Caboki against Toppik, Which Hair Building Fiber Wins

Temporary solutions to permanent problems are all you have, sometimes. In the hair loss battle, you also have the Caboki vs. Toppik raging battle. Shopping for a hair building fiber that suits your needs is a vital first step. This is your ultimate guide to making an informed choice between the two products.

As a woman, my crown of beautiful, thick hair has always been my pride. Until the day, in shock and horror, I realized it was thinning. I was helplessly losing my crown. I kept trying all these fancy hair creams, shampoos, hair pomade. The only thing I was losing was money and more hair. I decided not to fight my age and let nature take its course. I mean hair is just one of the things she chose to take. I accepted graciously, and then I discovered hair building fibers. They gave me back my fast dwindling self-esteem. Stepping out has become easier without worrying about everyone staring at my scalp through my hair. I may be losing my hair but am sure not losing any more sleep over it.

Using a hair building fibre doesn’t change the fact that you are losing hair. It just makes it easier to bear. It does not slow down the process either. So while you have the time, get a hair building fiber that gives you value for your money, stay on long enough and looks as natural as your hair. You don’t need to walk around looking like a clown in a funny hat. If you have considered the Caboki and Topikk hair building fibers, then you will find this useful.

Safety in Use

Caboki hair building fibers are safe to use. Unless you have known allergies, then you should have no worries. Applying a thin coating directly to the thinning hair is the idea. Be careful with having the fibers getting into contact with your facial hair, or even your eyes.

Toppik hair building fiber follows the same procedure in the application. However, I realized that I have to put in a slightly higher quantity to achieve the same look. At first, I had a slight reaction from using it. My husband looked it up and realized the mild reaction was from clogged follicles. A little massage after application helped keep it away. I am glad to have a supportive partner in this hair loss journey.

Colors available.

I have never been one to experiment with colors, even in my youth. One thing my hair loss has taught me is to get a little experimental with hair colors. Caboki hair fibers come in fourteen shades. My hair is a deep brown, but I have been playing about with different fiber colors, even giving my hair a grey sprinkle once in a while.

Toppik hair building keratin fiber comes in only nine colors. Still, a variety to choose from. Even if losing your hair dulls your spirit, the colors might brighten you up a bit. Stepping out in a head full of hair is your primary goal; matching or complementary color comes a close second. If you cannot find your particular hair shade to match, do not be afraid to mix them up a little to get your perfect shade.

Natural adhesion.

Most people do not understand how these hair fibers work for your hair. Neither did I until my hair started falling off furiously. Toppik hair building fiber is made from natural and colored keratin fibers. Caboki fibers are made from plant fibers. These magnetized fibers, when sprayed on to the hair, cling onto the strands adding thickness to the hair follicles. The hair gains volume and looks much fuller. The best part is, no one can see inside to your shiny bald scalp.

Caboki hair fiber gives you a natural look and is difficult for the naked eye to detect. Ideally, that is what you want. Slightly embarrassing that you are losing hair, more embarrassing when people realize you are hiding it. With Toppik, if someone is to look into your scalp keenly, they can easily see the fibers. If you are not anticipating close interaction, then Toppik is your answer.

Sure I want a natural look even with my hair building fiber. However, I will not let anyone put me down for going slightly off course and having my hair fibers show just a little bit.

All weather resistance.

Caboki hair fibers have a firm hold, and unless you wash it out, you do not have to worry about sweat or wind blowing it out. In the rain, it will hold for a while before washing out. Will give you and your date some time to dash into the restaurant before time is up. They do not come off your pillow and cause a mess. No one wants to wake up to that.

Toppik has a less of a stronger hold and will run in in water faster. If you work out intensely, there is a chance of them running. Do your work out first and then apply your daily dose of the Toppik hair fiber. You may want to wash your hair out before bedtime as I realized that at times, they do leave a bit of a mess on my pillow.

I am not a stickler for some things, and I honestly don’t mind cleaning up a little mess of little fibers that make me look good when I step out.

Are there side effects to using either of these hair fibers? Besides giving you a fuller head of hair with a little confidence on the side, there are none. If proper use is adhered to, there will be nothing to worry about. As advised earlier, excessive application of Toppik could cause follicle clogging that comes with a little breakout.

Hair loss no longer needs to be a devastating affair with these products. Use the Caboki volume control mist to hold in your styled hair after using the fiber firmly. Use other Toppik products like the gel or pomade sparingly as they alter the hold of the fibers on your hair, slightly. The truth is, use of hair building fiber is quite a liberating when you are going through hair loss. If it is happening to you, spend less time worrying and more time finding your perfect color match of fibers.

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