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Thera tears vs Systane Balance – Saying Yes to Tears!

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Tears are not only important for emotional blackmail! They are the life of your eyes. But if you have dry eye, and don’t know which drop to reach for, comparisons like Thera tears vs Systane Balance can be a life-line! I never gave tears much thought when life was good …

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Thera tears vs Restasis – When tears don’t flow!

SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier

Some things in life come magically. Knowing the brand of eye drops to use, from the numerous options in the market, isn’t one of them. Can this Thera tears vs Restasis comparison replace ‘abracadabra?’ If life were a fairy tale, I would be living happily ever after! When I finally …

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Thera tears vs Refresh tears – Which gets you in tears again!

SkinMedica Retinol

Wouldn’t dry eyes be relieved faster if people provided some behind-the-scenes details on brands they recommended? This Thera tears vs. Refresh tears comparison will do exactly that! I was recently transferred to our field office. It is located in a hot windy environment. A few days after relocating, I noticed …

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Thera tears vs Refresh Plus – A Closer Look at Tears!


Even when the source of your misery can’t be explained, relief is still always welcome. How do you make a choice when the options are so numerous? This thera tears vs Refresh Plus comparison may provide some insights! I am a 30-year- old male teaching assistant. I don’t fall in …

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