Best Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas

Do you want to find the perfect deep, dark hair color? Black cherry hair is the best choice for strong-willed women who want to look sexy, mysterious, and romantic.

You can get it in lighter, brighter, or darker versions, and it will still look amazing.

The pictures below give you many ideas for black cherry hairstyles that will make you want one of the most exciting hair colors. Enjoy!

1. The Classic Black Cherry Hair Color

Classic Black Cherry Hair

The beauty of black cherry hair is that it has burgundy, violet, and black tones that go well together. Mix all three tones above evenly if you want a classic version of the trendy hair color.

2. Black Cherry with Mixed Tones

Black Cherry Color with Mixed Tones

This is the perfect example of how to mix these three colors more daringly when discussing colors. Instead of mixing them all, you could use them in a way that makes each one stand out. It’s fun to play with black cherry shades, so we recommend it!

3. Dark Black Cherry Hair

Dark Black Cherry Hair

You might want to try a dark black cherry tone if you already have brown hair. The darker it is, the more it will look like your natural hair color while adding beautiful accents. You’ll be able to see the difference as soon as the sun hits your hair.

4. Velvet Red Hair Color

Red Velvet Hair

Even though we’re used to seeing black cherry hair with purple highlights, the other option, which is all red cherry, looks fantastic. If you like dark red hair, choose a red dye that looks like black cherries. It looks perfect on people with fair skin.

5. Long, Straight Black Cherry Tresses

Long Straight Black Cherry Hair

If you have long, straight hair, you can be sure that the black cherry color will look great on you. The more hair you have, the more you can appreciate the exciting tones of this lovely hair color.

6. Chocolate Black Cherry Shade

Chocolate Black Cherry Hair

Brown helps get black cherry hair. It’s straightforward to change for girls with brown hair. Chocolate black cherry will impress everyone.

7. Black Cherry Highlights on Black Hair

Black Cherry Highlights on Black Hair

You may select black cherry for part of your hair. Black cherry accents are lovely. However, they look best on brunettes.

8. Dark Magenta Hair

Dark Magenta Hair

Magenta hair is gorgeous. The intense magenta tone isn’t for everyone. For a more delicate look, tint magenta to black cherry.

9. Intense Black Cherry Hue

Intense Black Cherry Hair

Some ladies like natural hair colors, while others prefer bold tones. Suppose you’re in the latter group, rock black cherry hair. Professional hair coloring is fancier.

10. Medium Black Cherry Hairstyle

Medium Black Cherry Hairstyle

You can get a medium-length black cherry color if you’re neither modest nor flamboyant. Its primary color is a deep wine-toned crimson. This will balance your hairstyle and appearance.

11. Black Cherry Balayage

Black Cherry Hair Balayage

Currently, balayage is the trendiest hair coloring procedure. However, we recommend it for black cherry hair due to its mixed tones. You can see all the shades in the final hue through balayage coloring.

12. Rusty Highlights on Black Cherry Base

Rusty Highlights on Black Cherry Base

You can also use black cherry for lowlights. You can obtain a black cherry foundation and add your highlights. Start with rusty red.

13. Black Cherry Base with Caramel Highlights

Black Cherry Base with Caramel Highlights

You can also improve contrast by using a different accent color. For example, you may accent a black cherry base with caramel. You’ll adore the result.

14. Plum-Toned Black Cherry Locks

Plum Black Cherry Hair

Many red-focused black cherry hairstyles have been covered. However, we want to highlight this hair color’s plum undertones. If you love purple, wear more of it.

15. Light Black Cherry Hair Color

Light Black Cherry Hair

Most black cherry hairstyles are dark. You can personalize your black cherry hair by lightening it. You can’t go wrong with burgundy-and-magenta hair.

16. Black Cherry Undertones

Black Cherry Undertones

This coloring has such skill and beauty. The dark chocolate base has crimson tones, as shown above. The curls’ black cherry coating is the icing on the cake.

17. Bright Black Cherry

Bright Black Cherry Hair

Here’s how cherry hair looks in the sun. Rich hues add luster and make you stand out. This hue will turn heads on long or short hair.

18. Rich Black Cherry Color

This black cherry hairstyle’s brown and red tones make us hungry. Soft, creamy texture and coloring effects are unique.

19. Black Cherry Ombre

Black Cherry Hair Ombre

Red ombres have been popular for years if you follow hair trends. However, adding semi-permanent black cherry may make your ombre more appealing.

20. Retro Black Cherry Hairstyle

Retro Black Cherry Hairstyle

We recommend retro hairstyles for any special occasion, whatever your preference. A classic black cherry haircut will always match your personality and appearance.

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21. Black Cherry on Natural Hair

Black Cherry on Natural Hair

If you’ve grown out your natural hair healthily, avoid silver blonde permanent hair color. Try black cherry as a less-destructive alternative to perms.

22. Dark Brown Hair with Black Cherry Shine

Dark Brown Hair with Black Cherry Hair Shine

Black cherry hairstyles require subtlety. Black cherry gloss makes the dark brown base stand out beautifully. If you want a natural hairdo, try this.

23. Curly Black Cherries

Curly Black Cherry Hair

Curls should be emphasized. Black cherry will make your curls pop. In addition, the lovely blend of hues will sculpt your ringlets so you can appreciate the cherry-colored hair.

24. Red Roots on Black Cherry Base

Red Roots on Black Cherry Base

Black cherry is a great hair color for sunny days. To intensify the effect, use a redder hue at the roots and darker at the tips.

25. Natural Black Cherry Hairstyle

Natural Black Cherry Hairstyle

Burgundy hairstyles are more natural than other hair colors. In addition, this tone’s lack of purple makes it more realistic.

26. Black Cherry Lowlights

Black Cherry Hair Lowlights

You may not like highlights. Lowlights may be. They’re a subtler alternative to traditional highlights. Lowlights highlight the lower area of your hair, bringing out undertones.

27. Mahogany Black Cherry

Mahogany Black Cherry Hair

Mahogany is a great color, even if it’s similar to medium black cherry. Mahogany mixes brown, red, and violet to calm the warmer tones.

28. Bright Red Highlights on Black Cherry Base

Bright Red Highlights on Black Cherry Base

Red highlights enhance your game. Black cherry hair should be paired with its vibrant counterpart. You can choose asymmetrical or even highlights.

29. Black Cherry Hairstyle with Wispy Highlights

Black Cherry Hairstyle with Wispy Highlights

Standard highlights are dull. Wispy highlights can be a discreet complement to black cherry hair.

30. Chocolate and Black Cherry Color Melt

Chocolate and Black Cherry Hair Color Melt

What if you melted chocolate and cherry separately? The result will wow you! You may combine chocolate brown and black cherry using a balayage-ombre technique.

31. Black Cherry Angled Bob

Short bobs look fantastic with dark, vivid colors. Angled cuts are stylish. Shorter back, longer front hair frames the face and provides volume.

32. Beautiful Braid Crown


A low braid crown up-do showcases black cherry color. Two braids over each ear pinned into a chignon are easy. Frame the face with loose strands.

33. Long Bob with Side Part


Long bobs in black cherry look stylish. A side part balances a round or square facial shape and showcases sweeping bangs.

34. Loose and Trendy Low Bun


Shine with an excellent bun. A loose updo is great for laid-back and elegant situations with black cherry hair.

35. Beachy Hair for Light-Brown Eyes

black cherry hair color

Black hair and chocolate eyes are striking. Soften your look with beachy waves. This style is minimal.

36. Black Cherry Ombre on Black Hair

black cherry ombre hair

Black cherry ombre is enticing. Two-toned accents give depth. The style looks best on dark brown hair.

37. Black Cherry with Copper Highlights

black cherry red hair

Fair-skinned babies can rock cherry-red hair. Highlight your black cherry hair with orange or copper tones.

38. Plum Fade

black cherry plum hair color

Purple accents look beautiful on warm-toned skin. Black cherry plum hair color with lovely waves.

39. Deep Black Cherry

dark black cherry hair color

Want black cherry hair? If you’re brown or black, you need a deeper color. Top-of-head hair should fade into a rich plum color.

40. Black Cherry and Purple Fade

black cherry and purple hair

Why not add a black cherry to a multicolored style? On brunette roots, black cherry and purple hair look amazing. Balayage blends naturally.

41. Rich and Dark

black cherry hair color on black girl

Black cherry hair color on black females reflects skin tone. This hue looks rich on long, moisturized curls.

42. Black Cherry Highlights

black cherry hair highlights

Instead of all-over, use black cherry hair highlights. This intense, ruby-red tint looks best on brunettes. Balayage highlights take longer but look natural.

43. Sleek, Straight Bob

chocolate cherry hair color

This hair color is chocolate cherry. Red undertones remain. This color looks fantastic on straight, blunt-cut bobs.

44. Bright Burgundy Tint

burgundy black cherry hair color

Different colors can enhance your look. For example, bright burgundy hair looks beautiful with a pale complexion and dark eyes. This reddish-purple color is striking.

45. Black Cherry on Brown Hair

black cherry cola hair

Cherry black cola hair is another inspiration. Red hair with brown roots is ideal for brunettes.

46. Long and Straight

long black cherry hair color

Straightforward and polished is easy to show off your long cherry black hairstyle. To look natural, keep the root burgundy.

47. Naturally Curly

black cherry curly hair

Relax and naturalize your curly hair. Curls provide dimension, especially red-brown ones. Keep the root dark.

48. Blended Balayage

black cherry balayage hairstyle

Beautiful combination! Black cherry balayage requires painting highlights on the hair’s outer layers. Keep your tone cool, such as cherry blends with black.

49. Fine Highlights on Straight Hair

straight black cherry hair

Baby lights accent straight black cherry hair perfectly. In addition, a few natural strands provide complexity to this style.

50. Red + Black Cherry Hair Color

dark hair with black cherry red highlights

This style has more red tones than others. This is good for warm, light brunettes. Create short, medium, or long dark hair with red highlights.

51. Cool Burgundy

black cherry hair

Hair color should complement your skin tone. This purple tint is suited for those with pink and brown undertones.

52. Black Cherry + Dark Roots

dark hair to black cherry hair color

Keeping your roots natural is trendy and elevates your hairstyle. Use balayage to make the color fade naturally on your hair’s bottom part.

53. Auburn + Black Cherry

wavy black cherry hair

Black cherry lacks plum and purple undertones. However, this lovely hair gives a depth that ordinary brunette locks can’t.


Black cherry hair color is an excellent option for updating their look with a bold and eye-catching hue. It is a perfect way to add a touch of drama to any style and has endless options for pairing it with other shades. Whether you’re looking for an all-over color, highlights, or something more creative, black cherry hair color can be a great way to express yourself. No matter how you rock your new look, it’s sure to be a head-turner.

FAQs About Black Cherry Hair

What is the hue of black cherry hair?

Black cherry hair is an impressive combination of burgundy, magenta, violet, and black. Your colorist will custom-blend these hues to produce a color that evokes your all-time favorite soda flavor.

What is the lifespan of black cherry hair dye?

Does black cherry hair color fade fast? Fortunately, this hair color does not fade quickly. Permanent hair color will last around 6 to 8 weeks before beginning to fade. However, as your hair grows, the ends will get lighter and turn red.

How do you care for black cherry-colored hair?

Use color-preserving shampoos, conditioners, and heat protectants before styling your black cherry-colored hair to preserve its brilliance.

Is cherry-red hair a natural hue?

This color can be called a natural tone, although the outcome is typically less brilliant and rich than when done using a professional hair dye.

What hue does black cherry possess?

BLACK CHERRY is a rich brown with an undertone of burnt sienna. The walls could seem saddle-brown depending on the light source or time of day. Imagine this color in your environment.

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