Hair Growth Oils For Black Hair

With the current booming business in the hair care world, it is easy to get lost in all the sales language going around. Which hair growth oils are the best for your black hair?

Life isn’t so tough for our black-haired sisters anymore. Why? There is so much to choose from, unlike the past years! However, all that means nothing if you do not know exactly what your hair needs and where to find it. Discovering what your dark tresses need isn’t that tough!

Natural oils are trending right now. A considerable part of the population has finally understood the need to go organic for better health. From organic foods to pure and non-processed products for skincare and hair care, these are the best life-changes everyone needs to start making a habit. I know I’ve had to make significant changes.

I’m not saying that all manufactured hair products are toxic. Some are in place for medical purposes, and others contain harmless preservatives. Still, if you had to choose between a natural oil (like coconut, for example), and a product you just found in the store, wouldn’t you rather pick the tested and safest option over the product whose virtues only a salesperson can praise?

That said, I did my work and got to the root (literally) of my hair needs. I found three amazing oils that I use interchangeably, or at a time, to suit my preferences:

Natural Oils For Black Hair Growth

Shea Butter

Shea butter.jpg

I say oil because you nearly always have to melt it down before using it. So you already know that pure oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba are great for your hair. They are also excellent carrier oils for any essential oils you may have. Still, unrefined Shea butter (like Better Shea Butter) is something you should consider adding to your regimen.

The buttery consistency isn’t the only reason lots of people love it. Shea butter is an impressive moisturizer that softens your hair well. If you spend lots of time outdoors, Shea can protect your hair from sun damage, and you can even use it on your dry skin. When melted, you can mix it up with any other hair oils of your choice.

Argan Oil

You may hear about argan oil in many hot oil treatments because of the shine it brings to your hair – but the oil can be pretty pricey. The more pure most organic oils are, the higher the price you’d have to pay for them! They are that beneficial. You can use the Virgin USDA Moroccan argan oil to beat the constant frizz that most black hair experience. Add little amounts of this pricey oil to your trusted shampoo and conditioner to boost your hair growth and save some money.

Grapeseed Oil

Essential oil.jpg

If you prefer a lightweight oil, don’t leave grapeseed behind. For the days you need oil you can massage in your scalp and head out with no fuss, grapeseed oil like Beauty Aura’s Grapeseed oil, will seep right into your scalp and hair. What better, it can relieve any dandruff and flakiness you may have. That’s one major way to beat hair loss encouraged by poor scalp health.


Hair oils aside, there are a few things you can do to promote hair growth for your black hair. Avoid shampoos containing sulfates, don’t forget to condition every time you wash your hair and use heat protectants to minimize hair damage. I’d also advise you to relax your hair as few times as possible, and avoid tight hairstyles!


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