Best Makeup Songs of All Time

songs about makeup

What are the Best Makeup Songs? Don’t you get excited when it’s time to get ready for an event? Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s fast, and sometimes it’s simply exhausting. I get that way sometimes when I’m getting ready to go out. Some days, I just need a little motivation to put on a strong … Read more

Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin

best drugstore primer for oily skin

What is the Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin? Your skin is unique. It is simply a matter of finding the perfect formula that works for you. Whether you want 24-hour coverage or have a specific skin condition (dry patches, oily skin, enlarged pores), a good makeup primer will work its magic to minimize the … Read more

The Best Alternatives for Glossier Boy Brow

boy brow alternative

Eyebrows. We all have them, from thick, bushy caterpillars that meet over your nose to non-existent, thin hairs. It’s another matter if you adore or despise yours. Whatever your relationship with your brows is, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of or tried Glossier’s Boy Brow products. Glossier Boy Brow has swept the country and … Read more

Does Makeup Expire If Unopened? (Answered!)

does makeup expire if unopened

You know how it feels when the stars align and you discover the right shade of red lipstick or a skin treatment that effectively removes your blemishes? I’m sure you’re one of those makeup and skin care lovers who will stock up on their favorite products. You discover a lipstick that glides on like a … Read more