Essential Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

They are currently booming and giving the skincare and hair industry a run for their money. Essential oils are everywhere. In your kitchen, your bathroom, and even your hair care routine.

If you don’t already know, essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of the most important parts of herbs – call it the ‘essence’ of the herb. The concentration levels are so high that, using an essential oil directly on your skin or making contact with your eye and soft tissue would irritate and inflame you. Allergic reactions and causing harm to children are other risks as well.

Bad news aside, essential oils are amazing, and quite honestly, a better option to most manufactured beauty products. You smell that enrapturing scent wafting through an aromatherapy parlor? That’s probably one or more essential oils! You can use them in your kitchen, for household cleaning, your perfumes, lotions, and bath products, and even in your hair for growth.

Essential Oils You Can Use For More Hair Volume

Lavender Oil

Lavender plants.jpg

For the oils to work best, remember that natural essential oils are pure and concentrated forms of the herbs from where came. Among the multiple properties that lavender oil has, is the ability to fight and prevent fungal and bacterial infections and if the infections aren’t the reason your scalp is so itchy, lavender oil will still soothe your scalp.

Stress, especially emotional, can trigger hair loss. Here, lavender oils from brands like Plantlife Natural put their aromatic powers to use by calming you down. Studies show that this essential oil can also thicken your hair strands while healing dry hair.

Peppermint Oil


The menthol in peppermint oil makes it a favorite for the cold season. When the flu has you down, and your respiratory system is taking a hit, you could try some peppermint oil. The same sensation it offers can cool your scalp when it feels inflamed. Just add two drops of the NOW Solutions peppermint oil to your shampoo or conditioner for a refreshing morning.

Menthol in peppermint oil can also be a vasodilator. After diluting it with the carrier oil of your choice, you can massage it all over your scalp before washing it off. Vasodilation means it can stimulate blood flow beneath your scalp, making it easier for your hair follicles to get some much-needed nourishment.

Lemongrass Oil

For those with a flaky scalp and constant dandruff, there is something for you! Essential lemongrass oil is a healer, and not just by repelling bugs from your home. A few drops of lemongrass oil from Edens Garden in your conditioner or shampoo can cleanse and naturally deodorize your hair at the same time.

Your scalp will thank you for it – the soothing effect that lemongrass oil provides for an inflamed and itchy scalp. After a week you will notice significant dandruff reduction and even more when you continue using it in your hair products. Cleaning your home with this oil can help you relax; which is another strike for hair loss related to stress.


Instead of buying a hair product you aren’t even sure is going to work, go natural. You have nothing to lose from this side, and you will save money on the many functions that essential oils can serve in your home!


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