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img 5e41baa03365aPrincesses in real life are considered spoiled and here at Lifestyle Princess, we want to spoil you with reliable information on products that will enable you to attain the real princess look. Women admire everything in their friends or colleague’s body that they don’t have, not knowing that they can achieve the same with little effort and dedication.

Do you want to wear the perfect Coco Channel tan with zero effects of sunburns, then you should visit the lifestyle princess site and look for the perfect tanning lotion for your skin? Wrinkles are every woman’s biggest enemy, if you haven’t realized unlike the men, women in their 50s and 60s still do their nails, hair and carry the most fashionable bags, in short, they love to glam up.

But even as we age there are things that if we don’t stop doing then we will age twice as first, for example, if you expose yourself to the scorching sun without wearing a sunscreen lotion, then you are at risk of developing some serious wrinkles at the onset of old age, other habits such as smoking and using detergents that are not gentle to the skin will also accelerate the aging process.

Though there are other people that wrinkle earlier and even grow white hair as they approach the third floor (30years), the process can be slowed down or rather controlled. At lifestyle princess, we, therefore, research on the suitable products that when adopted can slow down the aging process, such as the best wrinkle serum that can be used on the skin to slow down the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Our mission is all-round and that includes products for removing unwanted hair on the body to achieve the perfect bikini body. A lot of hair on a man’s body is fine, in fact, it is one of the manly features that ladies never want to adopt, and the good thing about hair removal is that it helps get rid of bad odor especially on the underarms.

What’s worse is that underarm hair if not taken care of, will play host to a group of bacteria, which are responsible for the concentrated smell of perspiration. Body hairs on the legs and arms are a nuisance and in case you didn’t know there are some ladies that have to spend a lot of time in the mornings trying to get rid of hair on the legs before they can put on their short skirts and achieve the wow office look.

So how about you ladies go through the insightful information on the best hair removal methods that will leave your skin silky smooth with zero damages. And have you heard about the latest revolution in the operations of the gyms, well we all want to attain that perfect body, the small waist size, and the wide hips with a flat toned stomach?

Now the latter is close to getting water out of stone but it is actually achievable, and remember once you are there, you also have to work hard to maintain that body. The latest innovation that seeks to motivate folks to visit gyms is the inclusion of big screens, like the ones used in theaters. It is actually quite exciting because you get to work out while watching your best series.

But we do have an alternative for those folks who are time-pressed and have a lot going on in the evenings and mornings, like tending to the kids or taking up extra work shifts, as we all know the economy hasn’t been forgiving and besides gym memberships are costly. We, therefore, provide you with information on which diets work and the ones that are a long shot.

Tanning bed lotions

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Tanned and pale skin is a very deadly combination that can more than affect your confidence. Summertime is the culprit of the above and given that we can rarely move close to the window with a mix of color tones, you decide to find the best tan that will not leave streak marks in case it gets too hot and will not leave a “was here mark on your clothes.”

You, therefore, have a wide spectrum of self-tanning lotions and body wash to choose from, and you can, therefore, select one that you find easy and comfortable to use. However, knowing about other existing options is not easy, to which end we present to you the tanning bed lotions.

Don’t run just yet, we don’t object that tanning beds do have artificial lights and most people women especially will sprint at the thought of early wrinkling because of too much exposure to the artificial lights, but what you don’t know is that there are tanning bed lotions that work to protect your skin from the effects of the artificial light.

The tanning lotions have properties that make a person’s skin to carry out the natural tanning process. And for what its worth the UVA rays on the tanning beds are never harmful to the skin. So instead of killing yourself with the deadly sun’s rays, how about you invest in some of the lotions recommended in lifestyle princess.

Such as the Millenium tanning bronzer lotion and the millennium tanning paint among others, and instead of doing you the injustice of giving you small bits of information on the properties and effectiveness of the tanning bed lotions, best you go through each of the recommended lotions to find one that is suitable for your skin.

Wrinkle Serum

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If we could turn back the wheels of time and still remain with the technological gadgets then maybe some of us from the third floor (30 years of age) going up would reap the benefits of the wrinkle serum. But don’t be surprised when you find a nice small percentage of people who have no business with the wrinkle serum, as effective as it is.

Wrinkle Serum abound in the Annno Domini Era and if you know exactly what you want to achieve then finding the right product for your skin shouldn’t be a head-scratcher. But before we proceed, did you know that an anti-aging cream and serum are two different things and their effectiveness vary.

Well now you know, the big difference is that the creams only work on the top part, the area that is visible while the serum works from the inside and the results can be seen from the outside. Creams take longer before you can see results while serum tends to produce results much faster. Unlike facial creams wrinkles, serums will take care of some of the skin conditions that you might be suffering from.

The anti-aging creams, on the other hand, will hydrate your skin, so you can expect the soft supple look, they also tend to treat the common skin problems like ACNE, and reduce wrinkles and the fine lines.

At lifestyle princess, therefore, we do have a passion of providing you with the best to which end we give you a well researched and extensive review on the anti-aging serum so that whenever you go shopping you can take the guesswork out and carry home a product that you have full faith and confidence on its abilities.

For example, there is information on the kleem Organics, Vitamin C & E serum and the ArtNaturals Enhanced vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic Acid.

Outdoor Tanning lotions

The challenges of using outdoor tanning creams come alive when you have streak marks all over your body that you had not anticipated. This can be quite annoying to the point of affecting your ego, what’s worse is when it transfers to your clothes thus discoloring them.

Finding the perfect outdoor tanning lotion is not exactly a walk in the park, but worry not because we have done the heavy lifting for you and all you have to do is sit down under a nice shade and go through the buying guide, we are positive that you will find your match.

Some of our best options are the Maui babe variety beach pack and the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator lotion with bronzer.

Spray Tan Machines

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Wouldn’t it be nice to own one of these machines at home, the spray tan machines are a lifesaver and this is inclusive on the amount of damage that could have been done in your bank balance. And the beauty of it all is that the sprayed tan, doesn’t take long to dry up and will take even longer before, it eventually comes out.

The versatility of their use is what makes the spray tans machines even more admirable, maybe you want to attend a special function within the week and haven’t exactly got the time to go to the spar for the tan. Simply get your spray tan machine and self impose your preferable bronze look. Even more interesting is that the machines come with customizable features that will let you achieve your preferred tone or shade.

To which case we present to you the Black Fascination FX Spray tanning machine and kit, which sells at a fair price is mobile and very light in weight. Then there is the Aura Allure spray tan machine that is compact thus ease in storage and limits overspray, we have more options at lifestyle princess so you are welcome to go through.

Dental Care

Surprised, well don’t be because some of the perks that make up a princess are appealing teeth. The issue with teeth is both funny and serious, what happens when you talk to someone with food stuck between your teeth, well you become less appealing.

And since your oral hygiene is at the heart of lifestyle princess, we decided to provide you with an extensive review on the best water flossing machines, the reason being the age-old toothbrush doesn’t cover all the areas it is supposed to work on, and flossing is not an option for people with braces or sensitive gums.

Not only do we give a review of the best water flossers, but we also provide a small guide on how you can use your water floss to get the best out of it. The water flossers, therefore, come in two categories, which are cordless and countertop water flossers, and to be more specific we have the Waterpik complete care water flosser and sonic toothbrush.

Haircare products

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Hair is considered as the crown of a woman, and without a doubt, it does enhance the beauty of the female human being, so how about we give you tips that will ensure your crown looks attractive. Ever used a flat iron before, and it just didn’t give you the results that you expected, well it could be because Flat irons are some of the most counterfeited hair equipment.

Especially the fact that you don’t have to go to the salon to get your hair done with a flat iron, unscrupulous manufacturers have capitalized on the fact that every woman has to have their own gadget at home and went ahead to infiltrate the market with poor quality flat irons. We, therefore, did a research on the hair flat irons and provided you with conclusive information on the type of flat irons that can be used on different types of hair.

There is also information on flat irons for individuals that like to keep their hair natural. Such as the powerful Paul Mitchell Neuro smooth flat iron and the Jolie Amour professional flat iron among others. Individuals with thick hair have also been catered to, and since we know you need a powerful flat iron to be able to get the right results we provided you with viable options complete with the best prices.

The age-old tradition of depending on salons to dry your hair should be left in the past, mothers need hair dryers for their little princesses, teenagers won’t come out with unkempt hair and a little blow in the morning for the corporate girl to make sure they are glammed up for a serious day in the office calls for a powerful hairdryer.

We, therefore, provide you with a variety of hair dryer options, that you can adopt either for home or professional use, some of which are, the Elchim Classic 2001 and the Panasonic EH-NA65-K, among others.


So after we have achieved all the above, we are left with glamming ourselves up with makeup, to accentuate our already attractive looks. To which end we have offered you an extensive review on the airbrush foundation and makeup kit, and the lighted makeup mirror to ensure that your make up is on point.

Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.