Best Black Hair With Highlights Ideas

Black hair with highlights is a great way to add fun and dimension to your plain hair color. Highlights can be subtle or bold, depending on what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a more natural look or something a bit more dramatic, there is plenty of black hair with highlights ideas to choose from.

From balayage to ombre, there are plenty of options to bring out the best features of your black hair. With the proper knowledge and products, you can create a look that will make you stand out.

You can’t go wrong with black hair with highlights, whether you have naturally dark hair or are about to switch to a darker palette.

When a dark color meets a lighter one, they make a nice contrast that looks good together. This difference creates two essential things: color dimension and color enhancement. So why not improve on your new dark color?

1. Ashy Highlights

Ashy Highlights
Black Hair With Highlights

Now is the time to be moved! Let’s start with a color combination that uses silver hair, a trendy look right now. Even though black is the opposite of white, black hair with silver highlights has a better color play and makes dark hair stand out.

2. Dark Chocolate Walnut

Dark Chocolate Walnut
Black Hair With Highlights

This color looks as lovely as it sounds. It also shows that having black hair with brown highlights can look good. Make sure the brown accents are lighter than the base to get that lovely transition.

3. Golden Lights

Golden Lights
Black Hair With Highlights

Believe it or not, this dark primary’s golden color comes from a mix of brown shades. So the color will move naturally if you add caramel highlights to your black hair and finish with dark brown ones.

4. Copper Brownish Lights

Copper Brownish Lights
Black Hair With Highlights

And this is what light highlights look like on dark hair. It’s hard to believe it was dyed because the space between the different colors is so even, and the colors are so well-balanced.

5. Cascara Cold Brew

Cold Brew Hair Color Is Trending For Fall 2018
Black Hair With Highlights

Who could ask for more than a color that looks as fresh and crisp as your favorite cold brew drink? This idea is just brown hair with black highlights, but you can change the order of the colors to get that dark and cool shade.

6. Caramel Dimensions

Caramel Dimensions
Black Hair With Highlights

Unlike other color combinations, this one is about the differences between the colors. For example, black hair looks completely different, with blonde highlights that get warmer as they get closer to the ends.

7. Melted Praline Dimension

Melted Praline Dimension
Black Hair With Highlights

Even though praline is a mix of all the best tastes, you can use it in your hair to show how good your taste is. These beautiful highlights for dark hair are made up of light hazelnut hair, soft caramel vibes, and sugary blonde.

8. Reddish Highlights

Reddish Highlights
Black Hair With Highlights

Red highlights on dark hair can be bright and stand out or soft and blend well. If you like well-balanced ideas, this dark chevelure with a soft red tone that goes all the way down the length is a great choice.

9. Rosy Orange

Black Hair With Highlights

What do you think black hair with pink highlights would look like? Since the emo era ended in 2007, we can show you the best ways to use this color combination. Isn’t it a dream to have a hint of rose that gently hits your ends?

10. Fiery Orange Highlights

Black Hair With Highlights

Here’s a version of black hair with red highlights meant to stand out. These two fiery styles are perfect for girls who want their hair to make a statement.

11. Deep Yellow Highlights

Black Hair With Highlights

Many people might think that yellow highlights on dark hair are too extreme and don’t look natural, but we want you to follow your heart. Want to be the center of attention? Do it, girl!

12. Green Highlights

Black Hair With Highlights

This time, highlights complete the dark color, boosting its depth. Leave some strands lighter to show the color.

13. Rainbow Highlights

Black Hair With Highlights

Black matches all hues, so combine them all! But, first, enhance black hair with blue. Then, match other colors to the first one. Voila!

14. Colorful Highlights

Black Hair With Highlights

That’s pastel rainbow highlights. With pastels, there are no color order limits; muted colors work well together.

15. Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights
Black Hair With Highlights

Black hair with purple highlights has been famous, but now it’s the latest style. Saturated colors accentuate deep colors best.

16. Magenta Lights On Black Hair

Magenta Lights On Black Hair
Black Hair With Highlights

Purple accents in dark hair can look effortless. Magenta, a blend of purple and deep red, will make your dark hair look sun-kissed.

17. Wine Red Highlights

Wine Red Highlights

Can there be too much wine? Burgundy, garnet, or merlot can give you Friday’s hair.

18. Soft Brownish Lights

Soft Brownish Lights

Highlights should be vivid and contrasty, but not necessarily. Black and brown may not go together until you try them. The brownish undertone in this dark hair color makes it look smoother, lively, and organic.

19. Chocolate Highlights

Chocolate Highlights

Black and brown hues work again. This time, the brown is darker to give the black base more character. Black hair, while hot and sexy, lacks dynamics and appears stagnant. A tinge of brown restores balance.

20. Metallic Shine

Metallic Shine

Want to boost your black hair’s natural shine? Metallic brown is crucial. Ask your colorist to apply a small layer of metallic brown as a tint. Black hair with highlights will look different when they meet.

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21. Cold, Reddish-Toned Lights

Cold Reddish Toned Lights

Reddish-toned black hair catches shine and light and turns heads. This color notion is nothing like red ombre or balayage; it shows a new side of the most desirable color. Adding an excellent reddish color to your black hair can accentuate its natural beauty.

22. Caramelized Chocolaty Bliss

Caramelized Chocolaty Bliss

Colors can also enhance your face form. Again, correct color placement is vital. To frame your face, highlight the front of your hair. You can also use hidden highlights. This caramelized chocolate pleasure uses color perfectly.

23. Toasted Sandalwood

Toasted Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a bright, warm tint that may not suit black manes. However, most women highlight their black hair to attain naturalness, harmony, and balance. You can change the temperature of your look by using a toasted, darker version of warm sandalwood.

24. Toasted Toffee

Toasted Toffee

Too wonderful to be true? Hair color gradually departs from your head, giving every wave definition and movement. This photo’s color transition looks like molasses falling over fresh cookies. This is fantastic coloring.

25. Jet Black Hair With Highlights

Jet Black Hair With Highlights

Natural or salon-achieved jet-black hair is striking. Some ladies adore how this deep, stunning color stands out, but others want it to be more harmonious. A touch of brunette adds warmth and dimension to soften and deepen your hair color.

26. Cold-Toned Brown Highlights

Cold Toned Brown Highlights

Warm brown highlights can temper black hair. Cool brown highlights will enhance your primary color and complete your style. The rich foundation and cool accents make a stunning contrast here.

27. Warm Golden Highlights

Warm Golden Highlights

Generations will pass down black and gold. It combines refinement and luxury. Here’s one experiment you can try with these two shades: gold highlights on black mid-shafts. Due to their perfect transition, colors make a perfect duo.

28. Face Framing Platinum Blonde Highights

Face Framing Platinum Blonde Highights

If you want a new look, try black hair with highlights. The application and color intensity make this idea unique. Mixing blonde and black creates a striking contrast. The color is applied mainly in the front, providing the illusion of a thinner face. This model’s color play enhances her beauty.

29. Chestnut Brown Highlights

Chestnut Brown Highlights

Brown highlights provide dimension to one-toned black hair. Highlighting naturally dark tones’ brown colors can invigorate your color. If you want something warmer, use chestnut brown.

30. Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Top 30 Stylish Black & Blue Hair Ideas For Younger Women (2022 Updated) |  Hair dye tips, Blue hair highlights, Blue ombre hair

Blue highlights are delicate but edgy. Blue’s intensity catches the lights and exudes beauty. Like purple, a few blue hairs can keep your hair looking fresh and exciting. Start with highlights below your ears and intermittently lighten the locks. This color combo is understated and rock-chic.

31. Black Hair with Auburn Highlights

30 Ideas of Black Hair with Highlights to Rock in 2023 - Hair Adviser

Highlights add dimension. The shade enhances olive complexions. Start with the red hue near your face at the roots, then add the jewel tones. This red color will make you feel vampy and sexy without any effort. These highlights will get you noticed.

32. Icy Blonde Highlights with Black Hair

26 Black and Blonde Hair Colors for Edgy Women for 2023

Be a cool-toned blonde ice princess. Natural highlight placement, like balayage, makes this color look simple. Start at the roots and work your way down, leaving darker tones at the top and frostier shades from the ear to the ends. Avoid a strong contrast by blending honey blonde with colder tones. This color combination works for every season or texture.

33. Golden Highlights with Black Hair

34 Inspiring Ways to Get Black Hair with Highlights

Golden highlights brighten your look. Golden matches your deep black. This combination of colors gives you a youthful, catwalk-ready glow. Start from the roots for a lived-in, celebrity-inspired look.

34. Black Hair with Subtle Highlights

Subtle balayage on jet black hair by @askforamy | Hair highlights, Black  hair balayage, Hair trends

Keep your dark hair multifaceted with subtle highlights. Remember that less can be more when giving liveliness to dark hair. Ashy tones keep hair fresh and stylish without obscuring natural color. Fine-tuned highlights can start anywhere the sun hits your hair; a shade or two lighter than your natural base color is excellent for low-key highlights.

35. Black Hair with Chestnut Highlights

32 Chestnut Brown Hair Colors You Gotta See Next (Photos)

Add chestnut highlights to dark hair. These nutty colors are great with all hair textures and olive and darker skin tones. The color can start at the crown or your eye line and work down to the hair ends. Then, create a rich tapestry of earthy tones to highlight your features and hair.

36. Short Black Hair with Highlights

34 Inspiring Ways to Get Black Hair with Highlights

Highlights can be shorter hair. A bob or pixie cut with highlights might draw positive attention to you. The tips of your hair can be lighter than the roots, but the length adds dimension. Coordinating a dark color with something lighter makes it edgy, sleek, and sensual.

37. Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Black Hair With Blonde Highlights For 2023 - Pretty Designs | Black hair  with blonde highlights, Short hair color, Short hair styles

Blonde highlights may enliven short hair. The blonde’s light-catching hair color is gorgeous and gentle. With shorter hair, lighter roots let the base color shine through. This style gives you a sun-kissed effect without lightening your hair.

38. Partial Balayage on Dark Hair

21 Amazing Partial Balayage Hairstyle Ideas

Partial balayage preserves your black hair. Soft highlights progressively lighten your hair, but not all of it, adding depth and a delicate frame. You don’t need golden hair to get a stunning balayage. Grey, chestnut, and chocolate brown are low-maintenance colors. Partial balayage is ideal for folks who don’t mind letting their hair grow out between salon visits.

39. Black Hair with Brown Highlights

50 Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas for 2023 - Hair Adviser

Highlights bring depth and richness to black hair. This prevents flat hair on all types, lengths, and styles. In addition, dark brown highlights are less contrasty than blondes, making them easier to wear. Highlights can also lighten your hair and enhance your appearance. This is how you update locks.

40. Natural Highlights with Black Hair

30 Ideas of Black Hair with Highlights to Rock in 2023 - Hair Adviser |  Luces en cabello castaño, Coloración de cabello, Pelo rubio con mechas

Highlights enhance hair subtly and naturally. Choose highlights that are simply a shade or two lighter than your natural hair to enhance depth. Dark hair highlights can be harsh, but this choice creates a natural, sunkissed look. You can add them throughout the hair or just to the ends.


Black Hair With Highlights Ideas is a great way to add dimension and texture to your hair. It can create a bold, unique look or a subtle, natural look. Whether you are looking for an edgy, modern style or a timeless classic, there is a highlight look. With the proper technique, you can create a beautiful look that will last for years.

FAQs About Black Hair With Highlights

Does adding highlights to black hair hurt it?

Remember that black is a hard color to stand out from. Also, when you add highlights to dark colors, the colors lose their brightness, which is another problem. Black hair reflects the light perfectly, but if you get highlights, you’ll lose some of its beautiful shine over time.

Do highlights hurt hair that isn’t dyed?

Bleach is the worst thing you can do to your hair, but semi-permanent dyes and highlights aren’t as harmful. Unfortunately, they can also change how the hair is made on the inside, making it look dull and dry, especially if you often color your hair to hide gray hair.

What colors look good on black hair?

On women with black hair, the red color looks gorgeous, so all of the jewel shades will look good on you:
Blue bottle, green, turquoise, and gold
Look for colors that are rich and bright. Bright pinks, berries, yellow, and pear green will all look good.

Can blonde highlights be added to black-dyed hair?

You cannot apply a color highlight to dyed-dark hair or even naturally black hair. This is because hair dyed dark has dark deposits that stain and make it hard to remove lighter colors.

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