Great Eye Care Routines

If not the most captivating part of our faces, our eyes are quite vital organs. Eyes are the gateway to your surroundings equally allowing you to communicate.

It would suffice to argue that getting eye infections, or at worst blind ,would not be the end. Yet, why risk it when you could simply take good care of your eyes, skin around it . This way you would protect your vision and keep the surrounding skin healthy, no wrinkles.

Eye care routines include simple cleaning of your face while playing close attention to eyes and contacts as well. You can also include natural remedies to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin around your eyes. You can work these eye care routines into your daily beauty regime. It makes it easier to remember and helps make it habitual.

Here are some of the routines:

Cleaning Your Eyes and Area Around

Aside from looking like a raccoon , there are more adverse effects of not taking off your make up. Leaving in your eye make up clogs glands around the eyes and also irritate your skin. Take off your make up and clean your eyes and surrounding area before you sleep. It is also advisable to constantly renew your eye make up for example mascara , eye liner or eye shadow.
Always ensure to take out your contacts as well before you sleep. Clean them in fresh solution and replace them as advised by the doctor. Both of these allows your eyes to breathe and avoid any bacteria from growing.

Natural Remedies

For the occasional eye problems, you could try out natural remedies. The cucumber slices are the poster child for natural eye bags remedy. You could also try out almond and olive oil or papayas. Mash papaya into a paste and add milk then apply on skin around your eyes. They moisturize and rejuvenate the skin leaving a refreshed look and reducing the fine lines over time.

Eye Cream and Eye gel

With debates over both the necessity and function of eye creams and eye gel, it would not hurt to get one. They serve well to deal with wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffy eyelids and dark circles under your eyes. These issues arise due to aging and genes. Eye creams can either thicken the skin around your eyes thereby acting as a concealer. Eye creams with vitamin B3 can also lighten the dark circles. Eye gels fairly perform the same function but should preferably be used in the morning as they are easily absorbed into the skin. Eye creams are more of a night product to allow enough time to be absorbed into the skin.

Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear includes safety goggles and prescription sunglasses. How about getting yourself some prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. This will protect your eyes from UV rays whenever you go outside. Safety goggles should preferably be made from polycarbonate as it does not easily break.


Merging either or all of these eye care steps into a daily or weekly routine would do your eyes good. It will ensure they are healthy and your vision kept in top notch shape. You will also enjoy healthy skin around your eyes. Keep away tge crow’s feet, wrinkles , dark circles and puffy eyes. It is recommended for you to visit the optometrist at least once in two years.

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