Best Types of African Braids Hairstyles

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The African Braids hairstyle is a stylish option for a practical and affordable maintenance hairstyle. Since it’s easy to maintain and comes in attractive styles, many young people select this braiding style as their favorite alternative to other hairstyles. African braids come in various colors, sizes, and thicknesses. In addition, African American hair braiding techniques … Read more

40 Gorgeous A-Line Bob Haircuts to Beat Hair Boredom

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The A-Line bob haircut is a trendy hairstyle, and stylists predict it won’t go out of style soon. There are some variations, and many ladies now favor stacked bobs. The good news is that, like other bob haircuts, the A-Line version looks fantastic on a wide range of face types and hair textures. Additionally, you … Read more

90s Hairstyles (Must Try!)

Even if you are nostalgic for the “old times” or weren’t old enough to flaunt lovely 90s hairstyles, you can still benefit from the lovely 90s hairstyles for women. The 1990s were known for their long, voluminous hairstyles, crimped hair, and pixie cuts. These strategies are all still in use today. These hairstyles can be … Read more

Best 80s Hairstyles Are Making a Comeback

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There will always be nostalgia for and nostalgia for 80s hairstyles. Have you ever worn a style that stands out in your mind? This article will interest you if you enjoy trendy and stylish looks because we’ll be discussing a variety of hairstyles. See if you can recognize any of these classic beauties by reading … Read more

Blue Highlights For Every Exquisite Taste

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Blue highlights are a type of hair color that is achieved by bleaching and dyeing certain strands of the hair. They are usually lighter than the natural hair color and can range in shades from light baby blue to a deep navy. Blue highlights can be used to create a bold, daring look or a … Read more