Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth

Rosemary and ginger.jpg

Greek scholars believed that this herb could boost memory and research believes it as well. Among the many properties rosemary oil holds, encouraging hair growth is one of them. Over the last decade, a vast amount of women (and men) are turning to natural remedies for their hair problems. That is indeed great news! Honestly, … Read more

Sugar Bear Hair vs Biotin Review – Which Vitamins Do You Need The Most?

Sugar Bear Hair vs Biotin Review

There’s so much hype out here about how much hair vitamins can benefit your tresses. Wondering whether these sentiments are genuine or not is understandable; there are too many fake products out here anyway! This Sugar Bear Hair vs Biotin review will give you some insight into these two top hair vitamin brands. Thousands of … Read more

Sugar Bear Hair vs Hair La Vie Review – Restoring and Revitalizing Your Hair

Sugar Bear Hair vs Hair La Vie Review

As we head into fall, people want to look their best. They want to have a color that looks bold and bright, but without looking unnatural. Many women have longed for the perfect, dark brown hair they had in high school, but unfortunately, most of those styles can’t be recreated. There are a few ways … Read more