HairAnew Review

Made in the USA, HairAnew is a special formulation that uses biotin for hair growth. There are many more reasons why you should consider purchasing this supplement.

Unless you enjoy balding, hair loss can be a very stressful affair. What started out as gradual hair thinning and breakage, ended up as balding spots at random spots on my head. It hit me hard, and I couldn’t walk out without a wig on my head. I couldn’t even attempt using the more secure weaves because I was scared of losing more hair than I had lost before.

Women alone aren’t the only ones devastated by hair loss. DHT-induced hair loss affects men more than women because they have higher of testosterone. 5-alpha-reductase is an enzyme that plays a huge role in these changes – it converts testosterone into DHT. When DHT comes into contact with your hair follicles, it shrinks them up, thinning the hair strand until there is no more room for hair to emerge.

DHT aside, your hair loss could be due to the type and amount of styling you give it. Too much bleaching, coloring, flat ironing, and curling will weaken your hair. The use of chemicals and heat with very little care can damage your tresses. Internal nutrition also determines how healthy your hair can be, and this is where HairAnew comes to play.

HairAnew Hair Growth Vitamins With Biotin

Whether you have wavy, coiled, or straight type of hair, Naturenetics have the supplement for you. Unlike topical application which may get mixed reactions with different hair types, the HairAnew capsules nourish your hair from within. These capsules have both men and women in mind, and the combined components cover any nutritional deficiencies that may be the reason your hair is thinned and dull.

Biotin is among the many natural remedies for hair loss. Being an energy-booster (converts food into energy), biotin can boost healthy scalp function and hair production. Other ingredients like vitamin C, E, B-6, and Zinc can encourage hair growth while battling hair loss, which is quite handy when you think about it.

You aren’t limited to hair care with this vegetarian supplement. HairAnew has been promoting eyebrow and eyelash growth – good news for individuals like me who have had little to no eyebrows to work with. If you have brittle nails, they will feel stronger, and your skin will glow as well!

Like most supplement capsules, take two pills a day. I always take one in the morning and one in the evening after a meal since swallowing on an empty stomach means slight discomfort for me. Remember, you have to maintain consistency and give it some time. Don’t give up too soon!


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free
  • Thicker hair strands
  • Fuller and shinier hair
  • Revitalized skin and nails


  • May cause breakouts in some individuals


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Lots of hair growth products and supplements tend to be expensive. I appreciate the fact that HairAnew is affordable and effective for me, seeing that independent parties test their supplements for quality. I haven’t experienced such hair thickness and length in the longest time!


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