Hair tonic for hair loss review: Are they effective in helping your hair regrow?

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people around the world. It can be very frustrating to see strands of hair falling off your head every time you comb your hair or pass your fingers through your hair. A medical solution to this problem can be the use of hair tonic for hair loss that is specially formulated to restore hair growth and thickness.

Everyone wants to have shiny solid hair especially women, but you might be having hair problems like your hair falling off. A head full of hair has a positive impact on your self-esteem and completes your personality. But because of various health problems and increases pollution, maintaining your hair is becoming a problem. There are very many types of hair tonics that vary according to their ingredients and the effect they have on different types of hair. If you want to improve the quality, thickness, and health of your hair, you can use a hair tonic, but you need to consider the ingredients in the hair tonic and you also need to find out if it contains any harmful or sensitive ingredients and also the cost of the product.

What is a hair tonic?

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Hair tonics are mostly in liquid form or gel but can also be in the form of a pomade. They help to stimulate the blood circulation in your hair follicles to give your hair healthy growth. They usually contain alcohol, ethanol, and oil. By massaging a hair tonic into your scalp every day, it can help reverse your baldness and reduce hair loss and in turn, help your hair grow longer and thicker. These hair tonics also help to keep your dry scalp moisturized, reduce breakage and split ends, add shine to your locks, and even to control dandruff.

Barbers usually refer to hair tonics as friction lotions because they can use them to give you a very nice scalp massage. This type of massage stimulates the circulation of blood to your hair follicles while keeping your hair and scalp moisturized and conditioned. Hair tonics have been around for many years and can be mostly found in men’s bathrooms and barbershops. In the earlier years, hair tonics or liquid pomades ere used to style men’s hair.

Common ingredients in hair tonics


This helps to control the growth of fungus in your scalp, also your entire body if used as a cream, and this helps to prevent hair loss. It helps with the growth of your anagen hair follicles so your hair grows faster.


The coffee you take in the morning for a morning jolt can also do the same to your hair by promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It reduces the damage to your hair strands and provides nutrients and vitamins to help it grow longer and stronger. Caffeine increases blood circulation in your scalp which stimulates the roots so that they grow faster, healthier, and stronger by causing the hair cells to produce more ATP, a form of energy that encourages hair growth.


This is a solution that is used to help in hair growth in the treatment of baldness in men and thinning of hair in women. It helps to slow down or stop your hair from thinning and even help to grow back some of the hair you had lost.


This is water-soluble vitamin B7 that helps to provide nutrients for healthy hair, nails, and skin. Biotin is also found in foods like egg yolk, banana, cauliflower, liver, soya beans, peanuts, whole grains, and mushrooms. It improves the overall quality of your hair giving it a beautiful shine and thickness.

Saw palmetto

It can block the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT that is responsible for shrinking your hair follicles and causing hair loss.


This is a drug that helps to treat male baldness and also prostate issues. It works by preventing DHT, the hormone that causes male pattern baldness from being broken down by testosterone.

Key benefits of using a hair tonic for hair loss

Most people will start to use a hair tonic after you have a problem with hair loss, but prevention is better than cure. Instead, you should always keep your hair nourished, protected, and your hair and scalp healthy. A hair tonic has many benefits that will help you maintain a healthy set of hair.

Hair tonics are mostly used to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss and the ingredients found in these tonics are geared toward achieving these two goals. For you to achieve these two objectives, you need a healthy scalp, so the hair tonic will help to remove excess oils in your scalp and dandruff to give you a healthy scalp that will encourage the growth of healthy hair.

  • Helps in the regrowth of your hair
  • Treats your hair and scalp using natural ingredients
  • Conditions and makes your hair look its best while helping new hair to grow
  • Improves your hair volume and density

How to use a hair tonic

There are different applications to different hair tonics for hair loss, but in general, there are 4 steps that you need to follow when applying a hair tonic on your hair and scalp. For the precise instructions, you should check the hair tonic label.

  • Spray or pour a few drops about 5-6 drops on your hand and apply the hair tonic on the affected areas in your scalp.
  • Then gently massage the tonic into your hair and scalp to ensure you spread it evenly.
  • Leave it to dry if you’re not in a hurry or use a blow drier to dry it quickly if you’re in a hurry. The heat from your hairdryer helps to open up your pores which allow your scalp to better absorb the tonic.
  • Apply the hair tonic in the morning and evening for best results and continue this routine frequently to achieve fuller and thicker hair.


Promote hair growth

It cleans out all dead skin cells on your scalp that can clog your hair follicles and obstruct hair growth by providing the necessary nutrients for hair growth. Most of the hair tonics are light so they easily get absorbed into your scalp to help improve circulation and speed up the regeneration of your hair bulbs to give you denser hair growth.

Helps to reduce split ends

Tonics moisturize your hair follicles which helps your hair to retain its natural oils and this gives you stronger hair strands and healthier hair. If you have problems with split ends and damaged hair, you can use a hair tonic to help improve the overall health of your hair. The right tonic can even help to reverse the extensive damage done on your hair, but you need to change how you take care of your hair.

Reduces skin damage and dandruff

A hair tonic will evenly coat your head so the skin on your scalp is less dry and this helps to reduce the amount of dandruff on your scalp. This improves the overall health of your hair and reduces all types of hair and scalp damage.

Moisturizes your hair follicles

One great benefit of hair tonics are their moisturizing abilities. Hair tonics are made with natural oils that help to keep your hair well moisturized giving you a lush mane that feels and looks great. The natural oils coat your hair follicles to give your hair quality volume that is difficult to achieve with most hair care products. The best part is you can easily include the tonic in your daily hair routine.

Protects your scalp

If you have problems with dry skin or hair breakage, using a hair tonic is an excellent way of protecting your scalp. This will help improve your skin’s health by just applying a small amount daily and massaging it gently on your scalp. As you age your scalp also gets older and gets damaged from exposure to pollution and UV rays and with time your hair cells diminish. Tonics deliver nutrients so that your hair can grow and be restored fully to its healthy state.


  • If you have a sensitive scalp, you might experience a burning sensation after applying some of the hair tonics. So it’s advisable to check the tonic ingredients to see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients contained.
  • According to the instructions in some of the hair tonics, you might be required to apply twice a day to achieve the best results.
  • The hair tonic may be formulated to work and condition your scalp slowly so your hair takes longer to regrow.
  • You might get a hair tonic that doesn’t have powerful medical ingredients to stimulate the regrowth of your hair.
  • Some are expensive to buy.


You should apply hair tonics in moderation to prevent your hair from becoming greasy and some tonics need to be washed off at the end of the day or they will attract dirt and stain your beddings. Hair tonics can also be poisonous especially if they contain ethanol and are accidentally ingested. Some of the symptoms include intoxication, vomiting, diarrhea, increase urination, and coma.


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Hair tonics for hair loss not only help with hair growth, but they also help to repair scalp irritation, dry or brittle hair, and even problems with frizzles in thicker hair. Tonics offer very many benefits so if you’re not using one you need to get some.

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