Hairtamin Review (The Best Pick for Your Hair)

Losing your hair can be stressful. Hairtamin hair growth vitamins are packed with all the essential minerals for hair growth. This hairtamin review looks at various options available to you for hair loss.

Hi! My name is Sharon

I had this thick, flawless hair till I turned 40 when something shocking happened. I was going for this great interview and I was geared up to make a first impression. After shampooing my hair, I noticed that the strands on my comb where larger than usual.

I was petrified.

Could I be losing my Hair?

Hairtamin Review
Hairtamin Review

Me been me, I dialed one of my girlfriends. This was an emergency. She called back with info on how hair loss affects a majority of women approaching menopause and that I had nothing to be worried about. She had gone through the same experience and I could not relate cause her hair was always so full and thick.

Her solution to hair loss….

Hairtamin supplements. I was at first hesitant to use them. The internet is awash with this amazing product that promises instant results but they leave you disappointed; my apprehension about trying out the product was genuine. But, I said to myself – what do I have to lose? If my girlfriend tried it, why not I?

hairtamin Man
Hairtamin Man

The product comes in a beautiful, bright red bottle. You have 30 capsules for 30 days. Hair loss can affect anyone. The causes vary; it could be stress, hormonal imbalance, age, genetics, or environmental hazards. Your body needs the right amount of nutrients for it to function efficiently. When this nutrient gets depleted in your system, you may start experiencing hair loss.

Hairtamin is made from gluten-free, all-natural ingredients. This reduces the chance of developing allergies after continued usage of the product. Most of the ingredients needed for hair growth are included in the package.

The end result after 60 days of taking the capsules….

I now had shiny, strong, and healthy hair – similar to a 20-year-old. Not only did I look great but my confidence and self-esteem were restored.

HairFluence Hair Growth Supplement the biggest problem with hair growth supplements in the market is that they are made from artificial ingredients. This leads to short-term benefits and serious side effects. Hairfluence is a product made by Zhou Nutrition. You get a money-back guarantee with this product and a complete refund if you do not like the product.

Being all-natural ingredients you do not need to worry about getting serious side effects. The hair supplement contains biotin, collagen, vitamins b12 and A, keratin and folate. The key ingredient is biotin and this helps in the absorption of other vitamins into the body.

With Hairfluence you should see results on your skin and nails within the first two weeks and quality hair growth after 4 weeks of usage. The bottle has 60 capsules which you take two per serving. Instead of wasting your money on expensive shampoos try out HairFluence Hair growth supplement.

What I liked about HairFluence

  • You will experience less side effects due to the use of natural ingredients
  • You do not only get shiny hair but strong nails as well
  • Ingredients used are also vital for the body
  • Has biotin a vital ingredient for vitamin absorption

What I did not like

  • I noticed that the product lacks keratin which alone does wonders for your hair. The main ingredient that the product promotes is biotin.

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Sugarbear Hair Vitamins are beautifully shaped gummy bears in a light blue color. The products are manufactured in the USA and are FDA-approved. This means safety precautions have been used to deliver this product. The gummy capsules look and taste great.

Sugarbear Hair Vitamins
Sugarbear Hair Vitamins

The main ingredients in sugar bear are vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, folic acid, biotin, zinc, choline, and other essential minerals. To enhance the flavor and help in swallowing, the gummy bears have in the ingredients real berries sweetened with coconut oil and a little sugar.

Capsules can be hard to swallow – especially if you are doing it on a daily basis. If you are looking for a cool way to take your vitamins then try out this sugar bear vitamin. Rumor has it – the Kardashians are a big fan of sugar bear hair vitamins.

You can choose to purchase a one-month supply or a three-month supply. The gummies are not only responsible for long, shiny, and strong hair but the vitamins are also good for your body.

What I liked

  • Unlike what is in the market, the gummies are great tasting with an amazing smell
  • Within three weeks you should notice longer hair
  • Has all the essential ingredients for good hair growth
  • FDA approved meaning you do not have to worry about being scammed
  • Great berry flavor

What I did not like

  • While they are good tasting they leave behind a funny aftertaste that will take you some time to get used to

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HairGrowth Vitamins Biotin. BioShwartz has an exclusive women’s hair growth formula that contains biotin as the active ingredient. Silica and biotin are crucial for strenghtening of keratin and for the growth of new hair. To support blood circulation in the hair follicles you have a healthy dosage of Vitamin B.


The ingredients include vitamin c for the formation and production of collagen while vitamin E is critical for the support of vibrant skin. You also have zinc and silica for the fast growth of nails.

The product is made from innovative products which enable the rapid absorption of minerals in the body. These minerals also prevent the accumulation of free radicals in the body. The product has been developed by a team of biochemists who have carefully studied hair loss.

What I liked

  • BioShwartz has 500 mcg of biotin which helps prevent hair breakage
  • You do not only have shiny hair but strong nails as well
  • The product has been made from 100 percent safe products tested by the GMP
  • You should see initial results within 4 weeks

What I did not like

  • Did not like the taste of the capsules

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HairAnew for nails, hair, and skin. The product has been designed to address any hair growth deficiencies and promote hair, skin, and nail growth. Due to the lack of artificial ingredients the product does not cause any side effects. The product has all essential vitamins with the addition of biotin and zinc.

HairAnew has been biologically tested to ensure that the stated ingredients actually work. To promote healthy hair each capsule has 5000 mcg of biotin and this is critical for cell formation and better-looking hair. The product is a vegan capsule that is gluten-free and comes as 60 capsules that should be taken twice a day for 30 days.

I found the price to be affordable with the mix of ingredients being as specified. While there are various products in the market that promise instant results I found HairAnew to be free from causing allergies.

Some customers have actually been reported to have noticed considerable changes within two days of usage. If you find yourself losing hair at an early age then you can consider getting yourself some hairAnew.

What I Liked

  • Gluten-free product suitable for vegans
  • Has 11 essential vitamins to support hair, nail, and skin growth
  • The product can be used for any hair type – curly, straight or coily and from all types of women
  • HairAnew conforms to prescribed NSF and GMP standards
  • Up to six independent laboratories test the product before its available for sale

What I did not like

  • You should follow the dosage as prescribed

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Viviscal Extra Strength hair supplements. Hair has a natural growth process and when this is interrupted, you may experience hair loss. The growth phase is called anagen. Viviscal helps to lengthen this growing phase. The product comes in 60 capsules which contain vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc, Iron, and Horsetail extract.

Viviscal works on your hair through stages. The first phase includes nourishing hair from within, while stage 2 strengthens the existing hair. The last phase enables viviscal to promote the growth of hair that has stagnated.

The supplement is however not suitable for pregnant women or people allergic to shellfish or fish. The fish ingredients were discovered by a professor from Scandinavia who discovered the role of the fish diet on hair growth. He was later able to isolate the active protein and introduce it to the capsules.

What we liked

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Proven to improve hair thickness within 3 months
  • Made for all hair types
  • 100 percent drug-free

What we did not like

  • Not suitable for people allergic to fish proteins or pregnant mothers

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Hairtamin Main Ingredients

Your Hair gets damaged and thins over time. The reasons for this could range from hormonal changes, stress, change in diet, or simply the fact that you are growing old. Hair, just like any part of the body, requires a healthy dose of nutrients for it to retain its usual shine and strength.

Hairtamin has the right ingredients to help your hair stay stronger, thicker, and longer. You should experience significant hair changes within the first 60 days of usage. The product is made from all-natural ingredients that are allergen-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Hairtamin is a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that help solve the root cause of hair loss. Key Vitamins used include

Vitamin A

Your scalp needs a healthy dose of Vitamin A to prevent thinning and hair loss. Within the hair follicles, the skin glands produce an oily substance called Sebum. This substance is responsible for keeping your hair moisturized and looking good.

When your diet has a deficiency of vitamin A, you will experience hair loss. However, too much Vitamin A can be harmful to your hair. Hairtamin has the right amounts the good hair growth. Naturally, Vitamin A can be found in eggs, milk, and cod liver oil.

Vitamin C

Oxidants are not only bad for your body but they can also affect hair growth. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants that help the body eliminate oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Vitamin C is also responsible for the production of collagen which is essential for the development of tissues in the hair follicles.

Iron – key component in hair growth – is absorbed faster if Vitamin C is available. You can find Vitamin C in berries, and citrus fruits like oranges, melons, and other types of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients in enabling proper hair growth. You can easily find this vitamin through a daily dose of some good sunshine. It can be normal losing a few strands of hair per day but when the number increases then you need to be worried.

The sun rays convert a certain fat-soluble vitamin in the body, which in turn is turned into vitamin D. Vitamin D also helps in bone formation. While hair loss can be caused by genetics and stress, dietary deficiency is a major cause of this. Alopecia affects both men and women in almost equal measure. Vitamin D supplements help cure this and you can find a good dosage of it in Hairtamin.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

If you want hair that is free from brittleness then thiamin is the right nutrient. Vitamin is also good for developing a good nervous system and for the metabolism of nutrients. You can find Vitamin B in cereals, rice, pasta, eggs, and nuts. Hairtamin uses this vitamin and you should see positive results within 60 days.


If you desire to see your hair growing thicker and faster, Biotin can help you achieve this faster. Also called Vitamin H, Biotin keeps your hair moisturized and prevents the appearance of brittles. It also has been known to increase hair follicle elasticity.

You can access biotin as both a supplement and in various foods like cheddar, pork, avocado, cauliflower, raspberries, and whole wheat bread. Biotin is critical for hair growth because it helps in cell proliferation. When in the body it reacts with cells to produce amino acids – crucial for the development of keratin (a protein found in hair). You can find the recommended dosage of Biotin in Hairtamin.

Brahmi Extract

This oily substance has its origin in India and is used to massage the scalp. This strengthens the hair and prevents breakage. Made from bacopa monnieri herbs, the extract can also be used to treat skin conditions, alopecia areata, and dandruff among others.


Most of us are familiar with rosemary – especially if you love barbecues. But, did you know that those aroma-rich leaves can also help you in stimulating the production of new hair? Part of the mint family, rosemary promotes nerve growth and relieves aches and pains.

Some people have claimed that it prevents balding and is the ultimate cure for a dry scalp. Hairtamin has rosemary ingredients and this contributes to rapid hair growth and promotes scalp healing.

Aloe Vera

When your hair pores get filled with oil, they tend to clog up and this can lead to stifled hair growth. By applying Aloe Vera to your scalp, you are able to soothe and moisturize it. Aloe Vera reduces the production of sebum and this leads to the reduction of a flaky, itchy scalp.


Selenium works in the body by reducing free radicals, which in turn leads to a boost in your immune system. The mineral can be found in seafood, mushrooms, nuts, some grains, and meats. In the world we live in today there is a lot of pollution and free radicals that saturate our environments. Selenium has certain anti-oxidant enzymes that prevent hair follicles from such damage.


When you have low levels of glutathione, you may experience hair loss. Lutein does not only moisturize your scalp but also protects your hair follicles from oxidative stress. Lutein belongs to a group of vitamins called carotenoids.

Some call it the eye vitamin due to its ability to cure various eye diseases like cataracts, retinitis, and pigments. As anti-oxidant lutein has been found to be effective in preventing hair loss.

Horsetail Extract

The two most important components in horsetail extract are – selenium and silica. Silica is responsible for the shine in hair while selenium promotes hair growth by boosting the production of iodine.

Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric is a common addition in many cooking recipes. But, did you know it also has benefits for your hair. The extract acts as an inhibitor to a chemical called TGF beta 1 that has a destructive effect on hair follicles. It has also been seen as effective in treating dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, and inflammation. The active component in turmeric that is responsible for all these is curcumin – it is well known as an anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

When DHT is converted in the body it can cause erectile dysfunction in men and is also responsible for hair loss. Green tea helps to regulate the production of DHT in the body. It not only encourage hair growth but also helps in its thickness. You can find a healthy dosage of green tea leaf extract in Hairtamin.

Japanese Knotweed Root Extract

The key component in the extract is resveratrol, which is known as an anti-oxidant and anti-microbial.


Zinc is a very essential component in ensuring optimum cell, nail, and hair growth. It also is responsible for proper vitamin absorption in the body. Zinc is critical in preventing cell breakout and acne. Hairtamin has 15 mg of zinc to help bring out that radiant shine to your hair.

Black Seed Extract

One popular extract included in Hairtamin is the black seed extract or the “black gold”. This is a very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial mineral. Black seed extract enhances the absorption of all our ingredients into the bloodstream. This extends to turmeric.

If black seed extract was not included all the active ingredients in Hairtamin would go to waste. All the ingredients in Hairtamin are natural and cruelty-free.

Factors to consider before choosing a Hair loss treatment product

Before you even start using a hair loss treatment product, you will first need to ensure that you are eating foods with the right amount of minerals and vitamins. These are critical for producing quality hair. Supplements cannot replace the vitamins you get from foods but provide specific nutrients that your hair needs for proper growth.

Determine the cause of hair Loss

Before you even begin choosing a product for your hair loss, you will first need to determine what is causing you to lose hair. Is it genetics, environmental factors, or dietary changes? A disease called androgenetic alopecia causes most incidences of hair loss in both men and women. Some other causes of hair loss that you need to determine:-

  • If you have an infection – over the counter biotic can cure some of these
  • Stress – find ways of handling it
  • Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and those involved in chemotherapy sessions
  • Contact with radioactive material

Extent of Hair Loss

Once you have determined the cause of your hair loss, the next step is to determine the extent of the loss. Different products work on various types of hair loss. Are you partially bald or has hair loss just begun?

Type of product

Products for treating hair loss differ from shampoos to supplements. Once you have settled on the two factors select the right product for you. The market is saturated with products and choosing the right one can be problematic.

Hair transplants

The decision to get a hair transplant is a long-term decision that needs a closer look at the pros and cons of the surgical procedures. The first step is to consult an expert, who will take you through the procedure. Your age will determine whether surgery is for you or not.

Hair surgeries and transplants are expensive and you need to calculate the costs before going through the procedure. Alternatives to surgery are FDA-approved medications. These are effective as long as you are using them. Hairtamin belongs to this group of FDA supplements. Hair transplants offer long-lasting results.

Hair Growth Cycle

Before you decide to have a hair transplant or take hair growth supplements, it is crucial that you understand the hair growth cycle. Supplements work by supplying essential nutrients to the hair follicles. The follicles are located underneath the hair. Hair goes through four essential growth faces – anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.

Hair loss occurs when there is a decrease in the anagen growth phase. As people progress through adulthood they start noticing that, their hair density is decreasing.

What we normally see is the hair shaft while the hair follicles reside beneath the skin. The papilla located at the base of the follicle is the one that nourishes the hair due to its capillaries. The inner and outer sheaths surround the follicles. The inner shaft is also connected to the sebaceous gland that oils the hair. As women age they find themselves with less sebaceous oil.

The hair shaft has a hard substance called keratin. At any given point in our lives, hair is undergoing any of the four stages of hair growth. We will take an in-depth look into these phases;

Anagen Growth Phase

In this phase cells within the root hair split and a new strand of hair is formed. This pushes out the old hair. This stage will last for two to six years and after which hair will be growing at an average rate of I cm every 28 days. Those people who experience a shorter anagen phase have shorter hair.

While the reverse is true for those with long hair. Unlike the hair on your scalp, the hair on your eyes, legs, and arms has an anagen phase of 30 to 45 days and this contributes to their short length.

Catagen Phase

This is a phase between the anagen and the telogen phase when hair is in a transition. The phase usually lasts two to three weeks when growth stops and the outer shoot of the hair attaches to the root hair. What is formed is called the club hair.

Telogen phase

This is the final phase also called the resting phase. It is estimated that 6 to 8 percent of all hair is in this phase. The phase lasts around 100 days and can be longer for eyelashes and leg hair. The hair follicles are at rest and the new club hair is formed.

Exogen Phase

Most medical studies omit this stage. The exogen phase also called the shedding phase occurs when old air falls out while new hair emerges. The normal rate of shedding is about 50 to 150 strands of hair.

Looking at the different hair stages mentioned above it is now easier to understand why you are losing more hair than normal. As people age, the anagen phase shortens, and less new hair is produced. The hair becomes weaker and shorter. That is why it is important to eat a healthy diet that is stacked with all the essential minerals for hair growth.

Types of Hair Loss treatments

Maybe you like me and you find taking pills to be a mouthful and are wondering what alternatives are available besides hair vitamins for hair growth. It has been noted that over 90 percent of cases of baldness are hereditary.

This section explores the various treatment methods available to you. As earlier stated you will need to first find out the cause of your hair loss before selecting a hair treatment method.


As it stands today the only medically approved medications for treating hair loss by the FDA are rogaine and Propecia. The rogaine lotion has had a success rate of between 10 to 14 percent. The lotion is often applied on areas of your hair where there is hair loss.

Propecia on the other hand is a prescription medication that is administered by a medical professional to treat male baldness. Supplements have essential nutrients that prompt the anagen phase of hair growth.

Hair Transplant

This treatment is preferred by people who have experienced permanent hair loss. Methods for hair transplants include punch grafting, slit grafting, and micro-grafting. If your hair loss is a result of burns and scalp damage then you can consider grafting. Hair transplants offer a long-term solution to hair loss.

Consult with your doctor before getting one. While transplants look like the best option for hair loss they are often expensive and there is a chance that your body may reject the grafts. The doctor’s medical experience also plays an important role in how the transplant turns out.


This is a modern way of treating hair loss. Homeopathy works on the root hairs making it a more permanent solution for hair loss. Natural DHT inhibitors are administered into the patient’s hair canals and this stops hair from falling out.

Scalp Reduction

As you age your scalps stretched a few inches. Scalp reduction is a medical procedure when the area of the scalp experiencing hair loss is reduced. The space where the scalp is removed is replaced with hair. To ensure a natural-looking head the procedure is aided with hair transplants.

Final Thought on Hairtamin Review

Losing your hair can be devastating – especially if you are a woman. We all age and there is nothing that we can do to reverse this natural process. However, hair supplements help to supply essential nutrients critical for hair growth. The supplements often come as capsules that can be taken for up to 30 days.

There are some people who may experience side effects when they use some of these supplements and that is why you have several options. If you are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss then hair grafts and surgery offer better results and are long-lasting. However, surgery is often expensive and there is the probability of the graft not being accepted by your body.

The market is full of hair growth products that promise instant results. Consumers are advised to be aware of some of these products. Always ensure that the product you are purchasing has been approved by the relevant medical bodies.

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