11 Best of Amber Rose with Hairstyles Before Her Infamous Short Hair

Amber Rose with Hairstyles has a lot of different hairstyles, but her short, shaved hair is what most people know her for. Amber is an excellent example of being beautiful and girly, even with short hair.

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But before she cut her hair short, Amber loved having long hair and coloring it in many different colors. You don’t need to look any further if you want hair ideas.

Here are Eleven of our favorite ways that Amber Rose styled her hair before she cut it short.

1. Long Blonde Hair

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber used to have long, beautiful blonde hair before she cut it short. The best thing about her hair is how long it is and how many things she can do with it. She kept it simple by just dying her hair platinum blonde.

2. Chocolate Brown Waves

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber wore a beautiful chocolate brown dress last year that hit her shoulders just right. She parted it on the side and let her curls take over, giving her an almost old-fashioned look.

3. Vintage Bob

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

This retro bob looks excellent on Amber, but anyone could wear it. She finishes off her look with platinum blonde hair and retro curls. Her bob can be worn in many ways and is easy to style.

4. Long Braids

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber has even been seen with braids that were way too long. However, her braids are beautiful and can be worn down or in an excellent bun.

5. Dark Bob

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber wore her hair in a short bob with a natural curl when it was dark. She made her hair look like it was wet and styled it in a beautiful deep side part.

6. Medium Middle Part

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber loves having blonde hair, and here she is with a nice middle part to show it off. The length of her hair is just right. It falls right below her shoulders and can be styled in almost any way.

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7. Purple Hair That’s Long

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber has never been afraid of color, and her new look, long purple hair, just came out. This lavender color is gorgeous and right on trend, and she wears her hair slicked back and very long. The deep side part of her hair gives it some volume and shows off her face beautifully.

8. Edgy Ponytail

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

A ponytail is a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and if you pull your hair back into a high ponytail as Amber does, you can copy her style. Add some braids and accessories like Amber did to complete the look.

9. Curls of Red

Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber went with a fiery red color instead of her natural color, which looks beautiful. She curled her hair quickly and then split it in the middle.

10. Bob with Blond Hair and Bangs

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Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Amber doesn’t usually wear bangs, but she did for this look. Amber wore her hair in a concise bob cut and platinum blonde. To finish off her look, she added blunt bangs.

11. Shaved Hair is stylish and modern

Shaved head : Amber Rose is beautiful with short haircut - Afroculture.net
Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Some ladies are reluctant to shave their hair, a women’s hairdo. However, bold ladies are wearing this famous cut. Women with shaved heads look better. The face is emphasized. Add makeup.

Amber is the perfect example of how you can try out a lot of different hairstyles before you find the one that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and length, and it’s OK to change your hairstyle now and then.

FAQs About Best of Amber Rose with Hairstyles

Does anyone know if Amber Rose has hair?

Amber Rose has a variety of hairstyles, but the one that made her famous was when she shaved off most of her hair. Amber is the perfect example to show that it is possible to be stunning and feminine while having short hair, and she owns it.

When did Amber Rose first start wearing her head shaved?

At the age of 19, Amber Rose looked in the mirror and did something that most other ladies her age only do in their worst nightmares: she put a razor to her scalp and shaved her head.

What are the secrets of Amber Rose’s success?

She first came to the public’s attention after making a cameo in the music video for “Put On,” which was performed by Young Jeezy and Kanye West. 2008 marked the beginning of Rose and West’s high-profile romantic connection, which lasted for two years and resulted in her appearing in advertisements for Louis Vuitton. After that, in 2009, she became a model and obtained a contract with Ford Models.

Does Amber Rose now sport a lengthy hairstyle?

The latest celebrity to undergo a makeover at the hands of the quarantine is Amber Rose, who now sports long, blonde hair reminiscent of Barbie. However, during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), it appears that Halsey is not the only celebrity trying out new hairstyles and makeup.

Does Amber Rose use hair extensions or a wig?

Rose remarked, “I always knew I was destined to have blonde hair.” However, I don’t mind wearing blonde wigs for the time being since I want to have a ponytail when my hair is long enough.

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