Hairfluence vs Hair La Vie Review – Hair Supplements To Give You The Growth You Desire

Whether you’re a guy who wants healthy hair or a woman who wants long hair, there are plenty of supplements on the market that promise to help you achieve your hair goals.

However, does Hairfluence really work? Or is Hair La Vie a scam?

If you’re interested in natural ways to maintain healthy hair and prevent damage from regular treatment or free radicals in the environment, it is likely you have considered hair vitamins.

Admittedly, the right hair supplements can be all you needed the entire while, and this Hairfluence vs Hair La Vie review will compare these two popular brands.

My Experience

I consider myself a full-blown ‘naturalist’s when it comes to my hair.

I attribute my healthy hair to that simple fact since my hair made major positive changes a few weeks after I made the necessary changes to my hair routines.

Including hair vitamins in my regimen worked wonders for me, which is why I wrote this Hairfluence vs Hair La Vie review for anyone interested in these two brands.

While it is nearly always possible to revive your hair from whichever rut is holding it back from greatness, some conditions may make it difficult to regain growth.

Alopecia, pattern baldness, and other forms of hair loss are often permanent once the hair follicles are completely closed off.

In such cases, I’d recommend a chat with your doctor to figure out the best way to deal with the situation.

Hairfluence Supplements

I’ve always had my eye on Zhou Nutrition after trying out one of their collagen peptides a while back.

Hairfluence is just one of their products; they have many more natural and high-quality products to improve your entire wellbeing.

It was only natural that I would consider them for their hair supplements.


Forget expensive creams and treatments in the hope of quick hair growth.

Hairfluence contents will tell you all you need to know for better hair from the root.

Apart from the multiple vitamins (especially B-complex vitamins essential for great hair), Biotin working together with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Keratin, Bamboo extract (which contains Silica) Kelp, Zinc, and Ginkgo biloba create a combo that is powerful enough to stimulate hair growth.


Take two capsules every day – and better with a meal and lots of water.


  • Awesome website
  • The variety on more dietary supplements
  • Potent ingredients at a lower price
  • Thicker hair growth from the roots


  • Possible breakout caution for some users


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Hair La Vie

Hair vitamins aside, Hair La Vie goes all out to provide hair products to use alongside the capsules.

Their Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle yet very cleansing on all types of hair.

The Moroccan Repair Serum and the Deep Hydration Mask are enough to keep frizziness away and help your hair recover from damage while preventing more in the future.


Hair La Vie supplements also have most B-complex vitamins and Biotin – which is almost always present in all hair growth products.

Apart from having Hydrolyzed collagen, Bamboo Extract, and Kelp like Hairfluence, Hair La Vie also has MSM, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail extracts, and Flaxseed extracts.


You only need two capsules every day.


  • Shampoo and other hair care applications to use with the vitamins
  • Impressive ingredients combo
  • Improved sheen and less shedding
  • The ingredients are quite decent (especially in one type of vitamin)
  • Most substances have high doses.
  • Pills are simple to use and consume. 
  • Guaranteed money back (at least on paper) 
  • A website that is really professional.


  • More expensive


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Hairfluence Review

At the age of 52, I’m having difficulty growing my hair.

I’ve only been using this product for a month, but I’m completely in love with it already.

I am 52 years old and have been having difficulty growing my hair out for a long time.

In such a short amount of time, using this product has resulted in increased hair growth.

I would certainly recommend it for hair growth, I’m almost finished with my first bottle and am getting my second, I’m very glad and content with this product.

I’ve tried various products for my hair but nothing worked, and I just couldn’t get my hair to grow


For a great blend of ingredients at a cheaper cost, I recommend Hairfluence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the superior product, Nutrafol or hair la vie?

Hair La Vie boasts a large number of satisfied clients, promotes a positive self-image, and even has substances that are beneficial to hair health, however, they have failed to conduct clinical testing on their product. Several of the same wonderful vibes and proven substances are promoted by Nutrafol, but they also have clinical research of their product to back it up.

Is it true that Hair La Vie clinical formula hair vitamins are effective?

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product The fact that it works is the most essential thing to me.

When compared to the vitamins I was previously taking, these are a significant improvement.

My hair is growing in faster and stronger, and I’m gaining some new hair as well.

Is it possible to regrow thinning hair?

Although hair regrowth may be feasible, you should be aware of when it is necessary to seek expert assistance.

It is not possible for hair to regrow on its own if the cause of thinning hair is hereditary in nature.

Take action to get your hair back to its healthy, full state.

This includes researching different hair loss treatments alternatives and choosing the best one for you.

What are the top hair growth products listed below that are well worth incorporating into your regimen?

  • The Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement is the best overall.
  • Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil is the most affordable option.
  • Sports Research 5,000 Mcg Biotin Supplements are the best biotin supplement available.
  • The best supplement is Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence Premium Hair Growth Formula, which is available online.

Is hair La Vie effective on men’s hair?

Hair grows at the same rate for both men and women, so if your hair has been damaged by overprocessing, our products can help you restore it.

If you’re concerned about alopecia, we strongly advise that you consult with a dermatologist about your specific situation first.



Having been a victim of counterfeit products Marie Stevenson decided to comb various markets both online and physical to find the best original beauty products for women. The influx of counterfeits is palpitation inducing especially when you consider the aftermath. The consequences of using fake makeup or tanning lotions can be quite expensive and life-threatening and the reason why Marie decided to provide you with insightful information that will actually enhance your health. Apart from saving the world from the influx of fake beauty products Marie is a dedicated environmentalist, loves to travel and read. Her famous line is that if you believe it and have the passion to do something right then don’t let someone else discourage since they don’t understand where you are coming from.