Differences Between Eye Gel and Eye Cream

Alongside hair, most people value their eyes’ aesthetic features pretty much. Crows feet, dark circles and puffy eyelids are a nightmare to most people. If not a glaring poster of your accelerating age, they normally show how stressed and worn out you must be. No one would like to present such an image.

Eye creams and eye gels generally serve the same purpose your skin. This is all thanks to the hydrating, tightening and smoothing features in both of them. Yet, there are still a number of contrasting features between eye creams and the gels.

Eye gel
The main differences between eye gel and eye cream are centered around their contrasting textures,ingredients, suitability for various skin types and their effect on skin.


Eye Cream are mainly made of oil ingredients suspended in some sort of water vehicle which is normally consisting of active ingredients. These active ingredients are adequately gentle on your skin to avoid irritating the delicate area around your eyes. Majority of eye creams include caffeine which is assumed to cause the immediate tightening effect thus offering prompt results.

Eye gels are made of non oily substances suspended in water as well as active ingredients geared towards fighting fine lines and sagging. It contains goo-like substances like silicone.
They both contain hyaluronic acid that helps to lock in the moisture into your skin thus hydrating it. The resinol in both promotes elasticity of your skin.

Eye creams are naturally thicker and heavier. They take longer to get absorbed into the skin because of their texture. They leave a creamy feel on your skin.

Eye gels are lighter and leave a silky feeling on your skin. They are easily absorbed into the skin. You might consider putting your eye products in the fridge for increased absorption.

Suitability for Skin Types
Eye creams provide more than adequate hydration levels making them suitable for use for people with normal to dry skin
For people with oily skin, eye gels would work just fine, especially if you are planning on spending the day outside in the heat. It refreshes your skin taking care of the puffy and tired eyes.

Effect on Skin

Eye creams are naturally thicker and heavier. If you would like a creamy feel on your face or your skin is dry, then eye creams would be more preferable. It is more advisable to use creams at night to give them time to get absorbed. This makes it harder to immediately put on make up after using eye cream. It might end up causing crease lines after using your concealer or even shorten your eyeliner or mascara.

Gels are more preferably used in the morning for that refreshing smooth feel. They are light and silky so they easily get absorbed into the skin. This works wonders especially if you are putting on any makeup.


Yet, as the ever evolving market for skin care products proves they can do wonders with upcoming eye gel and cream. All in one. Try checking that one out. Incorporating rest and relaxation with the use of either eye gel or cream, will surely result in smoother healthier skin around your eyes.

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