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Ways to treat severe hair dandruff

Dandruff is a very common condition that causes flaky skin to appear from the scalp and you will always feel the urge to itch. It can be attributed to frequent use of shampoo, poor cleaning of the scalp, eczema, yeast-like fungus or sensitivity to hair products. Your scalp will mainly be …

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How to Deal With Balding Scalps

Balding is the most obvious sign of aging, and what causes panic for people who prefer not to face reality. However, the balding process does not happen overnight. It is actually a slow process that can take time to manifest itself. It is important you keep tabs on the health …

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Five Ways to Grow Long Healthy Hair

Growing and having long healthy hair requires a lot of patience, trial, and error. Before you know what works for you and your hair, you will probably try several products and remedies’ trying to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes we copy the care regimens that our family and …

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How to Regrow Hair Naturally

Every one of us worries about that day we will discover our hair is starting to fall off because this will possibly signify the beginning of old age. We all lose hair at some point every now and then, but it in manageable sizes and certainly not very noticeable. Some …

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How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow It

We all know how frustrating it can be when we experience hair loss continually because usually, that is a sign that something is going on with our bodies. Hair loss can greatly affect your confidence levels negatively and that is why it needs to be addressed as soon as you …

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