Five Ways to Grow Long Healthy Hair

Growing and having long healthy hair requires a lot of patience, trial, and error. Before you know what works for you and your hair, you will probably try several products and remedies’ trying to see what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes we copy the care regimens that our family and friends use, not realizing that people are different and what works for one may not necessarily work for us.

In this article, we will outline various ways you can work with to ensure you have longer and healthier hair.

Things to consider

Hair is just like any other part of your body. This means that it contains cells and building blocks that should be taken care of through your diet. You should ensure you consume adequate amounts of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

The same amount of attention you give to your face and skin should also be given to your hair, this means that you should shop for quality hair products that work for your hair, protect it from harsh chemicals, heat, and damage. These are the things that contribute greatly to hair breakage. Most people with dry and processed hair think they have slow hair growth while in actual sense, it is hair breakage.

For healthier, longer hair, consider using the below options and see how well they will contribute towards your hair growth;

Avoid excess heat

This can either be from blow dryers, and flat irons. These heat gadgets are known to cause damage to your hair leading to breakage. Give your hair some space in between your heating appointments. However, if possible avoid heat all together!

Protect your hair from UV damage

This is very important during summer and those hot months. You should protect your hair the same way you protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun. Wear hats or tie head turbans if you have to. You do not have to worry about style; just get one of those that fit your style!

Take supplement vitamins

Some supplement vitamins are very beneficial to hair growth and thickening of the hair texture which is good for length. Such vitamins include biotin and other Vitamin B’s. They have been reported to fasten hair growth. You can have them a few times in a week as you anticipate the results.

After washing your hair finish off with a cold rinse

Most people wash and rinse their hair with hot water. The recommended practice is that you should rinse your hair with cold water because it closes hair cuticles which can assist your hair to seal and prevent it from possible damage.

Avoid stress

Guess what, stress can manifest itself in your hair! When you are undergoing stress situations, your hair tends to have stunted growth and break a lot. Lower your stress levels by engaging in things like yoga or meditation to reduce the impact on your hair.

Final thoughts

Having longer and healthier hair is dependent on many factors which include both physical and psychological. You should take time to know your hair better. That way, you will take care of it better too.

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