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Visine vs Artificial Tears – When Tears Need to be Primed!

Artificial Tears

Dry eye simply means not enough tears to moist the eyes. Eye drops improve the moisture. Can a Visine vs Artificial Tears comparison help you decide the best cost-effective brand for you? Ever since I started working in the computer room, my eyes have been itchy, irritated and teary –signs …

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Thera tears vs Xiidra – Recalling Runaway Tears!

NEOCUTIS Bio-Cream Bio-restorative Skin Cream with PSP, 1.69 Fl Oz

Dry eye is caused by either reduced tear production or increased tear evaporation. Can a Thera tears vs Xiidra comparison help understand what an eye drop does about the tears? As I age gracefully, I am learning that not every rickety ache or strange sensation is a medical emergency. So, …

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Thera tears vs Visine – Which brings down tears?

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Fx, 2 oz

Drowning in the eye-drop brands flood? This Thera tears vs Visine comparison could just stop the flood gates for you! I had a cataract surgery 2 years back, and all has been well with my eyes, until recently. My eyes just can’t stop tearing. Sometimes they itch, sting and even …

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