Bleached Hair Looks for Sexy

Bleached hair looks are a popular trend in the world of hair styling right now. They can be both bold and daring, and also subtle and classic. Bleaching your hair gives you the opportunity to create a unique look that is all your own.

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic platinum blonde, or a more subtle and natural look, bleaching your hair can give you the perfect shade. With the right technique and products, you can create a beautiful look that will last for months. Bleaching your hair is a great way to switch up your style and make a statement.

Bleached hair boosts self-confidence. If you have blonde hair, bleaching will be easier. Darker hair may require more work to bleach blonde. We promise it’ll be worth your time and effort. A bold new look might help you get sassy.

Blonde highlights are another lighting choice. Bleaching dries out hair more. However, you may rock bleached blonde hair if you take precautions and care for its health.

Check out our gallery of trendy bleached hairstyles to find your best match.

1. Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Bleached Hair Looks

This beautiful bend of blonde colors with dark undertones is stylish and sensual. Hair gets depth from chunkier highlights. This short bob shows off a spunky style.

2. Pixie Haircut

Bleached Hair Looks

Want a bold, gorgeous look? Can you rock this platinum-blonde pixie? This ultra shortcut is classy and boosts your style and refinement.

3. White Blonde Hair

White Blonde Hair
Bleached Hair Looks

This blonde is stunning. Silvery blondes are trendy. This U-shaped cut is sleek and fashionable for an all-over look. The metallic Hugh shines in the sunshine.

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4. Bob with Bang

Bob with Bang
Bleached Hair Looks

This medium bob with side bangs is polished. However, the shiny blonde color implies you’re not all business.

5. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob
Bleached Hair Looks

This vintage bob is blunt. The bleached blonde gives it a youthful, sassy air.

6. A-line Bob

A-line Bob
Bleached Hair Looks

A-line bobs are popular. This step A-line cut with ice-blonde glitter is elegant and edgy.

7. Beautiful Bleached Hair with Accessories

Beautiful Bleached Hair with Accessories
Bleached Hair Looks

Longer hair looks excellent, curled in platinum blonde. The seductive waves look great with dazzling hair accessories.

8. Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob
Bleached Hair Looks

A sleek, straight bob is chic. Maybe it’s the sheen. This short sleek bob will gleam like a diamond.

9. Modern Short Bowl Cut

Modern Short Bowl Cut
Bleached Hair Looks

This bowl cut is for trendsetters. The futuristic cut is sleek and chic, and the palest blonde tones give it sexiness.

10. Platinum Blonde Curls

Platinum Blonde Curls
Bleached Hair Looks

Long-haired girls are the most beautiful in the world. Long platinum blonde hair is even more beautiful. This idea is brilliant. Combine the most googled curl styling ideas to look elegant and gorgeous.

11. Snow Queen

Snow Queen
Bleached Hair Looks

The Snow Queen is the devil, according to legend. Create a modern narrative showing how perfect a Snow Queen looks. Let your hair down, color it white, and conquer the world! Only your hair’s beauty remains.

12. Long Layered Pixie

Long Layered Pixie
Bleached Hair Looks

This photo makes short hair look beautiful. This delicate white tint is a unique twist on pixies’ appeal. If you’re brave, support this pair.

13. Bleached Hair With Rainbow Ends

Bleached Hair With Rainbow Ends
Bleached Hair Looks

Maintaining bleached hair may seem time-consuming. However, when you consider the many color options after bleaching, it’s worth it. The rainbow ends on platinum blonde hair are proof.

14. Blunt Center Parted Style

Blunt Center Parted Style
Bleached Hair Looks

Perfectly straight, sleek textures show off refined hues best. Create a middle part and remove knots and tangles to show off bleached, snow-like hair.

15. Messy Soft Waves Bob

Messy Soft Waves Bob
Bleached Hair Looks

Bleached hair is one-toned. Therefore, it lacks visual movement. Waves arrive here. A little wave can make your hair look more lively. Heatless waves are preferable since they cause less damage.

16. Long Shaggy Layered Waves

Long Shaggy Layered Waves
Bleached Hair Looks

Another method to liven up a one-toned design. Layers provide countless benefits for women. Long hair layers add volume, texture, and dimension. Want a significant impact? Layers!

17. Side Cornrow Braid

Side Cornrow Braid
Bleached Hair Looks

Noble bleached looks can improve numerous hairstyles, from braids to updos. Those who want to stand out can mimic natural-haired women’s styles. A side cornrow that showcases your light waves is a steal.

18. Messy Twisted Low Bun

Messy Twisted Low Bun
Bleached Hair Looks

Pale hues reflect elegance and exquisiteness. Your hair can complete your wedding day look. Consider bleached hair if you want a noble updo with an excellent accessory.

19. Textured Wavy Bob With Side Styling

Textured Wavy Bob With Side Styling
Bleached Hair Looks

While most women try to remove yellow undertones after bleaching, savvy ones embrace brassiness. Warm up your look by letting your hair shine. Add wavy texture and forget about unnatural bleached hair.

20. High Pony With Long Bangs

High Pony With Long Bangs

Long golden hair is a fantasy. So much leaves us speechless. The rich, regal hue of pale blonde that accents the beautiful complexion makes the look remarkable. Volume + balanced hair and skin tones Create a unique look.

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21. Angled Short Style With Lilac Tint

Angled Short Style With Lilac Tint

Some girls bleach their hair to make it brighter; others want fairy-like blonde tones. Those who desire a happy medium can finish their bleached look with a bright hue. This creates a light, modern tone.

22. Dirty Honey Blonde

30 New Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2023 - Hair Adviser

In addition to the high heels worn by James Charles, Fashion Week has also given us another gift in the form of a blonde Kendall Jenner. She went from having brown hair to having honey-blonde highlights for the Burberry fashion show, and homegirl looks lovely.

23. Blonde Pixie

30 Short Blonde Hairstyles That Change Your Daily Look | Short-Haircut.Com

Blonde pixie cuts are an edgy-girl fave. The light tone allows even the shortest cut to create a significant impression.

24. Blonde Afro

24 Inspiration Photos of Blonde Hair With Lowlights

The severe chemicals that are necessary for bleaching can cause your natural texture to become altered. Be sure to follow up the treatment with moisturizing treatments to maintain the integrity of your curls. (Do not, under any circumstances, add a relaxer.)

25. Whiteish Waves

49 Flirty white wavy hairstyle for long hair and medium-length hair ! -  Fashionsum | Long hair styles, Medium length hair styles, Hair styles

If you want your newly bleached hair to look as grungy and cool as Hayley’s, you need to let your roots grow in, accept your texture, and avoid using toner. It will give the appearance of less gloss to your hair.

26. Blunt Blonde Bangs

50 Short Blonde Hair Ideas for Your New Trendy Look in 2023 | Blonde hair  with bangs, White blonde hair, Ash blonde short hair

This blinding hair is already a trend, but adding bangs takes it to an all-new level of extravagance.

27. Cool Braids 

One Direction Visual Preferences | Cool braid hairstyles, Braids for long  hair, Medium hair styles

Zoe Kravits will have the trendiest hair on any red carpet, but this half-shaved braided hairdo has a good chance of becoming her best look ever.

28. Natural Lowlights

Natural Redhead with Blonde Highlights Hair Dimension Redken 9GI (GOLD  IRIDESCENT) | Hair highlights and lowlights, Hair, Hair looks

Platinum blonde can have a natural appearance. However, it would help if you asked your colorist to work some brown lowlights into your crown to achieve a more natural fade.

29. Steel Gray 

STEEL GRAY @fanola | Grey hair color, Hair color balayage, Silver grey hair

A Steel Gray Blonde doesn’t need to have a very girly vibe. The gray coloring that Billie Eilish sports are a look that works well for any atmosphere.

30. Rainbow Peekaboos

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You may refrain from coloring it anymore after subjecting it to all the chemicals necessary to get that almost-white tint. Instead, clip in some rainbow highlights whenever you feel like adding extra color to your appearance.

31. Heavy Brows

11 Best Light hair, dark eyebrows ideas | dark eyebrows, hair makeup, hair  beauty

The key to successfully pulling off a bleach blonde hairstyle has little to do with the hair itself – instead, the focus should be on the brows. Maintain your eyebrows in their original color, or go one step further and dye them darker to create a stunning contrast.


Overall, bleached hair looks can provide a unique, eye-catching look. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or a subtle tonal shift, bleaching your hair can give you the results you’re looking for. With the right bleaching techniques and products, you can get a beautiful, long-lasting color that’s sure to turn heads. And, with the right care, you can keep your bleached hair looking healthy and shiny for a long time.

FAQs About Sexy Looks for Bleached Hair

What’s wrong with bleaching?

Bleach penetrates the hair, removing color and separating proteins. In addition, it lightens and weakens strands. As a result, dry, frizzy, brittle hair occurs.

Is bleach hair damage permanent?

A professional should consider your hair’s health and condition before bleaching it. It won’t be permanently ruined. Deep conditioning helps hair heal.

Is bleached hair healthy?

Apply hair masks often to maintain bleached hair healthily. First-time bleaching dehydrates hair the most. I use a hair mask once a week keeps blonde hair healthy and appealing.

Can bleached hair be re-bleached?

Overprocessed hair is unhealthy. It hurts. Darker hair may require numerous bleachings. Wait two weeks between bleaching sessions to avoid hair damage.

When will bleached hair be normal?

If you had 25 cm of hair before bleaching, it would take two years to grow back, assuming 1 cm every month. If your hair were 50 cm long before bleaching, it would take under three years to return if it grows 1.5-2 centimeters per month.

Does bleaching cause hair loss?

Absolutely. After bleaching, you’ll lose more hair. Watch whether the full hair falls out or just a section. Bleach burn needs immediate treatment.

When should you use household bleach?

Never bleach your hair at home because you risk damaging it and getting an uneven color. If you can’t see your hairstylist, consult them. They should tell you to analyze your hair’s state to see if bleaching may harm it. If doubtful, see a professional.

Orange bleached hair repair?

Bleaching might result in yellow or orange-toned hair. Use a matching toner. Purple shampoo neutralizes yellowing. Blue toner neutralizes orange undertones.

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