Does Viviscal Work for Male Pattern Baldness

Viviscal works for male pattern baldness, however, men have to be very vigilant and check for early signs of hair thinning at the crown or temples. The scientific name of male pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia, and research has pointed out that at least 50% of men over the age of 50 will be affected by the condition.

Hair loss is progressive and starts with thinning, then gradually if you don’t do anything to alter the loss you will end up with a bald head. There are different causes of hair loss in men and the first and most common is coming from a family that has a history of baldness in combination with the effect of hormones.

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Viviscal supplement is a clinically approved drug by the FDA for treatment of hair loss, each tablet contains the marine complex Amino Mar combined with vitamins and minerals that aid in encouraging existing hair growth and nourishes thinning hair. The results of using the Viviscal hair supplement are normally apparent in three to six months and it also depends on what you want.

If you want thick hair all over your head then it is recommended that you use the growth densifying shampoo, Elixir and conditioner. The above-mentioned product contains the exclusive complex Ana: Tel plus Biotin, Zinc, and keratin that helps enhance thicker-looking hair. Viviscal, therefore, has the necessary range of products that you can use to achieve dense hair when used with the shampoo.

For example, they do have the densifying shampoo, a moisturizing densifying conditioner and lastly, when you want to style your hair, you can use the lightweight leave-in treatment also known as the densifying elixir.

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Viviscal also has a solution for thinning hair and by that, we mean getting instant results that will conceal the already thinning hair. The conceal and densifying volumizing fibers from Viviscal is then combed in with the hair and the microscopic fibers in the product cling to the individual hairs on your head. The densifying product is thus made with an electrostatic coating that aids it in attaching to the hair.

So if you have areas on your head that you need to look full in seconds then you can use the precision comb applicator fibers and simply wash it off in the evening with shampoo.

How long does it take for the supplement to start working?

Viviscal starts working on your hair from the inside and it does so in four stages, that have been spread out within a period of six months. Remember that people are different in their genetic make-up and so some people might start seeing results earlier in just about 3 months while for others it may take longer and might see their results in 4 months.

So the first step of the four stages when using the Viviscal hair supplement involves the nourishing of hair follicles, and this will only happen if you continuously take the supplement tablets that contain the marine complex Amino mar and nutrients. Viviscal works slowly to restore your hair and is thus a step by step process that gets rid of a specific deficiency at a time.

The second step involves strengthening of the thin and wispy hair, and still by taking the supplements. So by the time you reach the third process your hair is now strong and the breakage and thinning slowly declines, while the nutrients and the marine complex Amino mar enhance the growth of the already existing hair.

Now in the fourth and the last stage, the results are very pronounced and you will notice that the strands of hair on your head are strong and healthy.

Causes of hair loss

You cannot determine the cause of hair loss by simply looking at the pattern by which the hair is thinning out. And you cannot always be alarmed by the remaining strands of hair in your comb, because human beings lose hair every day at least 100 hairs. So if you don’t excite your scalp by combing your hair every day then that number will definitely be huge by the end of the week.

We might compare the loss of a hundred hairs like the shedding of the animal’s fur or coat, where new hair then grows back. So when you lose hair in a normal manner, you will not notice any signs of thinning because new hair grows back. The above is thus a cycle and in case it gets disrupted then you will experience thinning and loss of hair.

So what are the probable culprits that might disrupt your hair cycle?

The first one on our list is medications and supplements, remember that earlier on we mentioned about older adults losing hair, at least those above the age of 50. At this age is when the old age diseases set in and medications are prescribed day in day out. Many older people have to take drugs for depression, arthritis, gout, the common high blood pressure, and heart problems.

The above-mentioned drugs do have a negative impact on hair. Second, on our list is stress, well this is very practical as there are individuals who are about 40 years of age that lose hair every time they are experiencing a stressful period. Others take time before they experience general thinning of hair, which happens months after going through physical and emotional shock. However, the hair normally grows back after some time.

Thirdly there are the medical conditions that are great contributors to hair loss and these ones normally cause permanent hair loss, such as thyroid infections and menopause for the men. For the women, the biggest culprit is childbirth and menopause that is known to cause extensive thinning. Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition and is characteristic of patches on the head, and we also have the hair-pulling disorder scientifically known as trichotillomania.

Certain hair loss is caused by family history such as the male pattern baldness and the female pattern baldness that occur as people grow older

What are the natural home remedies that can help boost your hair growth

Hair loss does not occur overnight unless if it is because of a medical condition or medication, otherwise it happens gradually and even though you might have to use supplements later to boost its growth, it is also best that you adopt some good physical and eating habits that will encourage hair growth.

The first thing that is applicable to both man and animals is food and water; proteins are, therefore, the best in promoting hair growth, remember proteins in the body get depleted with regard to the amount of physical activity that one is involved in, proteins should thus be consumed in large quantities to halt extensive hair loss. Examples of foods rich in proteins are such as lean meat, nuts, fish and eggs.

Iron is also required by the body to promote the growth of healthy hair, and you can also include some lean beef, spinach, turkey and lentils among other nutritious foods in your diet. The physical process of enhancing hair growth involves massaging the scalp. It is, therefore, believed that if men could just massage their scalp for at least 4 minutes every day then it would result in thicker hair in a short period of six months.

The pumpkin seed oil also works wonders for the hair and is thus recommended that men take at least 400 milligrams of the oil for a period of six months, and will notice a great shift in their hair count.

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