Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

You hear it all the time – coconut is excellent for your hair. Your hair oils list isn’t complete if you haven’t included this popular oil somewhere in there. Whichever method you use it for your hair, let’s find out what makes it so awesome!

Some people hate it; some don’t. It doesn’t matter. Everyone has different experiences with coconut oil for their hair. For the more prominent part, however, there are more positive reviews and results with this natural oil. I am all for coconut oil, ever since I was a little girl. I have it to thank for my healthy mane.

Unsurprisingly, like with most stuff in existence, too much of something can be harmful. You always have to walk the thin line between deficiency, and bordering on excessive usage (well, the line is not so thin). Knowing the problem that afflicts your hair and discovering the cause helps you find genuine solutions – and what better way, than seeing a natural option?

Why is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hair?

Fatty acids are good for your health, but Medium Chain Fatty acids (MCFAs) are unique. They have powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial capabilities, and coconut oil has the highest levels of MCFAs. All of which are natural. One particular chain in these fatty acids comprises of lauric acid. What makes it different?

Lauric acid encourages cellular and hormonal nourishment. It plays such a vital role that it is present in breastmilk. If it safe and beneficial for the baby, it could benefit you as well. Just get it from your coconut oil though, not from a breastfeeding mother!

Another positive property – protection from hair loss. Ever wonder why some people get quick results when they start including coconut oil in their haircare regimen? Unlike many other oils, coconut oil can penetrate your hair much faster – something to do with its structure.

The Dark Side of Coconut Oil

Sounds intense, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. There are just a few things you should look out for when interested in coconut oil for your hair needs. Different types of oils have different kinds of results for different types of hair. While some of us may rejoice at the effects of using coconut oil, others may not.

For help in retaining the natural protein in your hair, coconut oil can help you. If you have fine hair, the oil may encourage thicker and stronger hair strands leading to volume. If you don’t need the assistance, it doesn’t. This is common for coarse hair that has adequate protein. Using coconut oil on this type of hair may even lead to brittleness and hair loss.

If you are allergic to coconuts, you might want to recoil before you pick that bottle of coconut oil. Also, when using coconut oil, small amounts are always best. Some combinations with other oils, products, and masks may produce even better results.


Coconut oil can be great when applied directly, but you can also include it in your diet. Most times, nutritive value assists us best while working from the inside and all the way out. The antioxidants and high fatty acid content will support your body and hair growth where it is needed most. Viva Naturals are my favorite brand for my coconut oil needs.


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