Celebrity 1930s Hairstyles for Women

1930 was a point of reference for contemporary haircuts. 1930s hairstyles for women never ceased to inspire women to be elegant, sensual, feminine, and iconic with their stunning blonde hues, flawless curls, and spectacular waves. 1930s Haircuts In the 1930s, women’s most popular hairstyles were waves and curls. Not only does it enhance your appearance, … Read more

Is makeup haram? [2022] (Best Guide to Know)

Muslim Makeup

Is Makeup haram? Makeup is not regarded as haram (forbidden) in and of itself. It is even advised that a wife apply makeup for her husband. What is prohibited is wearing it in front of other males in order to catch their attention. To begin with, Islam places a high emphasis on human beauty and … Read more

How do you use Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask?

REDEFINE Daily Cleansing Mask

While I had never tried any Rodan and Fields skincare products previously, I was familiar with the brand.  I’ve heard amazing things about the products from other bloggers, and I’ve seen a lot of Rodan and Fields redefine regimen reviews and giveaways on different blogs that I follow over the last several years.  I’m thrilled … Read more