Best Vitamin Supplement for Hair Loss

Hair loss will change your look, even if it is intentional, and the reason why men and women love to keep pairs of wigs and Toupees. However, there is a good number of individuals who don’t love to keep long hair and there are also those that are forced to keep short hair because of circumstances. The patterned baldness is one example of a circumstance that forces many males to visit the barbershop at least twice a week, though they do look good.

So, the fact that you are reading this means that you definitely don’t fancy losing hair, and you are indeed in the right place because apart from providing you with the best vitamin supplement for hair loss, we will also give you tips on how to prevent your hair from thinning and breaking.

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that when combined, can help revamp your hair. Vitamins such as Niacin (Vitamin B3), Biotin and Vitamin C will provide your hair with the right nutrients that will nourish your hair thus achieve healthy and longer strands.

Comparison Table

Name of the product
Key nutrients
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R3 Extra Strength for Hair Growth
Silicon dioxide, L-Cysteine, Biotin, Fish collagen peptides
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SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition
Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide, Vitamin B2 as riboflavin 5-phosphate, Vitamin B1 as thiamine, Vitamin B5 as D-Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin C as ascorbic acid,
Image result for SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition amazon"
Sugarbear hair vitamins
Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A, C, D and E, Biotin, Vitamin B-12, Inositol, Choline, Pantothenic acid, iodine, and folic acid
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HUM Nutrition Red Carpet Hair & Nails Formula
Sunflower seed oil, Black currant seed oil, omega 3 and 6
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Phyto Phytophanere Hair and Nails Dietary Supplements
Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin A, B, and C
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Klorane KERATINcaps Dietary Supplements for strong and thick hair
Biotin, Vitamins and Quinine B
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Vital Proteins Marine Collagen, Wild-Caught, Non-GMO Project
Biovin Hide collagen peptides, vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid
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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins – Scientifically
Vitamin Supplement, amino acids, and biotin
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Elon Extra Strength for Hair Growth

The simple fact that you are losing hair is an indication that the strands are weak thus comes out in droves whenever you are combing. You, therefore, need a supplement that will prevent hair loss by strengthening the strands and encourage the hair follicles to release more hair. Elon, therefore, promotes natural hair growth and works by preventing thinning of hair.

The incorporated fish collagen maintains the tensile strength of your hair, so you should expect reduced hair breakage. Other additional benefits are that you will have a vibrant skin with improved color tone and your nails will grow faster.


  • Restores hair
  • The supplement is fairly priced
  • Offers up to 3 benefits
  • Tablets have vanilla coating making them easy to swallow


  • Takes longer to produce results
  • Taking two tablets makes the product expensive


Elon is a vitamin supplement with the backing of both the dermatologists and the cosmetologists; the vitamin supplement works to restore the hair’s strength thus prevents thinning and hair breakage.

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Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition

The one thing that the moon juice Super hair vitamin supplement will do to your hair is to balance the stress hormones and counter the effects of oxidative stress, which has been a known culprit that encourages hair loss. The vitamin works from inside the scalp by replenishing the existing deficiencies, and this it does using the bioavailable vitamins A, C, D E, and K.

Remember without the above hair growth will be inhibited, what’s more, is that by including the pumpkin seed and saw palmetto DHT the destructive hormone is inhibited so that the health of the hair follicles can be enhanced thus promoting hair thickness.


  • Revamps hair making it thick stronger and healthy
  • Inhibits the creation of DHT
  • Balances the stress hormones countering the effects of oxidative stress
  • The supplement protects the hair follicles with the botanicals


  • The supplement has side effects such as migraines
  • Causes skin breakouts


Moon juice prevents hair loss by discouraging the production of the hair destructive hormone; the supplement also replenishes the deficiencies that inhibit the growth of strong and healthy hair.

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Sugarbear hair vitamins

The basic vitamins that you might need for hair growth are packed in the sugar bear vitamins but just so you know, the manufacturers have used fillers in making the supplements. Sugarbear, therefore, enhances the overall wellness of your hair and also promotes its strength.

The vitamin supplement has been made with a beautiful bear design and with the sugar, you will not experience problems during swallowing.


  • Contains the basic vitamins needed by hair
  • Are easy to swallow
  • The supplement enhances hair strength
  • Nourishes hair from within


  • May lead to hair growing in unwanted places
  • The supplement has been made with filler


If you are already losing hair then the sugar bear supplement has incorporated the very basic vitamins that are needed to grow back and maintain your thinning hair.

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HUM Nutrition Red Carpet Hair & Nails Formula

According to HUM, the ingredients used in the manufacture of supplements have been clinically proven to prevent hair loss. The supplement has also been equipped with Omega 3 that provides the necessary proteins and nutrients to the hair follicles, which then encourages the production of new hair.

Inflammation of the hair follicles inhibits the birth of new hair, therefore, omega 3 counters inflammation thus obliterating the chances of hair loss.Blood circulation in the scalp enhances the growth of new hair, and that too is a benefit of omega 3, as it promotes blood circulation.

Another important ingredient in the Hum Nutrition is the sunflower seed, which contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), and other vitamins that counter hair thinning and prevent hair loss. For example, the supplement has vitamin E that enhances hair growth and supports a healthy scalp, GLA also has some antioxidant properties that help reduce the oxidative stress from the hair follicles.


  • The supplement encourages faster and thicker hair growth
  • Can be used by the vegetarians
  • The supplement has been equipped with hair strengthening ingredients such as iron
  • Improves hair quality


  • Has side effects such as diarrhea and stomach upset
  • Causes skin breakout


Apart from the side effects Hum nutrition is a great vitamin supplement that will aid in preventing hair loss. The supplement has properties that work on the hair follicles and improves blood circulation on the scalp thus preventing hair loss.

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Phyto Phytophanere Hair and Nails Dietary Supplements

Phytophanere works well to prevent hair loss, and this is achieved through its properties, for example, the supplement is able to nourish hair at the follicles and in the process boosts its strength. The incorporated Omega 3 boosts the strength of the hair strands, makes them thick and adds to its luster.

The fatty acids have been known to reverse the effects of hair loss, and apart from hair, the supplement also enhances the health of the nails. With only 4 stars as the lowest rating, it is safe to say that the supplement can greatly boost hair growth.


  • Works on the hair follicles to encourage growth
  • Makes the hair strong thus reducing breakage
  • The incorporated fatty acids reverse the effects of hair loss
  • Contributes to hair density


  • Comes at a high price


Phyto is an all-round hair supplement designed to work from inside by enhancing the health of the hair follicles.

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Klorane KERATINcaps Dietary Supplements with Biotin, Quinine, B Vitamins for strong and thick hair

Klorane Keratin caps have been equipped with vitamins; keratin and minerals that help enhance the density of your hair, the supplement also strengthens the hair strands making it look full and strong. The use of quinine in Klorane Keratin caps formulation enables it to strengthen and nourish the hair follicles, enhance blood circulation in the scalp, which in the long run leads to increased hair growth.

Quinine also regulates the secretion of sebum, which works to prevent hair loss by conditioning and protecting the natural hair. Sebum, on the other hand, protects hair from harsh environmental factors and keeps it soft thus you will not experience too much breaking. By using Klorane keratin you can also forget about dandruff because quinine inhibits the growth of the fungus that causes dandruff.


  • Works on both hair and nails
  • Equipped with quinine which prevents hair loss
  • The vitamin supplement is fairly priced
  • Klorane Keratin caps are caffeine-free


  • Too much intake of quinine is not recommended


Klorane Keratin caps are very effective in preventing hair loss especially because of the incorporation of quinine in its manufacture. Caffeine is both good and bad when utilized by the hair, too much caffeine will deter the growth cycle and that is why Klorane keratin has excluded it in the manufacture of the supplement.

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Vital Proteins Marine Collagen, Wild-Caught, Non-GMO Project

Marine Collagen is a well-rounded supplement that first works for your body and in the process enhances the health of your hair. It, therefore, offers a balanced diet, works on your body’s joints, and bones. The supplement will enhance your skin, making it look youthful and healthy and encourage the development of stronger nails.

So what does the vital Proteins Marine Collagen supplement contain that can benefit your hair, well, for one is that it has been equipped with Marine collagen, which has caused quite some noise in the beauty industry with its ability to tone the body( muscle maintenance). And for the hair, marine collagen enhances healthy tissue growth.

While other supplements are being coated with sugar and vanilla to make them easy to swallow, marine collagen is actually tasteless and you wouldn’t even know you are taking it if you mix it with warm beverages.

Each packet of the vital proteins marine collagen has been equipped with 9 grams of protein, which are very essential for hair growth since the hair follicles are made of the proteins. Massive hair loss is normally associated with a deficiency in proteins and the reason why many hair supplements have been equipped with the B-vitamins.


  • The supplement can be swallowed easily because they are tasteless
  • Contains proteins, which helps in hair growth
  • Encourages a balanced diet thus helps to maintain weight
  • Vital proteins marine collagen enhances the health of the skin, hair, and nails


  • Has side effects, such as dizziness
  • The supplement does have some smell


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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins – Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Amino Acids, and Vitamin Supplement 

Hairfinity works by boosting the hair’s natural building blocks and by this we mean to say that your hair will be nourished with biotin, which improves the strength and resiliency of the cortex and protects it from external forces. Your hair will also be equipped with iron that enhances its growth through the formation of red blood cells.

The last building block is the amino acids, which is responsible for the proteins and facilitate the formation of keratin. The supplement also contains the exclusive capilsana complex that will provide your hair with sulfur and this one contains MSM for vitality. Silica is also available and is known for boosting your hair.

Hairfinity also has vitamins A and D that will enhance the health of your scalp, remember that by nourishing the scalp and taking good care of it then you can expect more hair follicles to open up thus leading to an increase in hair density. And by nourishing it you will have fuller, lustrous and stronger hair.


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Tips on preventing hair loss

The below-discussed hair loss prevention tips are effective for both men and women. Hair is very delicate and any aggressive external force will definitely lead to its fall out. For example, if you expose your hair to a lot of heat then you risk making it brittle and eventually it will break. In addition, when then ends of your hair become dry, brittle or frayed then you risk developing split ends, which easily pull out the hair when combed.

Water and Diet

The first culprit that contributes to hair loss is a poor diet coupled with minimal water intake. The body’s metabolic processes require a lot of water and so does your hair. Therefore, if you don’t provide enough water, vitamin consumption will not take place and besides a big percentage of your hairs strand are made of water.

Dry hair is a result of lack of water; dermatitis and dandruff are also some of the problems that you will encounter if you don’t stay hydrated. When it comes to diet, most food and animal sources contain the necessary proteins and vitamins needed for hair growth. Foods such as lean meat, soy and fish are rich in proteins and help prevent hair loss.

Scalp massage

You have no idea what a scalp massage can do to your hair, for people who have been experiencing hair loss for some time, could use the essential oils to massage their scalp, as it makes the follicles stay active.

Avoid too much heat

The best styling techniques that will leave you all glammed up involve the use of heat and a lot of it. So failure to use the protective oils after heat styling will make your hair brittle and weak. Therefore, processes such as blow-drying, and the use of the curling tongs and the flat irons should be minimized, because they do cause hair loss.

Avoid hair chemicals

There is absolutely no problem with wanting to look good, but you can do that naturally. Recently hair products have been developed that can make your hair look great naturally without using chemicals. Hair color also encourages hair loss, this is mainly because of their formulation, and permanent hair colors are the worst because they will leave with your hair in droves.


Swimming, Walking, or riding a bike are exercises that help balance the hormonal levels, and in the long run, reduce the stress levels thus inhibit hair loss.

Avoid cigarette smoking and taking alcoholic drinks

Apart from damaging other parts of your body, alcohol, and cigarettes cause hair loss, individuals taking alcoholic drinks will experience reduced hair growth and smoking reduces the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and consequently, you will experience a reduction in hair growth.


There are many vitamin supplements that we have reviewed and which will work to ensure that you get your hair back, however, there are some habits that must stop so that you can reap the full benefits of the hair supplements. Things like smoking, using chemicals and heat, and too much drinking cannot go hand in hand with hair growth supplements

Lastly, remember that the hair supplements do not have to adhere to any set standards and don’t have FDA backing, so before you purchase one check on its reviews to see its effectiveness and buy from the recommended outlet to ensure that you are getting a genuine product.

Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.