Best Blue Hair Color Ideas

Blue is a hot fashion hue. Blue hair Color enables you to be creative with its many colors. This hair color fades well and lasts long. Blue hair may be attractive to color and style. Blue is an excellent hair color if you want a huge difference.

1. Cool Blue

Blue Hair Color

I am combining this blue with silver and black results in a gorgeous hue.

2. Blue Pixie

Blue Hair Color

Pixies are an excellent way to introduce some vibrant new hues.

3. Ocean Blue

3 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

Choose a hue with dark blue tones and darker roots.

4. Split

1 4 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

Mix your blue with another hue for some added excitement.

5. Purple 

Blue Hair Color

The color purple is an excellent complement to the color blue.

6. Tips

Blue Hair Color

Helpful Hints You do not have to fully commit to having blue hair.

7. Peacock

1 7 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

A fresh look that might be fantastic for you is a shaggy peacock hue.

8. Bangs

1 8 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

Combine your bangs with an eye-catching shade.

9. Pop of Color

1 9 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

You should add a touch of a contrasting hue.

10. Long Pixie

1 10 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

Make sure that your pixie is long and blue.

11. Cotton Candy

1 11 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

A fun color would be bright and lively.

12. Bob

1 12 blue hair color ideas 170621
Blue Hair Color

The color blue will work wonders for your bob’s appearance.

13. Blue Melt

Blue Hair Color

I am combining two distinct shades of blue results in a stunning melt.

14. Sleek Blue

Blue Hair Color

Choose an elegant form and a refreshing shade.

15. Blue Highlight

Blue Hair Color

Highlights of dark blue should be applied to your hair.

16. Curled Blue


The way you style your hair looks lovely with your blue hair.

17. Lighter Blue

17 blue hair color ideas 170621

Taking things with less seriousness could be entertaining.

18. Aquamarine

18 blue hair color ideas 170621

You may put your twist on the color blue.

19. Root Mixture


You can get your roots colored one way and your hair colored another.

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20. Sapphire

20 blue hair color ideas 170621

This shade of dark blue is just stunning.

21. ’90s Neon

25 Green Hair Color Ideas to Rock in 2023 – The Right Hairstyles

We couldn’t have a piece about famous people with blue hair without including this big vintage photo of Gwen Stefani’s neon blue hair at the 1998 Video Music Awards (VMAs), complete with the matching blue fuzzy bra.

22. Platinum Teal

50 Teal Hair Color Inspiration for an Instant WOW!

We are entirely on board with Kylie’s ice blue-green look, which is finished off by a hint of her natural hair color at the base of her hair.

23. Soft Pastel Streaks

40 Unbelievably Cool Pink Hair Color Ideas for 2023 - Hair Adviser

At this year’s Coachella music festival, the twin DJ and influencer duo, Simi Khadra was spotted with pastel blue highlights in her hair. I am still determining what else would qualify as serious festival hair ambitions, but this one does.

24. Muted Turquoise

20 Hair Styles Starring Turquoise Hair

I Dream of Jeannie is channeled via the ombré high pony worn by Rita Ora.

25. Neon Azure

bushy hair | eBay | Coloración de cabello, Ideas de cabello teñido, Pelo  teñido de colores

Katy Perry has had a wide variety of hairstyles throughout her career (for a complete rundown of her tresses, click here), but this deep emerald bob has got to be one of her most stunning looks.

26. Blue-Black

20 Amazing Blue Black Hair Color Looks

The sapphire style that Nicole Richie debuted in 2014 is an understated twist on the trend of blue hair.

27. Petrol Blue

Petrol blue. | Metallic hair, Teal hair, Kylie hair

A flashback to the time when Demi Lovato sported a color between black and blueish-black is presented here as a variant of the waist-grazing chocolate strands that she has been sporting as of late.

28. Shimmering Turquoise

44 Teal Hair Color Looks You'll Want to Pin Immediately

Kehlani killed it at Coachella in 2017 with these huge textured turquoise beach curls styled by celebrity hairstylist Kahh Spence.

29. Long, Pale Blue

Baby blue Ice white Hair | Light blue hair, Dyed hair blue, Blue hair

Back in August, Kesha was spotted with hair that was so ice blue that the color alone could send shivers down your spine.

30. Bright Cobalt


Rihanna’s blue hairstyle, a spin on a top knot and is colored cobalt, provides a lot of inspiration for others with blue hair.

31. Seafoam Dream

Seafoam green hair | Colored hair tips, Hair styles, Aqua hair color

The textured seafoam waves that Hilary Duff wears make us feel like mermaids in the best possible way.

32. Shadow Root

A Full Guide on the Super-Popular Shadow Root Hair Technique - Hadviser

Your blue will be able to shine through much more clearly with a darker base.

33. Blue Swirl 


Create a blue spiral throughout the whole of your hair.

34. Rounded Bob

50 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with Slimming Effect - Hair Adviser

Add some blue for some added merriment to your rounded bob cut.

35. Steel Blue


Choose a darker hue if you want to avoid drawing as much attention to yourself.

36. Blue and Grey

Pin su Hair Color

This stunning color combination will make you look like the water in the ocean.

37. Fauxhawk

10 Different Types of Mohawk Hairstyles for Women In 2023

Let your fauxhawk stand out a little more.

38. Icy

The Best Icy Blue Hair Color Ideas – HairstyleCamp

Your blue might have an icy quality to it.

39. Butterflies


It’s a good idea to have a variety of hues to choose from.

40. Blue Melt

Vibrant Blue Color Melt -

Allow the color to diffuse through your hair.

41. Short and Sweet

100+ Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2023

A shorter bob and an ocean blue color both look great together.

42. Cobalt


Make a statement with hair the color cobalt.

43. Sour Patch

40 Blue Hair Color Ideas: Highlights, Ombre & Balayages

A magnificent appearance may be achieved with the use of cooler hues.

44. Angled Cut

20 Magnetizing Hairstyles with Dark Blue Hair Color

Your cut doesn’t need to be the only dramatic thing.

45. Pastel

16 Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

Pastel blue is both fashionable and enjoyable.

FAQs About Blue Hair Color Ideas

What kind of skin goes with blue hair?

And there’s good news: having blue hair is fun and bold and looks great on people of all skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, try blue with green or purple undertones to balance your yellow or gold undertones. Or, if you have a more excellent complexion, pure blues are guaranteed to match you best.

Can I put blue dye on my hair without first bleaching it?

Blue hair is a fun and bold way to change your look. If you have dark hair and don’t want to use bleach, you can use a blue dye made for dark hair instead. To change your hair at home, you need to put the dye on it, wait for it to soak in, and then wash it out.

What color does blue-dyed hair turn when it fades?

Blue hair will turn green over time. It’s hard to stay away from but easy to fix. The green will go away with just a simple purple shampoo. So, when your blue hair turns green, wash it with purple shampoo.

What does a person’s blue hair tell you about them?

People think people with blue hair are calm because blue has always been associated with peace. This doesn’t mean you’re incredibly lazy—quite the opposite. If you are calm, you are more likely to have confidence in yourself.

What color hair makes you look the youngest?

Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry make us look and feel younger because they have a healthy brightness. (Using lighter colors to frame your face also draws attention away from any flaws in your skin tone.)

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