Hair Growth Oil For Natural Hair

If you love your hair in its natural state, you want the best there is for more growth and health. Natural oils are the best and safest bet for your hair.


I’ve always envied women who could maintain their natural hair, and it seems to be the trend lately!

Ditching the weaves, wigs, braids, and all manner of extensions is beautiful and has paved the way for women enjoying their natural selves and boosting their self-esteem alongside it.

So, it was inevitable that I would start my natural hair journey while I had the chance.

Top 3 Castor Oil for Hair Growth to BUY


Top 3 Vitamin E Hair Oil to BUY

My work is pretty demanding, which is probably an excuse for the apparent neglect of my hair. One look at the mop seated on my head and you could tell, I rarely had time to give my hair the full pampering it needed. Sadly, I had to lose so much hair volume before I realized I had to take my curls seriously. One trip to the doctor and his diagnosis was simple, “You aren’t taking care of your hair!”

Sometimes all we need for healthy and lustrous hair is proper old-fashioned treatment – using what nature has to offer. Honestly, the haircare industry doesn’t care about you; well, most industries, anyway. Expensive hair products do not always guarantee results, so why not go with the sure and safe options available?

The One Hair Growth Oil You Should Have

What I love about natural oils is the variety they have to offer. Think about it; if it is something you can consume, then you can take it for your hair. If you had the chemicals and compounds used in your favorite hair serums and creams in a glass and you had to take them, I don’t think you would! There is an oil that has saved me from tremendous hair loss.

Vitamin E Hair Oil

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Dermatologists love Vitamin E, and it doesn’t just protect your skin from sun damage and aging. For damaged, dry, frizzy hair, and an inflamed scalp that cannot support healthy hair follicles, this might be the remedy for you. Vitamin E oil can balance out the oil production in your scalp, lock in moisture, and protect your scalp from further aggravation.

Dull hair is a no-no. When your hair strands lose their protective fat layer, they are prone to weakness, dullness, and breakage. Vitamin E can replace that layer and bring back the sheen while its moisturizing properties nourish the hair and scalp thus encouraging more growth. A stronger scalp means a stronger base for hair growth.

For topical application, you can buy pure Vitamin E oil from Sundown Naturals and add it to your shampoo, oil, or conditioner. If you’d like to use it as hair oil, don’t forget to add a carrier oil! I prefer massaging my scalp with diluted Vitamin E oil before washing it off after 30 minutes. My hair feels terrific afterward that I don’t bother with conditioning.


What I love about Vitamin E is that you don’t have to limit it to the oils. You can find it in your food (leafy greens and nuts) or even in its supplement form. That’s how vital Vitamin E is; you’ll also benefit your body and skin in the process!


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