Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin

best drugstore primer for oily skin

What is the Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin? Your skin is unique. It is simply a matter of finding the perfect formula that works for you. Whether you want 24-hour coverage or have a specific skin condition (dry patches, oily skin, enlarged pores), a good makeup primer will work its magic to minimize the … Read more

Does Makeup Expire If Unopened? (Answered!)

does makeup expire if unopened

You know how it feels when the stars align and you discover the right shade of red lipstick or a skin treatment that effectively removes your blemishes? I’m sure you’re one of those makeup and skin care lovers who will stock up on their favorite products. You discover a lipstick that glides on like a … Read more

Can Makeup Expire If Not Used?

can makeup expire

We know you adore that gorgeous pink lipstick or the eyeliner that’s been sharpened to the point of a nub. There comes a time when you have to let go and face the fact that your favorite makeup product may someday become bacterial breeding grounds. What is the initial course of action? Examine the label … Read more

Best Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer alternatives

milk hydro grip primer alternative

Isn’t it true that a good moisturizing primer creates the foundation for your makeup and can help it last longer? Milk’s Hydro Grip Primer is a primer that makeup artists and beginners alike can’t get enough of. It has remained stable in makeup bags since the beginning. And there’s no denying why it’s an award-winning, … Read more