Hairfinity vs HairAnew Review – Which Hair Supplements Will Give You Results?

In the hair care world, you are spoilt for choice when picking nearly any hair product. As much as it is great having multiple options to choose from, separating the genuine from the fake is a daunting task. If you are looking for hair vitamins, this Hairfinity vs HairAnew review will help you weigh the pros and cons of these two famous brands.

I’ll admit it, I love my hair a little too much, and why not? The full, dark brown curls that frame my face garner quite the attention whenever I am outdoors. It is only natural that I always want to maintain my hair’s health and keep the mane thick and shiny. I attribute a lot of that to my regular supplement use – and I wrote this Hairfinity vs HairAnew review to give you some insight into the inner workings of these highly reviewed products.

If you’re constantly uncertain about using supplements, I understand. I’d even advice you to talk to a health specialist to determine how safe any supplement is for you; sometimes, taking too much of a certain nutrient (as beneficial as it is) can do more harm than good. That said, here’s what I found using these two products.


Though this supplement was around for a while, Kim Kardashian may have changed the game for this brand when she endorsed them as her go-to hair vitamins. As impressive as that is, I decided to buy Hairfinity because of the other multiple reviews that came with thousands of users – not just because of Kim K.


There are multiple B-vitamins in Hairfinity, and that’s a good thing since they are essential in cell metabolism and work together to battle hair loss. Vitamins A, C, and D benefit your body, particularly your immunity, and not just your hair and skin. Biotin, Hydrolyzed collagen, MSM, Silica, and Horsetail extract add some extra potency that set these vitamins aside from regular multivitamins.


  • Combination of multiple ingredients for someone with a poor diet
  • More protein content than HairAnew
  • More positive reviews


  • May have gelatin (not vegan-friendly)
  • More expensive


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Though HairAnew isn’t as popular on social media as Hairfinity, it doesn’t stop this brand from having thousands of users with glowing results. I figured their transparency had a lot to do with this – they ensure quality and safety by using third-party labs to ensure they measure up to the required standards. I had to take these vitamins!


HairAnew doesn’t have as many B-vitamins as Hairfinity. However, apart from vitamins C, E, and Niacin, there’s Biotin and Zinc to fight hair loss. Special contents include Kelp, Inositol, and Ginkgo biloba for better thyroid function and blood circulation – all which play an important role in enhancing better nutrient absorption in your body and around your hair follicles.


  • Very helpful if you have a Zinc deficiency that could be the cause for hair issues
  • Fewer ingredients may be good for people who react to some of them
  • Quality testing
  • Cheaper


  • If a basic supplement isn’t what you want, Hairfinity may be better


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If you are vegan or interested in a simple supplement, I say go for HairAnew, but if you need a stronger combo and don’t mind the expense, go for Hairfinity.


Marie Stevenson

Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.

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