Diet To Follow After Whitening Your Teeth

So you’ve finally stepped out of the dentist’s office after your final teeth whitening procedure. You don’t want to go back to the stained and dull look you had before. Read along and find out what you can eat to maintain your pearly whites.

My teeth whitening procedure was very interesting. I know most of us are scared of trips to the dentist (we have since we were little), but we should not scare so easily anymore since we are grown-ups, right? Wrong. I still have my reservations about visiting the dentist, but as I said, it was different this time.

It had been years since I’d last seen a dentist or had the need to, except my teeth told an entirely different story. I have no idea when the plaque and discoloration crept up on me! Woke up one day and realized I had to do something about the unattractive state of my mouth.

A few weeks later, I walked out of the dentist’s a whole new person. Unfortunately, the teeth whitening process has its disadvantages. Not only do you increase your teeth’s sensitivity, but you also have to observe your diet for the next couple of days. Diet changes will help you prevent staining your teeth anew before you can say, “Whiter teeth.”

The next 24-48 hours are very important in ensuring your teeth remain white for a long period. At this stage, it is fairly easy to stain them with any food you come into contact with, so how do you readjust your diet?

Your Diet After Whitening Your Teeth

You will have to stay away from:

  • Colored drinks like fruit juice, some types of alcohol, soft drinks, and wine. Coffee and tea can stain your teeth easily as well
  • Colored toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Chocolate, fruit, red meat, and any food that can stain a white garment
  • Cigarettes. If you use electronic cigarettes, you may use them occasionally

What you can take:

  • White foods like pasta, potatoes, fish, cereals, and chicken. You can even search for white food recipes
  • White or clear drinks like skimmed milk and still water. If you miss an alcoholic drink, you have to stick to the clear kind like gin and tonic or vodka.

You can search online for non-colored meals that you can indulge in, at least until your teeth make a full recovery.

Meal Plan Ideas

These are just some of my options to give you an idea of what you can do!

For breakfast, you could have scrambled white eggs with white bread or white fruit salads. Peel your apples, pears, and bananas before eating them.

For lunch, you can go with chicken, white fish, and grilled cheese – not necessarily in order. Throw in some mayonnaise and other variations of cheese.

For dinner, you can go with the white foods available for lunch, but make it a little more interesting. Steam, bake, or make it creamy!

Desserts are not that difficult to keep in check, especially if you love them more than is healthy like me. Go for vanilla yogurt or ice cream, and puddings that veer towards the white.


Your next recovery days don’t have to be boring and plain. If anything, I had fun with mine. In fact, I make sure to incorporate white meals in between the color even after the recovery stage. Remember to minimize or stop the habits that led to stained and discolored teeth in the first place.


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