Caboki Reviews- The ultimate solution to hair loss problems

Hair loss doesn’t need to feel like a death sentence. Acceptance is made easier by an affordable solution that is within reach. No one needs to know or see that you are losing hair, except yourself. Caboki reviews will guide you on the best way to manage and accept your hair loss.

My hair loss journey started in my middle age. By the time I was turning forty, counting the strands of hair on my crown was beginning to look like a pass time I could comfortably take on. Being a woman, I already had too many insecurities going on. In my teen years, I watched my grandmother’s beautiful hair thin out and then go away completely. Leaving her with just a few strands of hair and full out Alopecia. When it started on my mother, I was even more horrified because I knew I was next, no doubt. Adding hair loss to the growing list was overwhelming for me. To say that it was a difficult thing to accept is an understatement. Looking in the mirror was becoming depressing. Having old people’s problems forty is not entirely a fun twist to a life story. Some would say forty is old, but I beg to disagree.

Hair loss is a global problem, a major one at that. The hair loss industry is averaging a crazy 3.5 Billion Dollars a year. You are not alone on this one. Anyway, I realized that I either had to suck it up and find a solution or sit around sulking and watch my beautiful crown of auburn hair thin away. I chose to invest in finding a suitable solution. It is at this point that I stumbled on Caboki hair fiber. First, I had to find out why my hair was thinning and whether there was any way of growing it back. There are several causes of hair loss, which include:

  • Hormonal Imbalance.

For women, a lot of our problems begin and end with our hormones. Hormonal changes will cause your hair to fall off completely (Alopecia), thin out in some places (mostly the crown) or shed like dog’s fur. Hormonal imbalances may be brought on by illness, pregnancy, breastfeeding, thyroid gland malfunction or menopause. If you are lucky, your hair loss will be temporary. It may naturally grow back once you have managed to contain the hormones back to normal levels. If you are unlucky, like me, you might wait a lifetime or two for it to grow back.

  • Hereditary

Hair loss is mostly inherited, annoyingly. I would prefer my parents just passed down their wealth and intelligence to me. It’s only the hair loss gene that was passed down, unfortunately. In men, it manifests typically in a bald patch at the top of the head or a receding hairline. With the women, it’s mostly thinning hair at the crown.

There is a myth that hair loss is passed down from the mother’s side. Not entirely true. Hair genetics are passed down from either side of the family. Hair growth patterns too, if on either side you have, premature balding, premature greying, thick volume hair, fine hair, coarse hair, then you could pick up any. You could pass them on to your children too even when you do not have them.

  • Stressful occurrences.

Hair loss from stressful events is temporary. When I lost my favorite uncle, my auntie, his wife, was affected. It took her a long time to come to terms with her loss. She lost a lot of her beautiful thick hair, sadly. Fortunately, after a couple of months, it grew right back.

  • Poor Nutrition.

A poor diet will cause you many problems. Some of them bad, but, if you are lucky, hair loss is one of them. It is an easier one to handle. Ensure you nourish your body with a balanced diet. Drink a lot of water,(at least eight glasses a day). If possible, supplement your diet with calcium.

Knowing that your hair loss is either temporary or permanent should be the first thing that you do. Like in cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the hair will grow back. You only need temporary solutions like wigs. Caboki hair fiber, used alongside other Caboki hair products is a solution you can use both for the long and the short term. The product will not grow your hair back or interfere with the growth pattern but will sure give you a head full of hair at a pretty affordable rate. Not to mention the ease and convenience that comes with it.

Caboki Ingredients.

Hair loss concealing fibers is an interesting product. A lot of people do not know how it works and is skeptical about trying them out. When I first mentioned Caboki hair fiber to my husband, he dismissed it as a scam product. However, I am not one to be discouraged so easily. I went ahead to buy the hair loss concealing fiber, and Caboki hairspray. Sometimes, it is best to do your reviews. What better way than through your personal experience.

How exactly does Caboki Hair Building Fiber Work? Apply directly to the thinning parts of your hair. The fibers attach themselves on to the existing strands of hair, giving an impression of a full head of hair. It is more of an aesthetic and cosmetic enhancer.

I believe in doing a thorough study of any products you would like to use before purchase. I went through hair loss forums in search of Caboki side effects and reviews. I studied the ingredients well enough before use. It will help you manage your expectations before use. Why is it important to know the ingredients in the products you are using?

  • You may be allergic to one or more ingredients.
  • If you develop an allergy to the product, it would be easier to figure out what could be affecting you.
  • Know what value you are adding to yourself from the ingredients functions.

Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum.

It is the main ingredient in Caboki hair building fiber. Also known as Levant, it is a type of cotton. Also used in making fabrics and various items of clothing. It grows mostly in some areas of Arabia and Africa too. It is a comfortable and breathable material to us on clothes.

The one property that makes it highly suitable for making hair fiber is its natural ability to charge electrostatically. When it comes into contact with human hair, which has a mild negative charge, it clings on like a magnet because it has a positive charge. These fibers, which are dyed to suit different colors, then give you the illusion of thicker fuller hair. I was never big on sciences and physics; therefore this information took me a while to understand and digest. Take as much time as you need to understand it too.

Some hair fiber products in the market are not made from cotton. If you do not mind waking up to a pillow full of fiber, then these are definitely for you. If you do not mind your newly acquired hair falling into your ice cream on a first date, then, by all means, buy these. Cotton is the best suited for hair fiber production.

I have sensitive skin and scalp. I rarely get to try out new products on my hair or even skin. When I do, it is with a lot of precaution. Caboki hair fiber ingredients are all natural. No artificial and animal additives or preservatives to alter its natural form. Animal fiber is likely to trigger reactions and allergies especially if you have sensitive skin. To be on the safe side, go with a product that is hypoallergenic, minimal or zero chemicals and synthetic fiber.

Mineral Based Colorants.

Natural Iron Oxide, which is a mix of oxygen and iron, is what gives the hair fiber different colors. Having a product like this in one color would be ridiculous. It is a natural dyeing agent that will not react with your scalp or even skin.

Be very careful in using fiber that has added cheap and artificial dyes. It could bring on allergy attacks if you are extra sensitive. You will also want to go with a product whose hair dye looks natural and blends right in with your natural hair. A friend once visited me with her previously thinning hair looking thick and full on her head. But soon as she was two feet away, all I could see was the red color on her scalp. That is repulsive.

Artificial dyes can be harmful when absorbed into your bloodstream via the skin. It could lead to serious side effects and harsh reactions to your scalp. Blocked pores on your scalp and worse irritations are some of the effects of using harsh chemical dyes.

What are the pros of using Caboki hair loss products?

  • The natural look has got to be the one that wins them all. The cotton fiber attaches perfectly to your hair strands and finely blends in. Find your hair color match and settle into your thicker hair instantly. You do not get the paint- like look on your scalp. Some fibers look like a bad paint job or a shoe polish application.
  • Variety in color matching. Caboki hair loss fiber comes in 14 colors. They have a color chart that you use to match your shade. If you cannot find your exact hair shade, mix in two colors. Give your hair different color roots if you would like to. If your hair is already graying, that is not a problem. The product comes in grey color too.
  • It is easy to use and a fast acting solution at that. On application, you will not need to wait a couple of hours of days to see results. Your hair instantly looks fuller and thicker. Say goodbye to those annoying bald spots in an instant. No more shiny scalp showing through your hair.
  • Caboki Hair building fiber will not alter your styled hair. Style your hair before application, and it will remain the same for as long as you need it.
  • It is all weather resistant. It will not run in the rain or get blown away by the wind. Who needs such kind of esteem crushing incidents? Thinning hair is all I can handle. It can withstand perspiration too, for those active folks that like to work out mainly.
  • Caboki Hair Loss concealer is extremely cost-effective. 30 grams of hair fiber will last close to ninety days. It is also friendly on your wallet and will not have you sweat every time the cashier punches out your bill.


  • This product can only be used on thinning hair. If you are completely bald, this product will not work for you. If your hair continues to thin, you may want to find a more long-term solution.
  • The application can be a messy affair before you finally get it right.

Complimentary products.

Caboki Volume Control Mist is a useful product to use alongside the Caboki hair loss fiber. Once you apply the powders to your hair, spray on the volume mist to maximize the hold on your styling. It helps in keeping the fibers well in place. It is created to give you added value and benefit in your usage with the hair loss concealer. I use it more often after I realized how well the hair stays styled down. I used to keep checking in the mirror every chance I got to be sure my fibers were not flying around and giving me an awkward look.

DermMatch-Waterproof-Concealer-Naturally-Concealers is a competitive product to Caboki hair loss concealer. The application process with this product is a bit different from Caboki. It has an applicator used to brush on the fibers to the thinned out hair. It works just as well as Caboki but with a less firm hold with the fibers. To reinforce the hold, you may use the Toppik FiberHold Spray to get a better bond on the hair fiber once applied. Spray it on immediately after application. If you like to keep your hair well styled, this should be of great assistance to you.

Prevention is mostly way better than cure, right? Propidren by Hair Genics is a hair growth supplement that prevents hair loss and thinning. Once you notice your hair start to fall off or thin, start on these promptly. Pop two pills each day for best results. I had never thought about hair loss when I was younger, despite seeing how rampant it was in my family. Genetics play a significant role in hair loss. If your dad and uncles have all got little airstrips on the top of their heads and you are scared of having one too, start on your supplementation as early as you can. Dr Formulas Hair Omega is another supplement in preventing Hair Loss that you can try out.

Taking good care of hair at wash times is a very part of hair care routine. Use a shampoo that is suited for damaged or brittle hair. Some shampoos are harsh and will do more damage than repairs to your hair. Ensure the shampoo you use is sulfate free and ingredients contained are actively going to strengthen your hair. Botanic Health Hair Loss Shampoo containing Biotin, Rosemary oil and natural growth promoting ingredients.

After shampooing your hair, use a natural growth stimulating oil. Castor oil is good for thinning hair and works well in preventing. Organics Castor Oil by Sky Organics is an excellent product to start. Apply generously to the thinning areas. Castor oil tends to have a bit of a strong scent which may not be necessarily pleasant. Use it at night if you are averse to strong smells, or use a better smelling pomade to use it alongside the castor oil. Jojoba oil good for stimulating hair growth, as well as strengthening your hair. You may mix it in with the castor oil and Moroccan Argan oil or Rosehip Oil.

A good conditioner and treatment are vital for your hair when you are experiencing hair loss. Washing your hair should compose of a regime where conditioning and treating your hair should feature at all costs. Keeping your hair healthy and nourished at all times is vital. Bumble and Bumble Leave in is a good leave-in conditioner you can use. If you prefer a rinse out, it also perfectly fine. Pureology is an excellent treatment to start out with in case you are confused about where to start.

How Long Does Caboki Work For and How Long Does It Last After Use?

The first thing you should know before you embark on use of Caboki is that;

  • It is not a hair growth product.
  • It does not grow your thinning hair.
  • It does not strengthen your already thinning hair.
  • Matter of fact, Caboki will not affect in any way your hair growth pattern in any way.

Using Caboki hairspray will help in concealing your hair loss in a natural-looking way. If you speak to people who are going through hair loss, especially prematurely, they will tell you how frustrating it is. One ends up buying expensive products that promise you your lost glory back. If your hair loss is permanent, then they will not work.

Caboki hair loss spray gives you the confidence to step out. A temporary solution to a permanent problem. Using Caboki hairspray is a simple hassle-free process that you can incorporate into your daily morning routine. Totally worth the few minutes that you put into it.

  1. Wash your hair and then dry it off. Caboki hair loss concealer works better on slightly damp hair. Dry out your scalp thoroughly before spraying on the fibers. Style your hair as desired.
  2. Use the fiber directly on to the thinning areas. Sprinkle a layer Caboki gently on to the affected parts. Do this over a sink; cover up your shoulders with a towel (Black one if you please). It could get a bit messy especially if you are new to using it. If you want bit fuller and thicker looking hair, then you could add another layer. If you are layering colors, sprinkle on thin layers of each color, one after the other. There is an applicator too that is available for use. It simplifies the process and has clear instructions to it.
  3. Pat down or ruffle your hair a bit, slowly and gently to spread out the powders evenly.
  4. If you would like to comb out your hair, comb it out at this point. Do not use a fine toothcomb. Use the big toothcomb, brush with wide bristles or just run your fingers through your hair. You may not want to lose out the fibers.
  5. Spray in Caboki Volume Control mist to give it an excellent, firm hold, and you can look good all day with not a single hair out of place. Nobody needs to know it is not real hair. Everybody has a secret or two, keep this one. You can use a gel or pomade too but in minimal quantity as these sometimes affect the bonding effect of the fibers. If using gel, let it dry and set in well before using Caboki. For hair oil and pomade, use sparingly and well before Caboki application.

Caboki hair building fibers will not shed during the day as you go about your business. You may shampoo your hair at the end of the day to take them out and give your hair follicles a break. No, you do not need a special shampoo. If you are in a position to, get one that revitalizes and revamps damaged or unhealthy hair.

When I started using Caboki Hair Concealers, I would try and keep them on for a couple of days. Then I realized the static hold did not go long past end of the day. They would end up shedding on my pillow and making things a bit messy. I had to remind myself that just like my makeup, at the end of the day, Hair concealing fiber goes down too.

How long should Caboki last you?

Queen of bargains, if such a title existed, I would probably be the world record holder. I take a considerable amount of time measuring how long a product will last me against how much it cost. Then close the deal by finding out how well it serves me. Caboki Hair loss Concealer comes in different packages that will suit your needs and your budget too.

Travel Size Caboki package should last you about eight to fourteen days. It is handy for sleepovers and few days travel. The 16 grams package should last you between twenty-five to forty days, depending on how generously you are using it. A rule in the application of fibers, off the record, a little goes a long way. I practice this one religiously, so my package tends to last me a bit longer. The 30 grams package gives you a between fifty and ninety days supply of hair fiber. Quite a bargain if you ask me. The fewer times I have to buy a product, the better it is for me.

What hair type is best suited for Caboki Hair Concealer, you may ask. You can use Caboki with any hair. My brother in law, who is African- American, comfortably uses Caboki. It holds well and lasts just as long as it does with Caucasian hair. Use it on really coarse or really fine hair, and every hair texture in between. It doesn’t matter what your style is, short, long, curly, straightened, wavy, colored or even frosted hair. As long as your hair is more than half an inch long and thinning, feel free to use Caboki hair loss concealer.

Side Effects of Caboki Use.

There are a lot of myths surrounding this topic on side effects. First, one is that it speeds up hair loss and brings on balding. It is not true as Caboki has no chemicals and is purely a concealing agent. Caboki is made from natural fiber and in specific, cotton. The first and most significant side effect will be if you have an allergy to cotton. It is not very common, but if you do have that, it would be wise to stay away from hair fiber. If you have your allergy under control, and you can manage it, then this is just but a small problem for you. If you are extremely sensitive, check with your doctor before commencing on use of Caboki hair loss concealer.

Another myth is that it suffocates off hair follicles. Hair is technically not alive but is nourished from within your body. From directly under your skin. It is not possible to “kill” it from outside.

Caboki is not an ingestion product; hence, it would be considered relatively safe for use for most people. However, some groupings of people should be extra careful with most products before use. Pregnant women are one of these. Loss of hair at pregnancy is more than familiar. Looking back, I can say the first signs of thinning in my hair started when I was expectant with my first child. Hormones at this period work overtime to ensure we stay frustrated, at least it feels that way.

Caboki has been passed off as safe for expectant and even breastfeeding mothers. If one is extremely sensitive, it is advisable to consult a doctor before use. Caboki hair concealer is made with all natural ingredients, and this has minimal to zero allergies. If you start on use and irritation occurs, discontinue immediately. If irritation and maybe rashes are present and do not disappear after discontinued use, please consult a medic.

Caboki hair loss concealer comes in to direct contact with your scalp. It stays on for as long as you have not shampooed your hair. However, it does not get into your bloodstream. It may cause a mild reaction like flaking on your scalp. If this happens, you may counter it using a suitable hair food. If it makes you uncomfortable, discontinue use.

People living with Cancer lose a lot of hair with all the medical procedures they have to go through. Sadly, it has to happen. In his case, there is no need to use Caboki hair fiber while treatment is ongoing. The hair will eventually fall off. Many cancer patients at some point will be entirely bald. In this case, covering up with a wig, scarf or bonnet is a good option. After treatment, when the hair grows back, then you can use Caboki. It will cover up before your beautiful hair is fully restored.

Ensure the powders do not come into contact with your eyes or even into your mouth during application. My best friend is somewhat clumsy. When we first tried Caboki Light Brown on her lovely colored brown locks, it was a messy affair. A messy brown affair that had brown hair fibers all over her face and her couch. She washed out what flew into her eyes, immediately. There was nothing except a little sting. It is best, however, to practice extra caution before you can learn how to do your application like a pro.

Caboki hair fiber side effects are nowhere near adverse as at now. They are mild, few and far somewhat far between. The benefits and goodness of this product outweigh the side effects by far. Our aim, as we use this product, is to look good and feel good. If you are looking good and not feeling good, get help and discontinue until flagged off by a doctor.

If you are completely bald, Caboki Hair Loss Fiber will not be useful to you. You need some strands of hair that the fibers can attach to as explained earlier on in this article. Besides having thinned out hair, I must admit my next biggest nightmare is going completely bald. There is no cure for baldness, especially male-pattern. However, there are a few drugs you could use to slow down the process a bit. Minoxidil is one of them. If you have more money than you need, you could try the hair transplant option. It is a bit pricey but with excellent results. Read all about it here.

Older adults can use Caboki hair loss concealer too. After all, they are the ones who went ahead of us on this journey, right? My aged mother in law kept a bonnet on her head all the time. Whenever she went out, she wore a wig. All we heard were complains about how hot it was underneath. When I got tired of it, I finally introduced her to Caboki hair fiber. Covering up, especially if you live in a high-temperature zone, could be a problem. Personally, I cannot keep hair extensions or wigs. The heat and constant irritation will not allow me.

Can children Use Caboki Hair Building Fiber?

When it comes to children, everything, and I mean everything, is up for discussion. At least I know with my children, it is. Teenagers are grown up enough to use this product out of their own will. My older son, at fourteen, uses the Caboki Light Brown Hair Fiber to “lighten” up his dark brown mane. It is quite ridiculous, but sometimes I let him anyway. For the small kids, in rare cases of child hair loss, it is best to check with your doctor before use.

Hair loss Myths that should not bother you.

When people realize that you are going through hair loss or balding, you will hear a lot of unpopular opinions. Be prepared for that. They will tell you that you are mistreating your hair and that is why it is thinning. What does “mistreating” hair even mean? It doesn’t make sense to me. They will tell you that you can prevent hair loss. You cannot do this. You can take supplements to try and slow down the process, but once you start losing hair, it will follow the full course of nature. You will hear that wearing a cap continually makes you go bald faster. Of course, once again, this is not true.

With the women, they will tell you that your birth control pills will cause your hair loss. It is not true. My best friend and I have used the same birth control pills for years. I doubt she has lost a strand of hair in all the years I have known her. Her thick mane of hair remains intact, yet, she is much older than I am. That is another myth right there that hair loss only occurs with the older men and women. They are endless, these myths. Too much sun will cause your hair to thin out, brushing it too much, coloring your hair will thin it out, adding on extensions and bizarre stuff like sleeping on your back will give you a bald patch at the back.


Sharing our experiences makes us all feel way better. When you share with people going through the same thing, it makes it easier for them and yourself. When I started losing my hair, I was so ashamed, not sure of what. But when I reached into the Caboki hair loss Concealer community, I realized we are a significant brigade of “thinned hair.” I was not alone! I drew a lot of strength from here, I still do, and I do not hesitate to share my experiences with other like-minded individuals.

In all my years, I have not heard anyone say how they cannot wait to start losing their hair, or their teeth for that matter. It is not a choice. You have a decision on how it to handle it though. Caboki hair building fibers help you regain your lost self-esteem, even if for just a short period. It is an easy product to acquire and use. Why waste time on products that promise you your hair back, knowing well that nothing restores permanent hair loss. Everybody is out to make profits, but while at it, the product you settle on should give you full value for your money.

Caboki hair building fiber does not give you false hope of full restoration of your hair. It is explained in detail how it works. You realize that you are getting a cosmetic appearance from the fiber and your mind should settle with that. Looking for products that will fully restore your hair will be a frustrating and depressing affair. I am a victim of that charade. Do not allow yourself to lose time on money chasing the wind.

Recently, when I ordered my Caboki, nobody was home. They dropped my package with the neighbors. I was more than glad that the box does not explain what the product is about. It is discreet and mysterious. I like that about it. I am not entirely ashamed of my hair loss, but I do not want, neighbors, knowing how vain I am. The bottle also has clear measuring lines; you continuously know how much you have left. It is easy to keep track of your usage too.

Is there counterfeit Caboki Hair Fiber in the market? In the world we are living in, one can confidently say, it is easy to have counterfeits of almost every product. To tell if your Caboki is authentic, go to the back of the label and scratch out the grey area. Go to the official Caboki website and key in the authenticity verification code. Follow the instructions given, and there, verify how genuine your product is.

Going through hair loss, I assure you, will not be easy on you. That is a guarantee. You will need to have your hand held through it all. Caboki hair building fiber is the best candidate for this journey. You may not feel better about it, but at least look better while at it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, wear your newly purchased crown of hair (fiber) proudly. Let it sit on your head like a crown on rich Arab King’s head with no apologies to anyone.

Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.