Folic Acid For Hair Growth

Hair growth can be unpredictable for most of us. Sometimes it is rapid, and sometimes your hair seems dull and barely growing an inch in months. There are safe ways to get your hair back to health – and folic acid is one of them.

With old age comes a hair change that may not be entirely welcome. From breakage and split ends, to falling off and balding, most of these symptoms can be avoided or slowed down. I know I’ve had bad hair days over the years. It is not an easy period.

Aging doesn’t have to be the only factor that affects the state of your mane. Lifestyle habits and the environment can change your hair and not just your body. What you consume can play a huge role in the overall nourishment of your hair. Your diet, particularly, promotes or negatively impacts your body internally and externally (skin, hair, and nails).

What Is Folic Acid?

Sounds complicated but you probably already take it in your food. Folate is also known as vitamin B-9 (though you can rarely find it in most vitamin B complex supplements). When manufactured into a synthetic form for your supplements (like these from Spring Valley) and fortified foods, that’s when we call it folic acid. Folate and folic acid are different forms of the vitamin B-9, but their functions are similar.

Turning folate into folic acid gives you a chance of getting higher doses of the vitamin for your benefit. That’s how most supplements work after all. We may not always have fresh sources of the vitamins and minerals we need, and accessing these nutrients in capsule or syrup form is definitely convenient!

How Does Folic Acid Benefit Your Hair?

First things first, folic acid does wonders for your body. Not only does it encourage healthy red blood cells, but it also prevents possible neurological defects in an unborn child. All while keeping the mom in good shape. It is not uncommon for doctors to suggest including folic acid along with other vitamins.

But what does folic acid do for your hair, though? Healthy cell growth is essential, and folic acid can help with that. Cells are in your skin tissues, nails, and your hair, meaning you’d be giving your entire body some much-needed regeneration.

Deficiency in folate is known to cause folate-deficiency anemia. It can cause fatigue, headaches, hair pigmentation changes and thin hair as well. That’s how important a diet rich in folate/folic acid can be to your hair. Besides, if you had a natural option to improve your hair growth and volume, wouldn’t you take it? Whole foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, broccoli, meat, and citrus fruits are just a few examples of natural sources of folate.


One thing I love about natural remedies for any hair issues I have? I don’t have to worry about buying a hair product that could have chemicals. Try and include healthy levels of folic acid in your diet before heading out for an expensive product that may not even benefit you. Good luck with your hair growth journey!


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