The Best Glossier Skin Tint Dupe [2022] (Top 6 Picks!)

Glossier is how they make all of their products, and their ‘yours but better slogan’ is how they make all of their products.

As you might expect, their Skin Tint provides the lightest coverage and helps to balance out your complexion.

This tinted moisturizer isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy light makeup, you’ll love it!

glossier skin tint dupe
Glossier Skin Tint Dupe

Even though I like them, the one thing that disappoints me is the limited number of products they offer.

It’s so small that you’ll run out of it quickly, and I don’t want to spend $30 looking through it every month.

However, it is not difficult to find a Glossier Skin Tint Dupe that is a nearly similar imitation of its more expensive equivalent.

So, these are the best Glossier skin tint dupes that won’t break your money or your skin.

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The Best Dupes for Glossier Skin Tint
The Best Dupes for Glossier Skin Tint

About Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

Glossier Skin Tint is light, breathable, and even watery.

It’s not a product that will ever look puffy or completely conceal your flaws, which is why many adore it.

It looks like skin! Glossier Skin Tint has a dewy look and is available in 12 different shades.

According to Glossier, the shortage of shades is due to the watery, light coverage finish with little pigment, but we would still like to see more tones.

Glossier Skin Tint can be replaced with any lightweight tint.

Also watch the video here:

Top Glossier Skin Tint Dupes

Lottie London Velvet skin Tint-Brown,Lottie London Velvet skin Tint-Neutral  | Lottie london, Velvet skin, Lottie

1. Lottie London Velvet Skin Tint

This Skin Tint costs half as much as Glossier and comes in the same packaging.

It is soft, long-lasting, and barely noticeable.

It contains hyaluronic acid and coconut extract to moisturize the skin and is filled with skincare benefits.

The only difference is that this has a satin finish as opposed to Glossier’s matte finish.

This is an amazing dupe, and we cannot suggest it highly enough.


  • Lightweight, barely there feel and finish
  • Has very light coverage, similar to Glossier Skin Tint
  • Contains skincare benefits
  • The price is really affordable, and the packaging is identical to that of Glossier Skin Tint.


  • Comes in 8 shades while Glossier has 12
THE ORDINARY Serum Foundation - 30ml | Shopee Philippines

2. The Ordinary Serum Foundation

This foundation has a liquid, serum texture and is pretty light.

It provides minimal coverage, but maybe a little more than Glossier.

It feels light on the skin and is designed not to settle into fine wrinkles or highlight pores.

This, like The Ordinary’s product collection, is extremely affordable and contains no oils, parabens, or sulfates.

Another plus is that it has a pump applicator and is extremely efficient.


  • Watery, lightweight texture.
  • Comes in 21 shades which is a nice pump up from Glossier’s 12. Still needs work, though.
  • Has a pump applicator which is nice and easy for application.
  • Light coverage that won’t sink into pores or fine lines.
  • Super affordable.


  • Glossier has a semi-matte texture, while Glossier has a dewy finish.
  • The shade range still needs help!

3. Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint

A light, easy-to-apply Skin Tint with a neutral undertone that complements all skin tones.

This cream blurs and smoothes the skin while providing mild coverage.

This lotion has the advantage of lasting 16 hours and being transfer and perspiration proof.

Most light coverage skin tints don’t stay all day, therefore this is the dupe to try if you want something light and long lasting.


  • Non-comedogenic and vegan formula.
  • Has the same amount of product as Glossier Skin Tint for less.
  • Has 20 shades with neutral undertones to match your skin tone.
  • Transfer and sweat resistant.
  • Lasts 16 hours.


  • This likely has more coverage than Glossier Skin Tint.
  • If you have a very cool or warm tone, this may not be a good match.
Milani Cosmetics

4. Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint

A moisturizing and glowy skin tint with coconut water and squalene for an ultra-hydrating and lightweight touch.

This has an incredibly dewy look and makes your skin glow, similar to Glossier Skin Tint.

This is one of Milani’s most recent releases, and it is free of parabens and sulfates.

It’s completely wearable, and we appreciate where they’re going with it.

The major disadvantage is that it only comes in four shades.


  • Packed with squalane and coconut water for an ultra hydrating and dewy finish.
  • Sulfate and paraben free. Also vegan and cruelty-free formula.
  • This has a light coconut scent.
  • Coverage can be built up if used with a brush.
  • Ultra lightweight coverage.


  • This only comes in 4 shades.
  • Newer on the market so it may take some time to become more widely accessible.
  • Super dewy finish may not be oily skin friendly. : ILIA - Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 | Cruelty-Free, Vegan,  Clean Beauty (Bom Bom ST5) : Beauty & Personal Care

5. Ilia Skin Tint

While the price far exceeds Glossier, this product has a similar lightweight, texture, and wear, as well as skincare benefits.

It contains SPF 40 as well as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Ilia is a paraben- and phthalate-free organic and clean beauty company.

Yes, it is significantly more expensive, but if you want a clean and skin-beneficial formula, this is it!


  • Has 18 shades. (Could still use work but it’s more than Glossier.)
  • This product contains SPF and skincare benefits.
  • Has a dropper applicator with very pretty packaging.
  • Ilia is a clean and natural beauty brand.
  • Very glowy finish.


  • The price is very high!
  • SPF in this product is not enough alone. You’ll still need to wear SPF under to get enough.
Undone Beauty Unfoundation Light Coverage Glow Tint | Ulta Beauty

6. Undone Beauty Glowy Skin Tint

This product is a hidden gem due to the affordable pricing, large amount of product included, and lovely, smooth finish.

While there are just 8 shades available, it provides ultra lightweight coverage that helps to blur blemishes.

Some customers describe it as “everything they wanted Glossier Skin Tint to be!”

That’s a big promise, and based on the claims and price, this is a great dupe!


  • More build-able coverage than Glossier Skin Tint.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free. It is also gluten free
  • Super lightweight coverage.
  • Has coconut extract for a dewy glow, but reviewers say it’s more matte and doesn’t get greasy.
  • Great price.
  • Leaves a healthy glow.
  • Great ingredients free of harsh unwanted chemicals like parabens, phthalates and sulfates.


  • Based on the images, the shade matching is a little difficult.
  • On the lighter and darker extremes of the spectrum, the shade range requires a lot of assistance.

Our Thoughts on Glossier Skin Tint Dupe

There are several dupes for Glossier Skin Tint, so there’s no need to splurge unless you want to treat yourself!

Lottie London Velvet Skin Tint is the lightest coverage and makes skin velvety smooth and blurred.

Plus, the formula and packaging are similar to Glossier Skin Tint, which we enjoy.

The problem is that many brands do not create an efficient shade range for skin tint-like products because they believe the light weight is more adaptable.

This is simply not true because a lightweight does not imply a perfect or broad match.

What I’ll be looking for is an ultra-light coverage skin tint with a sufficient shade range, preferably 35+ colors!

Frequently Asked Questions about Glossier Skin Tint Dupe

Is the Glossier Skin Tint worth it?

I love it and it’s definitely worth it.

A little goes a long way! Glossier skin tint is the perfect concealer when you want a natural look.

Putting it on, it feels like I’m not wearing anything which I like because I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing a ton of makeup.

What can I buy instead of glossier?

The Best Clean Beauty Glossier Dupe:

  • Glossier Cloud Paint –> ILIA Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment.
  • Glossier Boy Brow –> Ere Perez Brow Gel or Juice Beauty Brow Gel.
  • Glossier Lash Slick Mascara –> Lily Lolo Mascara.
  • Glossier Stretch Concealer –> RMS “un” Cover-up.
  • Glossier Haloscope Highlighter –> Vapour Highlight Stick.

Do dermatologists recommend glossier?

Launched by founder Emily Weiss in 2014, Glossier product doesn’t just appeal to cool kids with perennially good skin; the medical crowd loves it, too.

In fact, some of the best Glossier skincare products are ones that dermatologists recommend, which makes sense as the brand’s ethos is “Skincare first, makeup second.”

Does glossier skin tint expire?

While the products don’t have a formal expiration date, it is generally recommended that they be used within 3 years of manufacture or 6 months after opening for best product quality.

But we think you’ll love them so much that this won’t even be an issue.

Is glossier skin tint comedogenic?

Glossier products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, paraben free, and alcohol free.

Products are not tested on animals.

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