What is Milia? The Best removal treatments

What is Milia

While they aren’t hazardous, milia – hard tiny white bumps no larger than a pinhead – Are still quite annoying to deal with. These small milk spots can turn up throughout your body (especially on eyelids and cheeks, and even your abdomen or genitalia), and can be difficult to banish for good. If you’re carefully … Read more

5 Best Braiding Hair Brands Fit For Every Woman

How do you pick out a brand of braiding hair extensions? How do you know which one works best for which styles? Read on for our compilation of 5 best braiding hair brands fit for every woman.  Just thinking about what braided hair style to go with and the best brands to buy for it … Read more

7 Best hair relaxer products that really work

If you’re craving to have smooth sleek strands but have curly tresses, you have an option of having a daily fight with your flat iron or blow drier or get semi-permanent in-salon keratin treatments. Hair relaxers are meant to straighten your hair to make it more manageable and to give your hair that radiant shine … Read more