Hairtamin vs Biotin Review – Are These Hair Supplements Worth Every Penny?

If you often flip through the internet pages for the next best hair product, you may have come across one or many ads for a couple of hair vitamins – these two included. The before and after photos may have you curious or doubtful about the effectiveness of supplements for you; so here is a Hairtamin vs Biotin review to help you find out how viable they are from someone who’s used them!

When it comes to people who have no trouble trying out all various styles and lengths on hair, look no further – I love playing around with my tresses. Unfortunately, too much braiding, curling, coloring, and twisting to your hair has its effects. When you put your hair through enough trials to weaken it over time, you risk serious hair loss; which is how this Hairtamin vs Biotin review comes to play.

Dietary supplements are a great way to get what you’re missing from your meals. Hair vitamins specifically, offer nutrients that can directly impact the state of your tresses from the inside. Sometimes, shampoos, oils, and masks aren’t enough to give you the growth and thickness you crave.

Hairtamin Supplements

Do you love lifestyle shows and magazines? Then you cannot miss the Hairtamin vitamins endorsed by glam icons. They also have Shampoo and Conditioner sets that you can buy with your bottle – it’s as simple as that!

What Makes Them Special

You have the regular advanced formula in the red bottle, something for the men in the black bottle, and the Hairtamin bottle with prenatal hair nutrition for the moms. I got the red Hairtamin bottle which has a proprietary blend (aside from the regular vitamins) that has extracts from Brahmi, Horsetail, Black Pepper seed, and Turmeric root. Other contents in the blend are Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Stinging Nettle leaf powders.


  • Wide vitamin variety
  • More ingredients if you’re interested in lots of nutrients
  • Additional hair products in the Hairtamin line


  • Occasional stomach upsets and breakouts
  • Slightly more expensive


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Biotin Supplements

Though Sport’s Research isn’t immersed in the celebrity world as much as Hairtamin, their products are popular in the sport’s world. If getting specific nutrients is what you want, there are more quality dietary supplements in the Sport’s Research world.

What Makes Them Special

The more ingredients there are in your vitamins, the higher the likelihood of you being allergic to at least one of the components; though it’s not always the case! With the Biotin supplement, you get daily Biotin intake with no interference from other ingredients. Besides, Biotin is highly recommended in combating hair loss.


  • Good choice for users interested in Biotin alone
  • Cheaper than Hairtamin
  • Only one pill a day


  • Make sure you aren’t consuming too much Biotin


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It’s all about preference in the end. Both products were effective in encouraging more hair growth in three months (separately, of course!). Question is; do you like more, or less? If it is about cost, then you can choose Sport’s Research Biotin.


Marie Stevenson

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