Can You Take Biotin and Hairfinity Together

Biotin and Hairfinity are both supplements meant to enhance the growth, strength and density of hair, their main purpose is to provide nutrients that are lacking in the body and which are necessary to promote healthy hair growth. They are thus believed to prevent hair thinning, and restore the hairline, it is very normal to want to boost the growth of hair by increasing the dosage of the supplement you are using or to mix two reputable supplements.

The dosage of one supplement can be increased but under the physician’s direction, so what about combining two supplements. Can you take biotin and hairfinity together? First, let’s understand how the body works, when it comes to nutrients, our bodies have been designed to only keep the nutrients that are sufficient for it to carry out its functions.

So if you body already has the required amount of nutrients and you add more, it will be released with the urine, which goes to say that if you already received enough amounts of biotin from foods that contain the nutrient then it won’t be of help because the body already has enough, so the extra will be expelled from your body.

Therefore, by taking hairfinity and biotin together, you will be providing increased amounts of biotin to your body, which is not harmful but is not helpful either. You will have, therefore; put your body into the task of getting rid of the excess biotin, to which end you will have to take a lot of water. People suffering from thyroid disorders should not especially take excess quantities of biotin because they have been found to impact the thyroid system negatively.

Differences between Biotin and Hairfinity

Hairfinity does have some good properties when it comes to hair repair, the tablets are comprised of vitamins and the capilsana complex which also contains horsetail extracts, Hydrolyzed collagen, and MSM. Other formulations are biotin, B-vitamin, and vitamins A, C and D. Hairfinity has been formulated to stop the excessive loss of hair, and give strength to dry and brittle hair.

Now apart from the primary ingredient found in all hair supplements (biotin) each of them incorporates another unique formulation that will give it a better competitive edge in the hair supplements cut-throat competition. For Hairfinity it is the Capilsana, which contains Methylsulfonylmethane that helps treat alopecia and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Another ingredient apart from Capilsana is the hydrolyzed collagen that helps enhance the elasticity of the hair strands so that they are able to withstand high tension. Lastly, we have the horsetail extracts that contains trace minerals such as silica, which helps improve the texture of the hair strands and makes it strong. If you take a deeper look at other formulations used in the making of hair affinity, you will realize that it really does work to promote hair growth.

For example, calcium has been known to be used by the body in maintaining strong bones and protecting people from high blood pressure and diseases like cancer. When it comes to hair the nutrient will prevent the excessive thinning of hair. Vitamin C when taken as a supplement helps to promote the growth of healthy hair, other benefits are that it reduces blood uric acid levels, fights heart diseases and prevents gout attacks.

Side effects

So apparently with all the rosy details of hair affinity, there are also some hidden thorns, some supplements do not have side effects at all, but those that have, die down the moment you stop taking the tablets. For hairfinity, the most serious side effect is the increased hair loss in the initial weeks, if you are not patient enough to wait for the unhealthy hair to be removed; you most likely stop using the supplement.

You might also experience some digestive issues, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pains but this normally disappears after your body has gotten used to the supplement. And since hairfinity is designed to take care of any nutritional deficiencies that you might be having then expect to have a large appetite but keep it organic so that you don’t end up snacking on junk and then start dealing with weight issues.

Get a bottle of water because you are going to get dehydrated with the frequent urinations, what happens is that the supplement will try to get rid of the waste that had built up in your body.


Biotin is a primary ingredient in the manufacture of hair supplements, which means that it does has some properties that are beneficial to the human body. In most cases, the nutrient is used by the body for energy production, to break down amino acids, to synthesis the fatty acids and in glucogenesis.

Biotin also makes the nails stronger and a deficiency of the nutrient will lead to thinning and the breaking of hair; the reason why it is used as an alternative, as it has the necessary properties to improve keratin’s infrastructure in restoring healthier, thicker and stronger hair.

Biotin also comes in handy when used by pregnant and lactating women, because it has been established that they tend to break down biotin faster when expectant. Other use include lowering of blood sugar in type two diabetes, helps in reducing inflammation and improves the cognitive functions.

Side effects

Not everyone experiences side effects when using hair supplements; biotin also has some side effects most of which are bearable, such as nausea cramping and diarrhea. If you read the indications on most of the supplement’s packaging they insist on taking the supplements after meals, which helps in making the side effects a little mild.

Biotin and Harifinity are both effective in their own right, however, the side effects of hairfinity turn out to be a bit serious but tolerable, for example, the excessive hair loss at the beginning can be quite stressful. Below are samples of biotin and hairfinity that you can invest in if you are having hair problems.

Hairfinity hair vitamins

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The hairfinity capsules are 60 in number meaning that you should expect results after two months, ingredients incorporated are biotin, vitamin A, B, C and D. The tablets also contain the capilsana TM complex and calcium all of which work together to prevent excessive hair loss.


  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantees
  • Also boosts skin, hair, and nails
  • Enhances the elasticity of the hair strands
  • MSM has anti-inflammatory properties


  • Causes hair loss in the first week
  • Leads to the development of pimples and causes skin breakouts


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the best thing about biotin is that it has many other uses in the human body other than repairing damaged hair. For example, it is used to treat different ailments as discussed above and it enhances the health of the nails and skin. Vegetarians can also use these supplements as it has not incorporated gluten and gelatin in its manufacture.


  • No dairy included
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Is soluble in water thus not harmful for the body
  • The supplement is vegan certified


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Hairfinity utilizes biotin as its main ingredient so you cannot take hairfinity with biotin and even if you do, biotin is soluble in water so if it is in excess then it will just be expelled from the body. The bottom line is that both supplements are effective in promoting hair growth while enhancing the health of the skin and nails.

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