Blue Highlights For Every Exquisite Taste

Blue highlights are a type of hair color that is achieved by bleaching and dyeing certain strands of the hair. They are usually lighter than the natural hair color and can range in shades from light baby blue to a deep navy. Blue highlights can be used to create a bold, daring look or a subtle, playful one. They are a great way to add a touch of color to an otherwise bland style.

Color-changing hair isn’t new. Since ancient times, women everywhere have attempted to seem trendy and beautiful. However, highlights are a little different in color. Blue highlights are more popular than blonde and dark ones. Want to embrace trends? You’ve arrived!

How to Get Blue Highlights on Hair?

The Internet is plenty of blue-hair ideas. But, before investing time and effort, there are a few things to consider. First, decide on a hue. Then, choose a contrasting or bending tone. After that, contact a specialist who can help you realize your ambition.

A competent hairdresser can accomplish the desired result in one session. First, you must bleach the hair, or the blue won’t stick. The treatment may take longer depending on how light and brilliant you want to go and your natural hair color. The artist will also equally distribute the highlights so you can see them from both sides.

1. Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Black hair with highlights is attractive. Black hair with blue highlights is stunning. It’s vivid and profound. Longer hair is more stunning.

2. Blue and Purple Highlights on Long Black Hair

Blue and Purple Highlights on Long Black Hair

When dark blue highlights aren’t enough for raven-black hair, throw in the big guns. Combining purple with black and blue will make you memorable.

3. Bright Blue Hair with Light Aqua Highlights

Bright Blue Hair with Light Aqua Highlights

Blue hair is versatile. Almost infinite hues are available. When blue isn’t enough, consider aqua accents. Blue on blue is hypnotizing.

4. Blonde Hair with Blue-Pink Highlights

Blonde Hair with Blue-Pink Highlights

Unicorn hair has long terrified the beauty industry. If you need more time to be ready to embrace the trend, try blonde hair with blue highlights and pink. Impressive combo.

5. Purple Hair with Dusty Blue Highlights

Purple Hair with Dusty Blue Highlights

Indeed, blue and purple highlights are only for some. However, subtle blue highlights on pastel purple are no worse than any other vivid color combination. The image’s softness and tenderness are enchanting.

6. Short Black Bob Cut with Blue Teal Highlights

Short Black Bob Cut with Blue Teal Highlights

Blue-black hair is frequently thought to be medium or long. Teal on a black bob will surprise you. Saying the result is impressive is like staying quiet.

7. Silver Hair with Blue Hair

Silver Hair with Blue Hair

Some colors match perfectly. Sometimes natural, sometimes not. Silver and blue balance correspond to the later type, although it doesn’t diminish its effect. Play with tints to create a stunning effect.

8. Silver Locks with Blue Roots and Highlights

Silver Locks with Blue Roots and Highlights

Sometimes highlights aren’t enough, and a standard ombre needs to be more unique—reverse variant rocks. The color dissolving from deep blue to bright silver is stunning.

9. Silver Blue Balayage Highlights

Silver Blue Balayage Highlights

Blue-hued silver hair is unpopular. However, the combination of two bold colors is beautiful. A little color will make you look as beautiful as you feel.

10. Grey Silver Style with Deep Sky Blue Hair Highlights

Grey Silver Style with Deep Sky Blue Hair Highlights

Growing out your hair may be fashionable and cute if done well. Lengthen the roots. Deep sky blue and grey silver combine well. Where subtle meets dazzling, everyone is amazed.

11. Black Hair with Blue Face-Framing Highlights

Black Hair with Blue Face-Framing Highlights

Beautiful highlights on the black base. How about face-framing highlights? Leave the rest bright, but highlight your face with light cobalt blue.

12. Dusty Blue and Violet Highlights

Dusty Blue and Violet Highlights

Pastels have been fashionable for a few seasons and are expected to continue. This season contains various novelties. The lavender canvas with pale blue hues is stunning.

13. Azure and Turquoise Highlights on Long Hair


Feel the ocean’s call? Accentuate the pull with azure blue hair highlights to get the marine texture. Keep out of the sun to maintain color.

14. Purple Hair with Bright Blue and Pink Highlights

Purple Hair with Bright Blue and Pink Highlights

No more galaxy hair! You may create cosmos using hair dye and a skillful stylist. This illustration will guide you.

Also, Watch the Video Here: Amazing Blue Hair Dye

15. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

blue highlighted bob

Round faces look excellent with asymmetrical bobs. Neon blue accents will beautify the face.

This hue looks fantastic on your face. Straight or slightly curled hair looks great.

16. Light Brown Wavy Hair

blue highlights on light brown hair

Light and dark colors are only sometimes needed. Two lighter colors pair well. Pastel blue highlights complement light brown hair, for example.

Style your hair with curls—no need for hairpins or clips when dyeing hair.

17. BlueBerry Wavy Hair

blue highlights on black hair

This color may mix with your natural hair color. For example, light berry color on light black hair works well.

Frizzy, wavy hair is helpful. However, keep your hair loose to show off your new color.

18. Purple Amethyst Shade

dark hair with blue highlights

If you’re bored with your long hair, dye it. Purple amethyst hair color is unusual. This hue looks excellent in a half-updo with sassy clips. Leave your hair’s texture alone.

19. Pixie Cut for Older Women

blue highlights for older women

Always young for highlights! Just a front part in this hue will do. In a fairy, older ladies may rock this color. You’ll look lovely in those shades.

20. Half Knot Hairdo

blonde hair with blue highlights

Loose waves look great with sky-blue highlights. Half-knot hairstyles highlight streaks. This hairstyle requires medium to long hair. This is a great casual haircut.

21. Long Box Braids

box braids with blue highlights

Box braids are cute, but have you tried coloring them? If not, do so. For example, beautiful blue braids amid black braids would look great. College students should add this haircut to their bucket lists.

22. Curly Ombre Bob

blue highlights for curly hair

Curls seem even more attractive when colored. So dye your brown hair blue, dude. Your natural hair will look gorgeous with sapphire streaks.

23. Wavy Pixie for Thick Hair

blue highlights on brown hair

Wavy brown hair with blue highlights like ocean waves. Brown hair enhances the illusion. If you have wavy hair, get a pixie.

24. Color Fusion

blue and purple highlights

Your long hair will look amazing in blue and purple. This fusion looks excellent with wavy hair. Don’t strive for a particular layer; mix these colors in any way you wish.

25. Blue & Teal Hair

medium hair with blue highlights

Highlight dark blue hair? Your teal-colored hair will look great with dark blue streaks. This combo will be fantastic when tried.

26. Side-swept thin hair

white hair with blue highlights

Thin, white hair develops with age. Blue highlights may fill up thin hair and compliment white hair. Bright blue hair may hide a weak hairline.

27. Ocean Color Streaks

blue highlights for long hair

Love the oceans? Get ocean hair. Face framing highlights are best for long or broad faces. Having long hair will help. The more color is seen, the prettier it is.

28. Afro Hair

black woman with blue highlights

Black Women Often Have Beautiful Afro Hair Sometimes it’s hard to style long hair.

The curls will look fabulous in lapis blue. Coloring your hair in layers looks excellent. You will appear like a fashionable geek who can wear any hairdo.

29. Half-Braided Hair

braided hair with blue highlights

Most of your hair should be azure to seem sparkling—half-braid long hair. Wrap your braids in a scrunchie—a bare but stunning style for kids.

30. Multicolor Highlights

short hair with blue highlights

Now older women may enhance their white hair with blue. Layers of teal and light purple look wonderful. This color combination will mask wrinkles. This hairstyle will make you the room’s star.

31. Green Curly Shag

green hair with blue highlights

What color compliments cerulean best? Green! These hues look great together. Curls enhance this haircut. Beautiful bangs have curls.

32. Long Face Framing Streaks

dark blue highlights

Face-framing short hair is well-known. Instead, try lengthy, colorful face-framing streaks. Even if it’s fake, they’ll make your face seem lengthy. Thin, light hair looks best in azure.

Blue highlights are this year’s hair trend. But, after this makeover, people will only recognize you if we listed unique colors.

33. Blue Money Piece On Black Hair

Blue Money Piece On Black Hair 1

The money-piece haircut has been popular for two years. It makes hair seem luscious. However, front highlights will retain volume when curled. Blue accents will appear even more likable, and you’ll get compliments when outside.

34. Blue Lowlights Under Black Hair

Blue Lowlights Under Black Hair 2

Blue lowlights are beautiful, but you must design your hairdo carefully. For example, your stylist will propose bleaching your bottom hair for more vital highlights. On the other hand, if you choose vibrant colors and dark textures, your hairdo won’t show.

35. Short Blue Highlights On Black Hair


Who says short hair can’t have blue highlights? Adding blue ends to shorter hair may appear like a slight ombre or balayage, but the highlights will be beautiful. They enhance gloss and a natural transition to developing hair.

As your hair grows and gets trimmed, you’ll likely need to retouch the highlights as they get shorter.

36. Blue Bangs On Black Hair


Blue bangs seldom stand out. You’re dying part of your hair blue. Therefore you must also bleach it. Add blue bangs to your blue highlights. You may also use your bangs as a chunky highlight to highlight your dark hair outside, at a club, or a party.

Blue bangs with blue, white, or purple attire can boost your confidence.

37. Half Blue Half Black Hair


This project should be carefully considered, like blue bangs on black hair. When pairing this haircut with blue, brighter or pastel colors are best. You’ll need to bleach your hair many times to get this look.

Darker blue textures, especially navy, will make little difference, and many stylists feel they don’t go together. Your tastes determine what you wear on your head. We wanted to make sure you’re hip.

38. Indigo Blue Highlights

Indigo Blue Highlights 1

Blue highlights give structure and volume to black hair. Many people find black uninteresting and quickly tire of it. Going from dark to light requires bleaching your complete head of hair.

Add indigo-blue highlights to your black hair for a slight gradient transition and delicious texture. This tiny step may make you appreciate your haircut.

39. Icy Blue Highlights

Icy Blue Highlights 3

Freezing blue highlights might be time-consuming, but the effect will be as noticeable and breathtaking as icy cold air. This haircut looks great with black hair. It’s like an icy-white-to-dark-blue-to-black gradient.

Choose a stylist who can master this look. Unfortunately, you may damage your hair and repeat the process numerous times.

40. Blue Ombre On Black Hair

Blue Ombre On Black Hair 1

Suppose you want blue hair. Attempt blue ombre or balayage on black hair. If you’re unsure whether to go for a brighter or darker tone, choose a brighter tone than indigo hair so the transition is noticeable and your ends are brighter than the top.

FAQs About Blue Highlights

What color do blue highlights turn when they get dull?

Blue hair will turn green over time. It’s hard to stay away from but easy to fix. The green will go away with just a simple purple shampoo. So, when your blue hair turns green, wash it with purple shampoo.

Do you have to bleach your hair to get blue streaks?

Since midnight blue is such a dark color, most base colors won’t need bleached to get the look.

Can blue be a highlight color?

Remember that the process would be the same as putting red highlights in your hair: the hair would need to be lightened first, then toned or recolored with a bright blue color. This choice would also need more care than a classic color like caramel or brown.

How long will the blue highlights stay?

Jesse says that you’ll need to touch up a color every two months to keep it looking good. He suggests a toner and a safe shampoo for colored hair to make this less important. Kiyah says that you can also use a conditioner that adds color.

Is it hard to keep up with blue highlights?

Blue is one of the easiest colors I’ve ever had to take care of. Even if you get it colored in a salon, it will rub off on everything when it gets wet the first time. Almost everything. But that’s normal. Make sure your hair is dry before you go to bed, and your sheets will be fine.

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