Best Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blue ombre hair color ideas are a great way to add a unique, creative twist to your look. This bright and bold hair color style is perfect for daring individuals who want to make a statement. From icy blues to rich navy hues, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this eye-catching color into your look.

Whether you’re going for a subtle transition or a more dramatic transformation, blue ombre hair color ideas can be tailored to fit any style and personality. With the right products, techniques, and tips, you can create a beautiful blue ombre that is sure to turn heads.

Ombre has been popular for a while, but there’s a reason: It’s lovely, adaptable, and easy to grow. You’ve seen and tried the basic blonde ombré, but you should try a cooler, brighter hue.

1. This Black-to-Blue Ombré

Black And Blue Ombre Hair Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook,  Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter
Blue Ombre Hair

This blue ombré transitions from brown to blue to a lighter blue at the tips. This works best with long hair, so the colors can blend.

2. This Chocolate-to-Blue Hair

20 Amazing Blue Black Hair Color Looks
Blue Ombre Hair

Deep brunette and pastel blue contrast so well. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve this color (i.e., formulas that skip out on sulfates, which can strip your color fast).

3. This Curly Blue-Ombré Hairstyle

Blue ombre | Dyed curly hair, Blue ombre hair, Galaxy hair color
Blue Ombre Hair

Multiple blue tones make each curled tip stand out in this curly ombré design. When bleaching and dying curly hair, hydrate like it’s your job. Hair masks, oils, and heat protectants prevent dry ends.

4. This Ash-Blue Ombré

Ash Blue Hair - Blue Hair | Ide warna rambut, Warna rambut, Rambut
Blue Ombre Hair

This silvery blue ombré is perfect for more terrific, icier tones. Using a hair toner regularly will maintain your color vivid and shining.

5. This Platinum-to-Blue Ombré

Faded icy platinum blue | Hair color blue, Blue hair, Silver ombre hair
Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombré requires the perfect colors. A milder hue of blue looks charming on blondes and warm brunettes. If you have colder skin tones, choose a deeper blue.

6. This Aqua-Blue Ombré Hair | Green hair colors, Aqua hair color, Hair color blue
Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombré is a mermaid’s hair, and I love it. Choose several tones of blue (some darker, some lighter) to produce this subtle transition from royal blue to silvery mint.

7. This Dark-Blue Ombré Hair

3 Best Types of Blue Ombre Hair | Hairstyles for Women
Blue Ombre Hair

Dark hair fading into gray-blue is so relaxing, don’t you think? This smokey color works excellent if you have cold undertones. Keep it. Still cute!

8. These Blue-Ombré Braids

Blue Ombré Knotless Braids | Marley hair, African hair braiding styles,  African braids hairstyles
Blue Ombre Hair

I adore how each blue strand in these ombré braids is different. Bring your stylist some blue braiding hair.

9. This Silver-to-Blue Ombré Hair

28 Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas Trending Right Now
Blue Ombre Hair

Silver mixes well with blue, as this ice ombré shows. Likewise, purple shampoo can help neutralize brassy tones in silver and blonde hair.

10. This Reverse Blue-Ombré Hair

Update Your Stylish Look with Incredibly Trendy Reverse Ombre | Dark to  light hair, Straight blonde hair, Light blue hair
Blue Ombre Hair

Reversed blue ombré with blue roots on top and blonde ends. Since this blue is so intense over blonde, you should probably get it professionally done. 

11. This Blue Ombré Bob

Pantone 2020 Classic Blue Ombré Bob | Hair styles, Medium length hair  styles, Hair lengths
Blue Ombre Hair

This black-to-blue ombré is impressive. This blue-and-black mix proves bright dyes aren’t just for blondes. If you’re not ready to commit, try a temporary dye.

12. This Blue-to-Silver Ombré

silver and blue color melt blue ombre hair | Hair color blue, Blue ombre  hair, Reverse ombre hair
Blue Ombre Hair

You can start with blue ombré on top if you want. This vivid blue turns to silver beautifully. When bleaching or dying your hair, use a hair mask or deep conditioner to avoid breakage.

13. This Blue Ombré With Shadow Roots

Pin on Hair
Blue Ombre Hair

Idea: Start with dark shadow roots at the top if you want blue ombré without frequent salon visits. You start the ombré high up, so it grows out (while periodically using a hair gloss to keep it fresh). Right?

14. This Blue and Violet Ombré


This blue ombré’s violet tones look fantastic with any hair color. With YouTube videos and perseverance, you can color your hair blue at home.

15. This Blue-to-Teal Ombré

40 Fairy-Like Blue Ombre Hairstyles

Start with dark roots and two blue hues for this ombré. This color’s finest feature? Summer and winter.

16. These Teal-Ombré Braids

Ombre Braids Like You've Never Seen Them Before - Essence

Instead of using different colors of blue for ombré braids, choose a vivid teal. Important? Choosing braided hair.

17. This Brunette-to-Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair Inspiration: 21 Photos of Navy Blue Hair

It’s about keeping your darker hair color last (like this deep-brunette to blue ombré). Keep your hair hydrated, don’t over-shower (use dry shampoo to limit washes), and use color-treated hair shampoo.

18. This Ash-Brunette-to-Blue Hair

Favorite hair so far! | Hair color underneath, Blue hair highlights, Hair  styles

I like how ‘edgy’ ash-brown hair with blue looks. The icy-pastel teal enhances the brown’s cold tones. Use blue shampoo to prevent brassiness in the brunette ombré.

19. This Blue, Brown, and Purple Ombré

24 Blue And Purple Hair Looks That Will Amaze You | Purple ombre hair, Hair  looks, Brown ombre hair

Blue ombré with numerous colors? Cool. Proposal: Try gentle teal and dark purple.

20. This Blonde-to-Turquoise Hair

Blonde blue turquoise ombre | Teal ombre hair, Blonde ombre, Turquoise hair

Ever seen a blonde-to-blue ombré that is glossy and smooth? I love how the blue doesn’t start until the ends, giving the hair a delightful pop of color.

Also, Watch the Video Here: Blue Hair Ombré 

21. This Violet-Blue Ombré Hair

61 Cool Ideas Of Purple Ombre Hair | Mermaid hair color, Hair styles, Purple  ombre hair

This violet ombré hair is a warmer shade that works well with darker hair. Pre-poo treatments help remove product buildup and oil without drying out hair.

22. These Blue Ombré Bangs

40 Most Popular Ombre Hair Ideas for 2023 - Hair Adviser | Blue hair  highlights, Light blue hair, Blue ombre hair

When ombré-ing, don’t neglect your bangs. This blonde-to-blue tint is perfect for growing out bangs. Frozen vibes?

23. This Purple-to-Blue Ombré

28 Incredible Examples of Blue and Purple Hair in 2023

You may get ombré hair without your natural color. These purple roots fade into turquoise and blue. Here’s a look for color lovers.

24. These Blue Dipped Ends

20 Dip Dye Hair Ideas - Delight for All! | Dip dye hair, Dipped hair, Thick  hair styles

If your Type A self appreciates clean lines, try dipped ends. It’s fun and edgy.

25. These Black-to-Navy Curls


Royal blue is a terrific contrast for dark brunettes. Homemade blue ombré? Before you color your natural hair, use a color wax to protect your curls and coils.

26. These Navy Ombré Braids

Amanda Stenberg Has Blue Ombré Box Braids & They're Good

Navy-blue ombré braids prove I was right about royal blue. This vivid color looks well with any braided style.

27. This Electric-Blue Ombré

Electric blue ombre hair color with turquoise hair extensions by @hair.sorceress  mermaid ha… | Mermaid hair color, Blonde hair with blue highlights, Blue  ombre hair

This is ‘electric’ blue, not brilliant blue. This blue ombré originates near the roots so that it will endure longer during growth. Bright hues need extra care (shower caps, heat protectants, DIY hair masks).

28. These Violet-Blue Streaks

36 Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors | Purple hair streaks, Galaxy hair  color, Purple ombre hair

These violet-blue streaks are charming if you enjoy blue hair but can’t commit to ombré. They’re low-key but noticeable.

29. This Purple and Blue Ombré

24 Blue And Purple Hair Looks That Will Amaze You | Bright hair colors, Blue  ombre hair, Purple ombre hair

So technically, this isn’t blue ombré. However, blue and purple streaks are still cute. If you enjoy blue hair but want a bolder shift, try this.

30. This Teal-to-Navy Ombré

28 Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas Trending Right Now | Blue ombre hair, Ombre  hair, Ombre hair blonde

Can we chat about how cool blue ombré nails look? Screenshot this image and show it to your colorist and nail tech to reproduce these blues.

31. Blunt, Soft Ends

50 Blunt Bob Hairstyles You'd Love to Try in 2023 - Hairstyles Weekly

Nothing beats a freshly-cut chop, right? Choppy, blunt cuts look great with fading turquoise. (Our fave serums can help) Blue hair needs hydration to stay healthy.

32. Dip-Dyed Ends

Violet x Blue Galaxy Dip Dye Hair — 99 Percent Hair Studio Review |  Singapore Travel Blog

Braided, edgy hair conveys casual cool. Dip-dyed hair could be low-maintenance for natural hair in a protective style. Curly hair can be dry, and color can make things worse. Stay hydrated. “Dry hair is inherited, especially for curly and oily hair,” adds hairdresser Mark Townsend, who suggests a weekly leave-in conditioner.

33. Cobalt Blue bob

50 Tasteful Blue Black Hair Color Ideas To Try In Any Season

The rich blue fits well with the faint stripes towards the roots. A long blunt bob and messy waves always succeed. Request a hyper-saturated ombré look from your stylist.

34. Braided Bun

12 Outfits ideas | braided bun hairstyles, braided hairstyles, african  braids hairstyles

Aqua hair for swanky events? No. Make a high bun with loose blue braids. Elegant. (The bun shows off the stripes and blues)

35. Ice, Ice Baby

30 Icy Light Blue Hair Color Ideas for Girls | Light blue hair, Hair color  blue, Ombre hair color

This denim-and-silver outfit is very icy. When coupled with beach waves, ombré hair may be ultra-soft and beautiful. The ends of this appearance are gray. The locs add depth.

36. Bleach and Blue


We love blonde moments. Powdery blue ombré complements the bleached top well. Platinum can be drying, says Townsend. To keep colored or bleached hair hydrated, she suggests: “Shampoos can be abrasive for dry hair and are essential to wash the scalp, so cover the length of your hair with Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner ($8),” he advises. Wash and rinse after applying the conditioner.

37. Berry Hues

Blueberry hair. Purple hues and blue hues | Ombre hair blonde, Hair color  pictures, Brown ombre hair

We love this indigo-to-violet design. But, why select between two colors? Unapplied hair color can damage hair. Kandasamy urges to seek help if damage occurs. “A professional bond-builder treatment is required,” he explains.

38. Asymmetrical Moment

Pin on Short Hair Styles

This might be the risk-takers hairdo. This asymmetrical bob has ultra-dimensional blue and green coloring. Make sure the hairdresser ombré-styles the bangs to maintain consistency.

39. Acid-Washed Locks

38 Blue Ombré Hair Color Ideas to Try

What about acid-washed sky blue? Silvery roots and delicate endings. Try air-drying or braiding damp hair for a similar look without harm. Kandasamy advises using fewer hot tools. Instead, use UV and heat-protecting products.

40. Over the Rainbow

50 Mysterious Blue Black Hair Color Combinations For Deep And Vibrant Looks  | Hair color for black hair, Hair styles, Ombre hair blonde

Why one color? This look begins with natural roots and culminates with aquamarine ombré. This is happy hair.

41. Natural Roots

50 Teal Hair Color Inspiration for an Instant WOW!

Whether you’re naturally blonde, brunette, or redhead, a vivid color (in this case, blonde with blue) might help you avoid regular touch-ups. This style requires a stretched or shadow root.

42. Blue Balayage

Dark Blue Hair Looks Super Vibrant Against Every Skin Tone | Cores de  cabelo, Cabelos pintados, Cabelos coloridos azuis

This balayage look—ombré with more highlights and less “color-blocking”—is goal. Teal streaks and natural roots are a winning mix.

43. Mermaid Hair

12 Mermaid Hair Color Ideas - Amazing Mermaid Hairstyles for 2022

A bob with green-blue streaks? Thanks. This style gives us mermaid thoughts (with her natural color coming out).

44. Subtle Blending

20 Dark Blue Hairstyles That Will Brighten Up Your Look | Balayage straight  hair, Blue hair, Dark blue hair

Ask for near-navy colors if you’re a natural brunette. Texture and luxurious waves help, too. However, this style works best on naturally dark-haired folks because the blue blends in.


The Blue Ombré Hair Color Ideas is a great way to add a unique look to your hair. It is a fun and creative way to add an edge to your look while still maintaining a more natural look. The blue color is a great choice for those who want to add a pop of color without having to be too bold.

This look can be achieved with a variety of hair colors and styles, so the possibilities are endless. With the right care, the blue ombre look can last for months, making it a great option for anyone looking to make a statement.

FAQs About Blue Ombré Hair Color

What’s the difference between an ombre and a Balayage?

“Ombre is usually done by putting the lighter color horizontally and letting it cover the whole section. Then, the lighter color is blended upward to soften the line. “Balayage is done by painting color on the surface of the hair in smaller sections,” she says.

What does ombre blue hair mean?

A blue ombre hair color is a mix of bluish tones and natural hair colors that makes people look twice. It’s a modern look that can make your dreams come true instantly. Blue is one of the best ombre hair color ideas, whether you want to look like a sea goddess or an ice queen.

How does it change your hair?

The word “ombré,” pronounced “om-bray,” comes from France, which has always been a fashion and beauty leader. It means “shaded” and refers to coloring hair in which a darker base color is gradually lightened along the lengths, usually starting around the middle. This gives the hair a sunkissed look.

Does ombre work well with GREY hair?

Does ombre work well with gray hair? Gray hair will look great on girls with straight, curly, frizzy, or smooth hair. Because of the ombré style, which is dark at the top and light at the bottom, the look is laid-back and easy to wear. Even better for fall are the darker colors.

What’s more durable? Which one is better?

Because ombré only uses one color process, it grows out faster than balayage. If you want to go longer between touch-ups, Balayage is the way to go because it grows out much less sharply than Ombre.

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