze 2-3 drops of this moisturizer and gently massage throughout your face and neck. For best results, apply in the morning and the evening before slipping under your covers.

Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids, you can be certain that this microalgae oil will leave your face radiant, smooth, and soft. The collagen-boosting properties will repair your wrinkles and fine lines, acting as the anti-aging solution you need. Unlike lots of oils that leave your face feeling all clogged and heavy, this special moisturizer is non-greasy, and you don’t need to lather on a huge amount to get results.


  • Light-weight
  • Fast-absorbing
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Natural and vegan-friendly
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Pricey
  • A small amount in the tube


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Algenist Firming And Lifting Cream

img 5e3ee3d2e0341

Dubbed the ‘Genius’ and ‘Ultimate’ anti-aging cream, you should reach out for this moisturizer if you are vegan. The algae formula targets your skin cells, improving your skin’s elasticity, making it firm and beautifully toned.

All you have to do is massage the cream into your face and neck – after cleansing, of course. Do not forget to pat dry after cleansing. You can use the moisturizer before the firming and lifting cream.

The Algenist moisturizer reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines formed by dry skin. Similarly, it strengthens and protects fragile skin. Exposure to UV rays and harmful radicals in the environment causes unpleasant effects for the sensitive and previously damaged skin.

Apply in the morning before your day’s activities, and in the evening right before you go to bed. Adhere to the proper cleansing, twice-a-day application, and you can look forward to a youthful complexion. Successful results appear in as early as ten days!


  • Dermatology tested
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easily added to your daily routine
  • New and innovative


  • Very pricey
  • Apparent fake products after shipping


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Algenist Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum

img 5e3ee3ff639e2

We spend so much money on anti-aging beauty products that deliver so little. Most products are laden with chemicals that cause irritation and acne flare-ups that cause more problems in the long run. Instead of spending on fake expensive products or spa treatments, the Algenist serum might be what you need.

The serum consists of higher levels of alguronic acid that targets wrinkled skin and fine lines anywhere on your face. If you are acne-prone or having dull skin from environmental factors or simply because of age, the serum works to give you some much-needed brightness and firmness.

Since your collagen amounts need a boost, alguronic acid provides that regenerative and revitalizing support. Restoring your skin’s texture and elasticity, you can look forward to reduced lines and wrinkles, and a smoother and tighter look.

Cleanse your face, neck, and décolleté gently in the morning and evening. Work a reasonable amount of the serum into those areas and look forward to a supple, brighter, and beautiful skin. For an even wholesome experience, you can purchase the Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser and keep it all Algenist!


  • No chemical ingredients
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Collagen-boosting
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Fast-absorbing


  • Expensive


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Comparable Products

The beauty industry is endlessly growing. Between the competition and the real search for solutions towards skincare issues, it can be very difficult to tell a genuine product from a fake. Reviews and buying guides aim to help you at this. It is no different in the anti-aging section of the cosmetic industry. While this Algenist review puts the Algenist brand at the top, we will view other giants dealing in this same niche.

L’Oreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Anti-Aging

img 5e3ee41f50c23

Popular brands are not left behind in delivering anti-aging products. Collagen treatments are trending and trusted solution for aging and sagging skin. Why? Improving collagen supply improves quick growth of your skin cells, which then leads to youthful skin.

Finding the perfect moisturizer that does its job while being gentle on sensitive skin is tough. Daily moisturization goes a long way when getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and the L’Oreal moisture filler does just that. This cream is a wonderful choice once you reach a certain age and can show visible results in as early as one week of dedicated use.

The L’Oreal night cream won’t only help repair damaged and lackluster skin; it will provide intense hydration to prevent more wrinkles and a dry and ashy look and feel. All you have to do is cleanse your face and neck before you apply gently. It will work wonders as you sleep!


  • Gentle on skin
  • Dermatology tested
  • Subtle and pleasant smell
  • Intense hydration
  • Affordable


  • Greasy
  • Some chemical ingredients present


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Retinol Cream Moisturizer – anti-aging formula

img 5e3ee441193e4

Cruelty-free products are a big deal for most of us, and the OMG! brand recognizes that. Known as the “Anti-gravity anti-aging formula,” this cream is a wise selection when you get to an age where your skin isn’t as plump and supple as it used to be. Age is not the only determining factor. Women in their late 20s to late 70s can use this cream. General exposure can have adverse effects on your skin.

While some retinol creams are guilty of drying out your skin, this specific brand battles your lines and wrinkles without provoking irritation or leaving your skin all dry and uncomfortable. The 2.5% retinol is enough to give you desired results without harming your skin in the process.

Along with a great texture, it is fast-absorbing and gentle on your skin. I love that the packaging is air-proof. You don’t have to dip your fingers to get the moisturizer which is a thoughtful way to prevent creating an unsanitary mess that would be unsavory for your face!

A huge plus for this OMG! cream would be its ability to work wonders for sensitive/combination skin and dark circles under the eyes. Not only does it brighten your skin, but you will also notice a difference in the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles you’ve had before.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Clinically-tested
  • Light and gentle
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Cruel-free


  • Slight alcohol smell
  • Not much info on other ingredients


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Solscense Recovery cream – reduce age spots

img 5e3ee45e7ba2f

Pharmaceutical and bio-organic science come to play with the Solscense brand. After decades of finding medical solutions for cancer patients, the same dedication created a skincare product for your skin.

With a similar design as in prescription drugs, this cream eliminates poor skin by targeting the causes of the skin problem, rather than the symptoms. Apart from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, you can get this tube for any hyperpigmentation and discoloration experienced on your face.

Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, which great on your skin. But we don’t all have the luxury of basking in the safe early morning or sunset. With increased pollution, more UV rays get through the ozone layer and directly onto your skin. These UV rays are responsible for significant sun damage and visible fast aging, especially due to direct sun exposure – and for long periods. Solscense protects your skin from further sun damage while acting as a recovery cream for any previous harmful effects.

Say goodbye to your lines and wrinkles. Solscense provides ample hydration, and prolonged use may result in a smooth complexion. You will notice tighter and firmer skin, leaving your face radiant.


  • Sunblock and sun-damage repair
  • Scientifically-backed and medically-tested
  • You can use on chest and arms
  • Beautiful package
  • Affordable


  • Not always hydrating
  • Occasional faulty pump


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NutraNuva Face Food Anti-aging cream

img 5e3ee47f0123f

Recommended by a Hollywood plastic surgeon, this face food is created in an FDA approved environment for both men and women. NutraNuva has three major benefits for your skin:

  • Intense moisturization that fully nourishes your skin
  • Healthy and natural repair for any damaging and aging effects on your skin
  • Collagen renewal that encourages softer and younger-looking skin

If you research on product ingredients before purchase as I do, you will appreciate the transparency of this product. A complete listing of all the key ingredients lets you know that only safe ingredients are used – from Vitamins, fatty acids, and ingredients that increase hydration, collagen, and elastin production. There are no toxins in the making of this cream, and no animals go through harm either.

Solscense proves that it is possible to have genuinely effective ingredients without breaking your bank. To avoid downplaying the effectiveness of the key contents, NutraNuva anti-aging cream does not contain SPF. Don’t let that put you down; this face food is still great for deep wrinkles, fine lines, and prematurely-aged skin.

For use in the morning and night, cleanse your face and neck before work, and before getting in bed. Pat gently dry then apply a suitable amount of NutraNuva. If you want even better results, you can use their cleanser and serum before finishing with this anti-aging cream.


  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing
  • Fair pricing
  • You can apply beneath make-up and sunscreen
  • Great hydration


  • The tube is half-full on delivery
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Inconsistent results


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Buying Guide

Shopping for skincare products can feel strenuous and daunting. You walk in the store knowing your pick will work, or it won’t. With all the fake and harmful products in the market, you know there’s a lower chance of finding a genuine one. So how do you decide which brand to select?

No single cream can handle all of your skin conditions at once. First, find out what is the cause of your wrinkles, fine lines, and prematurely-aged skin, then work from there.

What are the Common Causes of Lines and Wrinkles?

Exposure to the Sun

According to dermatological research, over 70% of the wrinkles on your face are due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. You might want to invest in some good sunscreen if you spend a lot of time outdoors, especially for the fun summer activities. The harmful UV rays damage the connective tissues beneath your skin, leading to loss of elasticity – which then creates lines and wrinkles.

Increasing your time in the sun will damage your skin further and age your face for years. Long-term exposure to these rays also causes yellowing and pigmentation.

Unhealthy food and Smoking

Substances that negatively affect your blood vessels can affect your skin as well. Junk food is full of fat and cholesterol that clog your veins and arteries. Quit the occasional smoking too, and your skin will thank you for it. These two vices constrict your blood vessels and impair blood supply to your skin.


Like many other conditions that can be inherited, wrinkles can be passed down. If wrinkles appear much earlier in members down your family tree, there is a high chance yours may appear early too.

Normal Aging

The reason why lots of anti-aging products contain collagen boosters? Your collagen levels decrease as you get older. This leads to significant loss of elasticity, which leads to saggy skin, lines, and wrinkles.

That said, some lines and wrinkles may fade away easier than others. The efficacy of anti-aging creams depends highly on the key ingredients, how often you use them, and how well you stick to the recommended regimen. In most cases, you are advised to apply twice a day – in the morning and evening.

Do Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle Creams Work?

Manufacturers and advertisers promise a lot. It’s unlikely that any company would want to incur losses. The result? All anti-wrinkle products you find are probably labeled “highly effective” – but are they?

According to scientific research, these creams may have positive effects. However, you need to keep your expectations realistic. If you are looking for a facelift or an instant and overnight solution, you will easily fall prey to exaggerated sales promises. When a skincare product is clinically-tested, or FDA approved, it is simply allowed for you to try it out. The results may range from mild and significant, to none at all.

With that in mind, there are a few things that you should look out for to achieve optimal results.

What Do You Consider Before Buying an Anti-aging Cream?

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Before seeking a collagen-boosting cream, dermatologists suggest starting out with good sunscreen and moisturizer. Parched skin is the perfect ground for wrinkles and lines. Coupled with healthy lifestyle changes, hydration, and protection from the sun may be all your skin needs. Moisturizers are almost always present in your anti-aging product.

If you love spending time outdoors and in the sun, always carry sunscreen. Make sure it has an SPF of at least 30, is water resistant, and offers broad-spectrum coverage. You can use your moisturizer together with sunscreen and reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours you spend outside.

After a few weeks of using sunscreen and moisturizer with no visible changes, you can look for an anti-aging cream that targets your collagen.

Key Ingredients

Most people are guilty of selecting a cream based on adverts or recommendations from friends. DON’T. Before making a choice, research on the ingredients contained in that beautiful package. Some anti-aging products only consist of moisturizing components.

More powerful creams contain ingredients that boost collagen production. You may have to Google a couple of ingredients, but a few companies will publish detailed lists of their ingredients on their official websites. Major ingredients in anti-wrinkle products that will help your skin include:

  • Vitamin C – especially topical, is a very popular antioxidant that can treat sun-damaged skin and protect it from further damage
  • Retinol encourages healthy skin cell production while acting as an antioxidant
  • Commonly used for wrinkles, stretch marks, and healing of wounds, peptides act as a fabulous ingredient in anti-aging creams
  • Niacinamide improves your texture and elasticity, and provide hydration like hyaluronic acid as well
  • Hydroxy acids support your collagen production, leading to smoother and younger skin. AHA and BHA hydroxyl acids will help exfoliate and get rid of dead skin

Skin Type

Any dermatologist will tell you to avoid using a product based on a friend’s opinion. What works for them may not work for you because every skin type has its specific needs, do’s, and don’ts.

When picking a cream, moisturizer, or sunscreen, check for labeling for ‘sensitive skin,’ ‘oily skin,’ or ‘dry skin.’ The ingredients can determine what is beneficial for your skin. For example, skin care products containing salicylic acid are good for oily skin since it helps to unclog your pores. You can also look for water-based products if your skin is oily.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, you know how easy it is to get rashes and irritation from most skincare products. Shopping for a new cream or moisturizer is a near-terrifying affair. Weak levels of retinol and doses of antioxidants would include the better ingredients for you. They help reduce wrinkles and fine lines without irritating and drying out your skin. Oil-based products would be fine for you.

For an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging product, it is best if they contain all of these labels:

  • Non-comedogenic – means it does cause acne, also labeled non-acnegenic
  • Hypoallergenic – you might have an allergic reaction, but it won’t put you in danger
  • Contact information for any concerns or questions you may have


Most of us assume that expensive products are more likely to produce better results. While it may be true in some cases, it is not true in many others. You can find an effective anti-aging product within an affordable range. Just be sure to confirm its safety and inclination towards your skin condition and skin type.

Medical advice

Your dermatologist can give you their opinion concerning your skin situation. Apart from pointing out changes you may need and bad habits that are bad for your skin, they may have sound information regarding anti-aging creams. For example, using more than one anti-aging product at once may irritate your skin rather than have positive effects. Other important tips they may offer:

  • Test a product on your inner forearm twice a day for at least four days before applying it to your face. You can never be certain how much hypoallergenic levels are safe for you. If there is no itch, irritation or form of reaction, you can apply it on your face
  • Some prescribed products can burn and sting. If you notice any tingling, burning, or stinging, stop immediately and talk to your dermatologist so they can determine whether it is safe to proceed
  • Always follow the directions given. Irregular application may not give you desired effects while excessive use can cause issues like dry skin, acne, or clogged pores
  • Once the product is safe for you and you use it regularly, be patient and give it time. It may take months. When you notice positive results, don’t halt your regular application, continue using the product
  • Always protect your skin from sun damage. Moisturize, and forget your tanning days. Tanning increases wrinkles and speeds up aging on your skin

Why Do I Use Algenist?

Making an order for my first Algenist product was not easy. Their products were honestly quite expensive, and I was not ready for disappointments or worse – a skin reaction. An Algenist review later, a particular Algenist anti-aging vitamin C review was quite encouraging. Three weeks later, I started off with the moisturizer, and the cost was worth it.

Though my fine lines and wrinkles were later only minimal, I noticed that my face wasn’t as dry as it was before. So I purchased the rest of their products. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with using one brand for all your facial needs. I use the cleanser before applying the moisturizer, night cream, and vitamin C serum. After cleansing in the morning, I apply the moisturizer first, serum, and maybe minimal makeup. In the evening, I cleanse, apply moisturizer and night cream – and I’m off to bed!

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford all the products at once. Even when you buy them all, you may find it tough to keep it constant. My advice? Don’t leave the vitamin C serum. Every time I use, my skin feels and looks better. It is a delight for me and it always amazing that this brand’s core ingredients were discovered accidentally – all in the search for renewable energy.


Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products are just gathering speed in the skincare industry. Science has already proven that they bear positive results. It is no surprise, therefore, with algae as a new solution for aging, a search for the next best thing is happening in multiple labs all over the world. Perhaps even a cure! But until then, be safe. Avoid ‘miracle’ products. Make sure that your cream consists of active ingredients that are not toxic. More people are educated on the harmful contents of many products and choose natural ingredients – so should you.


Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.