Hairfinity and Biotin Review – Do These Hair Vitamins Work Well Together?

If you’ve discovered how effective hair supplements can be, you may be thinking of combining two different brands to get the best of both worlds. The question is, which supplements would be best to combine? I’ve written a Hairfinity and Biotin review to find out how effective this popular combination is!

Hair vitamins? Yes, please! I’ve had my fair share of different types of hair growth supplements, and I think everyone should try them out. However, there’s always the issue of varying results for every person. What may work for you may not always work for the next person, and you’ll see why in this Hairfinity and Biotin review.

Here’s what I know though: Do your research before buying your vitamins – or any hair product for that matter. Have a look at all the ingredients and make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the components. It also helps to have a chat with your nutritionist to rule out the possibility of you having too much of certain nutrients; they can cause side effects.


Forget the fuss about these well-known capsules for just a minute. Brock Beauty has been around for years, and they carry out lots of research, clinical studies, and trials to make sure they back the claims for positive changes in your hair. Hairfinity is their best line of hair products, and they have more to offer than just the vitamins.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient in Hairfinity is the Capilsana Complex, which you can only find in Hairfinity. There are 18 amino acids, Silica, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and MSM; all which form a special cocktail for your hair’s benefit. But there are also some vitamins C, A, D, and B-complex along with a healthy dose of Biotin.

Natrol Biotin

Natrol is a big dietary-supplements manufacturer that has been around for over thirty years, and you can find all kinds of vitamins in store for men, women, moms, and even the kids. Having trouble sleeping, concentrating or need natural anti-aging and beauty supplements? There are Natrol supplements for all that.

Key Ingredients

The main component is Biotin, also known as B7 or vitamin H. Reasons why many hair growth products contain Biotin is because it encourages cell growth and fatty acid production which can increase your hair follicle size for thicker and stronger hair. Also, Biotin can strengthen your nails, and leave your skin looking radiant.


I took two Hairfinity pills every morning and one Biotin pill in the evening. I made sure to take them with my meals and with lots of water.


  • Great combination of ingredients for your hair
  • Biotin is cheaper
  • Safe and drug-free
  • Good for your skin and nails as well


  • Both products have Biotin, and too much Biotin can cause acne or hair shedding instead of growth
  • Hairfinity is costly


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I would not recommend taking these two supplements together due to the high Biotin doses. Though there was an improvement in my hair length and thickness, I had to stop the intake since the breakout was too much, and I couldn’t risk losing my hair as a side effect. My advice? Pick one supplement instead – preferably Hairfinity. But if your doctor thinks you have a Biotin-deficiency and could benefit from Biotin alone or the combo, go with both!


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